April 03, 2003

It's here!

You asked for it, you got it.

Some months ago, a poll was conducted to determine which Harvested release
was most in need of the "rev A" treatment. The winner was, or is that
loser, Electric Factory.

I've done my deglitching work on Ron's master that he sent me. Which
basically means no "remastering" was done by Ron. Which is to be expected
as he has emphatically restated many times that he is "retired". My "rev
A" of the original is now available for all to download:

Electric Factory rev A
Phildelphia, PA
September 16, 1970

disc 1:
Astronomy Domine
A Saucerful of Secrets

disc 2:
Interstellar Overdrive
Fat Old Sun
Green is the Colour
Careful With that Axe, Eugene
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

This is two discs in audio format, but it fits nicely onto a single CD in
shorten format. Thus, weeding obligations are 3 weedlings for shorteners
and 2 weedlings for audio.

In my opinion, the sound quality is excellent. And if you consider the
advanced age of this recording, you may want to call it superb. But that
only applies to the first 97% of the show. The last three minutes of Set
the Controls appears to be patched from another (inferior) source.

In addition to my normal click and pop elimination, I also removed a
chirping sound from those last 3 minutes. This noise appears to have been
an artefact from some dehissing done long ago on this patch.

I would appreciate it if those people who "voted" for Electric Factory
would comment on why they voted for EF and if this rev A release meets or
falls short of their expectations.

Now you all can correct me if I'm wrong; but, my memory seems to recall
that Jackie had a "date" take her to this show. If that's true, could
someone repost her review here.

Best Regards,