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Below, are screenshots of the Echoes Hub v4.0 software, along with some installation instructions that will help you install our software if you are having any trouble.

Step 1. Read our Trading Rules

Step 2. The first time that you launch the software, 'The Settings' and 'Help' windows will open up. You must type your nickname below in the space marked with a red circle in the picture below or the software will not work. Click OK and then close the help window.

Step 3. Ignore all other prompts and Click the Red Heart. This will open up the Favorite Hubs window so you can enter your Nick and password for Echoes Hub.

Step 4. Right click on 'The International Echoes Hub' and then click 'properties'.

Step 5. Type your Nickname and Password that you just registered with fields circled in red below or the software will not work correctly. Then click OK.

Step 6. Shut down the software and restart it. You will now be logged directly into the hub and you wont have to worry about typing in passwords anymore and upon disconnection you will be automatically logged back in.

You're ready to start trading!

Now click the magnifying glass and search for concerts of your favorite bands or start reading the main chat and get yourself involved in conversation. Don't forget to right click on a username in the right window... There is an entire menu of commands there as well too.

Welcome to the International Echoes Hub! See you online...