Unofficial Classic Rock RoIO bootlegs in lossless audio format. Music trading of concert recordings by Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rush, Jimi, Beatles and more available by roio traders and tapers in shn or flac format (lossless audio). MP3 Traders are not welcome! Don't spend your money on bootlegged CDs and DVDs off of eBay. Come experience our real-time interactive chat and music trading hub. Trade your recordings and meet other traders and make permanent friends from around the world who are music collectors just like you.
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 0937 - Soundboard
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Here are the Echoes Hub rules in English.

              Rule #01 - Treat everyone who merits it, with respect. If you have a problem, private message an OP.
              Rule #02 - You must download and share at least one (1) gigabyte of Pink Floyd audio and/or video ASAP.
              Rule #03 - You must share at least 20 GB of unofficial lossless audio and/or video after 30 days.
                            - You must share at least 40 GB of unofficial lossless audio and/or video after 60 days.
                            - You must share at least 60 GB of unofficial lossless audio and/or video after 90 days.
                            - You must share at least 100 GB of unofficial lossless audio and/or video after 180 days.

              Rule #04 - You must open a minimum of 2 slots (no exceptions) +1 for each additional hub.
              Rule #05 - No Selling anything of any kind is allowed on the hub.
              Rule #06 - No Sharing of MFSL or Official Releases are allowed.
              Rule #07 - No Sharing of Pornography is allowed.
              Rule #08 - No Sharing of WMA, MP2, MP3, MPC, M4A, OGG, MKW, DTS, XM, WAV, or EXE Files are allowed.
              Rule #09 - No incomplete file sets are allowed in your share list.
              Rule #10 - All shows in SHN format must include an .md5 signature.
              Rule #11 - Do not mix empty folders with shows. Share them in your Archived folder.
              Rule #12 - Queue Limit: 1 show per person with a maximum of 5 TOTAL CDs or 2 DVDs downloading.
              Rule #13 - Do Not use any person's first name or surname in main chat without permission.
              Rule #14 - Do Not download DVDs until you reach twenty (20) GB Shared.
              Rule #15 - Stay logged in. Bouncing in and out of the hub will get you time banned.
              Rule #16 - No Sharing of ANY material which has been converted or renamed from its original format.
              Rule #17 - All Downloaded shows must be SHARED IMMEDIATELY. If you must, ARCHIVE OLD SHOWS until you acquire more hard disk space.
              Rule #18 - NO ARCHIVED FOLDER until AFTER 50GB Shared.

This is a hint to help new members increase their share.

Please consider deleting any mp3 files if you still have them stashed away somewhere. They are a waste of time and space. They are disliked so much here that serious collectors will not want to grant you a slot to download if they even think you have mp3s collected somewhere.

The concern is that someone will convert the mp3's to SHN or FLAC. That only makes a very large audio file that takes up a lot of disk space and that's no better than the mp3 source. You can find lossless versions of your entire collections. They just take a little longer to download but are worth it to the serious collector.


Try and replace your lossy shows first, before downloading new music.


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