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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
10CC1974-05-30UntitledCape Cod ColiseumCape CodMAFLACgeek01
ABWH1989-08-01Untitled - (AUD)ColiseumHamptonVAUSAFLACdavebowman
Aerosmith1987-11-16Virginia ConnectionHampton ColiseumHamptonVAUSAFLACMarooned
Albert King1975-11-08UntitledMemphis ColiseumMemphisTNUSAFLACMarooned
Black Sabbath1978-12-07Shock Wave Over TexasTaylor County ColiseumAbileneTXUSAFLACJmoog
Boston1978-09-20UntitledColiseum ArenaOaklandCAUSAFLACSmile
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1974-07-09UntitledSeattle Center ColiseumSeattleWAUSAFLACdavebowman
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1974-07-13All Along the Navajo TrailOakland Alameda County ColiseumOaklandCAUSAFLACHarm
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1974-08-15UntitledNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACHarm
David Bowie1976-02-02Vancouver StationPNE ColiseumVancouverBCCanadaDVDTheFloydKing
David Bowie1976-02-02Vancouver Station RehearsalsPNE ColiseumVancouverBCCanadaFLACTheFloydKing
David Gilmour1984-05-09 The Coliseum - (1st Gen)(rec2) The ColiseumQuebec CityCanadaSHNdavebowman
David Gilmour1984-05-09Quebeq '84The ColiseumQuebecCanadaSHNlogansdad
David Gilmour1984-05-27Near The End (IFWT-CDR-037)Veterans Memorial ColiseumNew HavenCTUSAFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1985-10-11UntitledNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACpatpier
ELP1978-02-09UntitledNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACGroovinpict
Fleetwood MAc1980-05-20Regret (MCD014)Richfield ColiseumClevelandOHUSAFLACpatpier
Frank Zappa1973-05-18UntitledNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACCygnals
Genesis1977-03-19Live At University ParkMoody ColiseumDallasTXUSASHNJmoog
Grateful Dead1991-12-31UntitledOakland ColiseumOaklandCAUSASHNMarooned
Iron Maiden2006-10-12A Matter Of High & DefNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSADVDCygnals
Jeff Beck1976-08-27UntitledCape Cod ColiseumSouth YarmouthMassUSAFLACCygnals
Jethro Tull1976-08-15UntitledLos Angeles ColiseumLos AngelesCAUSAFLACwywh1975
Kiss1985-12-28untitled (SB)ColiseumCharlotteNCUSAFLACFloridian
Kiss1986-01-04untitled (The Govner)Civic ColiseumKnoxvilleTNUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1975-02-13A Few Hours With St. Valentine (Cyanine)Nassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1975-02-13Fighting Back At The Coliseum (Empress Valley)Nassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1975-02-14St. Valentine's Day MassacreNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACMarooned
Led Zeppelin1977-04-27THE Definitive Version Bar NoneRichfield ColiseumClevelandOHUSAFLACMarooned
Led Zeppelin1977-04-27The DestroyerRichfield ColiseumClevelandOHUSASHNpatpier
Led Zeppelin1977-04-27UntitledRichfield ColiseumClevelandOHUSAFLACJmoog
Led Zeppelin1977-07-24Push PushOakland ColiseumAlamedaCAUSAFLACMarooned
Metallica1986-07-30Untitled (The Govner)Civic ColiseumKnoxvilleTNUSAFLACFloridian
Moody Blues1979-05-25UntitledSeattle Center ColiseumSeattleWAUSAFLACGroovinpict
Neil Young1973-03-31UntitledOakland ColiseumOaklandCAUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1976-03-21Live at the Roman ColiseumCongresscentrumHamburgWest GermanyFLACHarm
Neil Young1976-11-14Madison HurricaneDane County ColiseumMadisonWIUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1978-09-29UntitledNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1983-07-12Early ShowMid-South Coliseum, Mid-South FairgroundsMemphisTNUSAFLACHarm
Neil Young1984-10-17Untitled P.N.E. ColiseumVancouverBCCanadaFLACHarm
Pink Floyd1974-06-16Random PrecisionNassau ColiseumLong IslandNYUSASHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1975-04-10Dark Side Last Tour [HL 571,572]Seattle Center ColiseumSeattleWAUSASHNdavebowman
Pink Floyd1975-04-10Seattle UpgradeSeattle Center ColiseumSeattleWashingtonUSASHNWildThing
Pink Floyd1975-04-10Untitled (JEMS - master)Seattle Center ColiseumSeattleWAUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1975-06-16Pandors Slowing DownNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACWildThing
Pink Floyd1975-06-16Raving Crazy Diamond MoonNassau ColiseumLong IslandNYUSAFLAClogansdad
Pink Floyd1975-06-17New YorkNassau ColiseumLong IslandNYUSASHNWildThing
Pink Floyd1977-05-09fob.menke.motb.0053.flac16Alameda ColiseumOaklandCaliforniaUSAFLACfatoldsun
Pink Floyd1977-05-09fob.menke.motb.0053.flac24Alameda ColiseumOaklandCaliforniaUSAFLACfatoldsun
Pink Floyd1977-05-09Mr. PigOakland ColiseumAlamedaCAUSASHNMarooned
145 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Coliseum'

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