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The International Echoes Hub is a private trading community dedicated to the archiving of unofficial lossless recordings of rare, historical, musical performances onto CD and DVD.

Sign up below in four easy steps and come join hundreds of other traders from around the world who collect and trade lossless concert recordings of their favorite bands. We have thousands of high quality lossless audio and video recordings from the audience, unreleased soundboard and pro shot video performances from in the studio of your favorite bands -- all available for you to download for free. Start or add to your collection now. If you have any of your own lossless audio recordings, the Echoes Hub community is the place to share them!

Don't spend your hard earned money on bootlegs from eBay or Amazon when you can meet concert tapers and traders from around the world, obtaining these same high quality lossless recordings for free, right here.

All lossless audio music traders are welcome... Yet know that in order to ensure the highest integrity of our mission, the following rules are non-negotiable and strictly enforced: No sharing MP3s or any other type of lossy audio, no sharing any incomplete recordings, no sharing any illegal pirated official music, movies, software, etc... Come experience a truely interactive environment with real-time chat, a virtual pub with a bar maid, credits earned for an increasing collection of music and for time spent logged in, a searchable RoIO database and more.

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