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Roger Waters - 2017/2018 Us and Them Tour

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Pink Floyd KQED

In the last week of April 1973, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon reached No. 1 on the American charts. In the last week of April 1970, though, they had yet to crack the U.S. Top 50 after three years of recording and performing. In the midst of their third stateside tour, they weren't selling out stadiums. It was during this tour, on April 30, that Pink Floyd played an hour-long set in an empty Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, filmed for broadcast by small local television station called KQED.

"At that point, they were really anxious to have whatever publicity they could," remembers the program's co-producer at KQED, Jim Farber. "We did not have much of a budget. Pink Floyd did the ... Click here to read more.

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This Day In Rock - Sep 26

DateBand/ArtistRoIO NameVenueCityStateCountryType
1967-09-25Pink FloydBBC Playhouse TheaterPlayhouse TheaterLondonEnglandSHN
1967-09-25Pink FloydPlayhouse Theater, London [Carlisle Radio Broadcast]Playhouse TheaterLondonEnglandFLAC
1971-09-25Pink FloydT-379 On Your MarkFalkoner TeatretCopenhagenDenmarkSHN
1971-09-25David BowieUntitledAylesbury Friars ClubAylesburyEnglandSHN
1972-09-25YesUntitledDillon StadiumHartfordCTUSAFLAC
1978-09-25Neil YoungUntitledCivic AuditoriumProvidenceRIUSAFLAC
1980-09-25RushPhiladelphia 80The SpectrumPhiladelphiaPAUSASHN
1982-09-25MarillionGarden Party For Forgotten SonsThe Marquee ClubLondonEnglandFLAC
1984-09-25Neil YoungAustin City LimitsUniversity Of TexasAustinTXUSASHN
1984-09-25REMUntitledPage Auditorium, Duke UniversityDurhamNCUSAFLAC
1985-09-25Dire StraitsUntitledSaddle DomeCalgaryCanadaFLAC
1986-09-25Roy BuchananUntitledYomiuri HallTokyoJapanFLAC
1987-09-25Pink FloydThe Final EchoesRosemont HorizonRosemontILUSASHN
1988-09-25MetallicaUntitledEdinburgh PlayhouseEdinburghScotlandFLAC
1991-09-25Dire StraitsCalling Elvis - (GLR 9222-23)WestfalenhalleDortmundGermanyFLAC
1993-09-25TOOLUntitledParc ExpoLa RochelleFranceFLAC
1994-09-25Pink FloydUntitledStade De La PontaiseLausanneSwitzerlandSHN
1996-09-25Bill FrisellBill Frisell Quartet with Don AliasThe Knitting FactoryNew YorkNYUSASHN
2002-09-25RushAnimals that like the BluesCoors AmphitheatreChula VistaCAUSASHN
2016-09-25David GilmourUntitledRoyal Albert HallLondonEnglandMP4
2019-09-25Battle BeastUntitledOgden TheatreDenverCOUSAFLAC
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