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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Aerosmith1974-10-20(Master)Morris Civic AuditoriumSouth BendINUSAFLACFloridian
Beck1997-02-14UntitledSanta Cruz Civic AuditoriumSanta CruzCAUSASHNCygnals
Crosby & Nash1974-12-14Whale And Fieldworkers BenefitCivic AuditoriumSan FranciscoCAUSAFLACHarm
Crosby, Nash & Young1977-08-12United Farm Workers BenefitSanta Cruz Civic AuditoriumSanta CruzCAUSAFLACHarm
Grateful Dead1972-08-20Civic Auditorium SBD -> Cassette Master -> ReelCivic AuditoriumSan JoseCAUSAFLACmikeahern
Jethro Tull1977-01-14First Show In 1977Pasadena Civic AuditoriumPasadenaCAUSAFLACwywh1975
Joe Satriani1990-02-06Pissed Off As Usual (TonyC.)Civic AuditoriumSanta CruzCAUSAFLACFloridian
Kansas1982-07-30Kansas Live -Liberated BootlegCivic AuditoriumOmahaNEUSADVDGroovinpict
Neil Young1970-03-28UntitledCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1973-03-11UntitledCivic AuditoriumBakersfieldCAUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1977-09-02UntitledCivic AuditoriumSanta CruzCAUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1978-09-25UntitledCivic AuditoriumProvidenceRIUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1983-01-05Going Back to Santa CruzCivic AuditoriumSanta CruzCAUSAFLACHarm
Pink Floyd1970-05-01complete - from Chris LCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-05-01Live in Santa MonicaCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-07-16BBC Pre-FM MasterCivic AuditoriumLondonEnglandSHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-10-231st Set (TMS gen2)(CD)Civic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Bovine PsychosisCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Creatures Of The Deep [R&D]Civic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Cymbaline - BOX Discs Four & FiveCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Cymbaline LP_Alt-Rec2_LPP RevisionCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Enjoy The Silence [WPOCM]Civic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNdavebowman
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Live at the Santa Monica Civic AuditoriumCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACMarooned
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Live In Santa Monica - [Rec 1]Civic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSAFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-10-23Sing To Me CymbalineCivic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1971-10-16Santa Monica (Complete)Civic AuditoriumSanta MonicaCAUSASHNlogansdad
Primus2003-10-29UntitledSanta Cruz Civic AuditoriumSants CruzCAUSAFLACZbird
Rush1990-06-20Hare RaisingOmaha Civic AuditoriumOmahaNEUSAFLACsundeep
Rush1990-06-20Painting OmahaCivic AuditoriumOmahaNEUSASHNsundeep
Rush1990-06-20UntitledCivic AuditoriumOmahaNEUSASHNsundeep
The Who1968-02-21UntitledCivic AuditoriumSan JoseCAUSAFLACGroovinpict
The Who1971-12-13Keith Moon Was A GodSan Francisco Civic AuditoriumSan FranciscoCAUSAFLACJmoog
32 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Civic Auditorium'

Showing records [ 1 to 32 ] Last Page

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