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Roger Waters - 2017 Us and Them Tour

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In the last week of April 1973, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon reached No. 1 on the American charts. In the last week of April 1970, though, they had yet to crack the U.S. Top 50 after three years of recording and performing. In the midst of their third stateside tour, they weren't selling out stadiums. It was during this tour, on April 30, that Pink Floyd played an hour-long set in an empty Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, filmed for broadcast by small local television station called KQED.

"At that point, they were really anxious to have whatever publicity they could," remembers the program's co-producer at KQED, Jim Farber. "We did not have much of a budget. Pink Floyd did the ... Click here to read more.

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This Day In Rock - Jun 22

DateBand/ArtistRoIO NameVenueCityStateCountryType
1969-06-22Pink FloydFrom the Master TapeFree Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHN
1969-06-22Pink FloydUntitled (PF (D5T21) gen[1]DAT [48khz])Free Trade HallManchesterEnglandFLAC
1969-06-22Pink FloydUntitled (CD rip from Chris T)Free Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHN
1969-06-22Jimi HendrixNewport Pop Festival Disc 2Devonshire DownsNorthridgeCAUSAFLAC
1969-06-22Jimi HendrixNewport pop Festival Disc 3Devonshire DownsNorthridgeCAUSAFLAC
1973-06-22Pink FloydReturn Of The Yeeshkul(Rev.-1)Memorial AuditoriumBuffaloNYUSAFLAC
1973-06-22Pink FloydWar MemorialMemorial AuditoriumBuffaloNYUSAFLAC
1974-06-22Pink FloydColmar 1974Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceSHN
1974-06-22Pink FloydLive in Colmar - (Cochon)Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceSHN
1974-06-22Pink FloydHRV CDR002 - 1974-06-22 Colmar (Rev A)Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceSHN
1974-06-22Pink FloydColmar (The Lost 2nd Set)Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceFLAC
1975-06-22Pink FloydHeavy RainMilwaukeeWIUSASHN
1975-06-22Pink FloydHarvested CDR_002 "Colmar"Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceSHN
1975-06-22Pink FloydBeer CityCounty StadiumMilwaukeeWIUSAFLAC
1975-06-22The Rolling Stonesuntitled (Joe Maloney)Madison Square GardenNYCNYUSAFLAC
1984-06-22David GilmouruntitledUniversal AmpitheatreUniversal CityCAUSASHN
1984-06-22Roger WatersThe Pros and Cons of Live TouringEarls CourtLondonEnglandFLAC
1984-06-22Roger WatersFrom The Masters(rec2)Earls CourtLondonEnglandSHN
1986-06-22Moody BluesuntitledNiagra FallsNYUSAFLAC
1988-06-22Pink FloyduntitledChateau de VersaillesVersaillesFranceSHN
1989-06-22Joe CockerUntitled (Master)WaldbuhneBerlinGermanyFLAC
1993-06-22TOOLUntitledShoreline AmphitheatreMountain View CAUSAFLAC
1994-06-22Pink FloydAstronomy DomineHubert H. Humphrey MetrodomeMinneapolisMNUSASHN
1995-06-22Thrill Kill KultuntitledThe EdgeFort LauderdaleFLUSAFLAC
1995-06-22PrickuntitledThe EdgeFort LauderdaleFLUSAFLAC
1999-06-22R.E.M.UntitledEarls CourtLondonEnglandFLAC
2000-06-22Roger WatersUniversal Waters - Get Your Filthy Hands Off My ChampagneUniversal AmpitheaterLos AngelesCAUSASHN
2000-06-22Roger WatersUniversal Waters - Get Your Filthy Hands Off My TicketUniversal AmpitheaterLos AngelesCAUSASHN
2001-06-22David GilmourPink Floud Unplugged By David GilmourRoyal Festival HallLondonEnglandSHN
2001-06-22David GilmourComing Back To Life In LondonRoyal Festival HallLondonEnglandDVD
2001-06-22David GilmourUntitled (rec 4)Royal Festival HallLondonEnglandFLAC
2002-06-22Roger WatersThe Perfect MENMEN ArenaManchesterEnglandFLAC
2002-06-22Roger WatersManchester '02MEN ArenaManchesterEnglandSHN
2002-06-22Roger WatersManchester MadnessMEN ArenaManchesterEnglandSHN
2002-06-22Roger WatersUnited We Stand - [JCE]MEN ArenaManchesterEnglandFLAC
2006-06-22Roger WatersI Have A Story For You NowNeve-ShalomIsraelFLAC
2006-06-22Roger WatersLive At The Humus FieldNeve-ShalomIsraelFLAC
2007-06-22Bill Frisell TrioUntitledRegattabarCambridgeMAUSAFLAC
2007-06-22SlayerHellfest FestivalClissonFranceDVD
2007-06-22TeslaTesla 2007-06-22Ryman AuditoriumNashvilleTNUSAFLAC
2008-06-22Neil YoungUntitledNelson Mandela ForumFirenzeItalyFLAC
2008-06-22SlayerHellfest FestivalClissonFranceDVD
2008-06-22SlayerHellfest FestivalClissonFranceFLAC
2010-06-22Steve HackettFarve4 MasterRegent TheaterArlingtonMAUSAFLAC