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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Battle Beast2019-09-25UntitledOgden TheatreDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Blackfoot1975-05-09UntitledRainbow Music HallDenverCOUSAFLACGroovinpict
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy2015-11-27UntitledSoiled Dove UndergroundDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Charlie Sheen2011-04-28untitled (Coloartist)Wells Fargo TheatreDenverCOUSAFLACFloridian
Collective Soul2007-10-07UntitledFillmore AuditoriumDenverCOUSAFLACSmile
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1974-07-25UntitledMile High StadiumDenverCOUSAFLACHarm
Eric Johnson2006-04-01Untitledogden theaterDenverCOUSAFLACCygnals
Howlin Wolf1973-08-23UntitledEbbets FieldDenverCOUSAFLACMarooned
Lightnin' Hopkins1974-04-25UntitledEbbets FieldDenverCOUSAFLACMarooned
LIVE2007-10-07UntitledFillmore AuditoriumDenverCOUSAFLACsundeep
Neil Young1978-10-19UntitledMcNichols Sports ArenaDenverCOUSAFLACHarm
Peter Frampton1974-03-06Pre-FM (KBPI)EbbetDenverCOUSAFLACMarooned
Pink Floyd1988-04-18It's Been A While Since We've Been Here (IFWT-CDR-022)Mile High StadiumDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1988-04-18T-1161 Rev.AMile High StadiumDenverCOUSASHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1994-06-18A Mile HighMile High StadiumDenverCOUSASHNlogansdad
Primus1993-06-26You Can't Party Without Me!Fiddler's GreenDenverCOUSAFLACZbird
Reverend Horton Heat2005-01-08Untitled (SxPxDxCx)World Famous Lions LairDenverCOUSAFLACFloridian
Robin Trower1973-08-06UntitledEbbets FieldDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters1987-09-12Roger Waters - A 5,280Hz WaveMcNichols Sports ArenaDenverCOUSASHNMooner
Roger Waters2008-04-30Bring Your Umbrellas Because I Heard Pig Shit Is BigPepsi CenterDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2008-04-30DSM-6 - (whotrader)Pepsi CenterDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2008-04-30Pigs On The RockiesPepsi Center ArenaDenverCOUSAWMVdavebowman
Roger Waters2008-04-30Pigs On The Rockies - (Audio)Pepsi Center ArenaDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2008-04-30RemnentPepsi CenterDenverCOUSAFLACMooner
Roger Waters2010-11-23Studios DSM-6 - (whotrader)Pepsi CenterDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2017-06-03UntitledPepsi CenterDenverColoradoUSAFLACMarooned
Roy Buchanan1974-09-13UntitledEbbetts FieldDenverCOSHNViking
Roy Buchanan1980-02-13UntitledRainbow Music HallDenverCOSHNViking
Roy Buchanan1983-xx-xxUntitledMercury CafeDenverCOSHNViking
Rush1978-05-16Ancient ArchivesMcNichols ArenaDenverCOUSASHNCygnals
Rush2002-08-24Between A Rock and a Hard PlaceFiddler Green Amphitheatre DenverCOUSASHNsundeep
Sabaton2019-10-23UntitledOgden TheatreDenverCOUSAFLACdavebowman
Stevie Wonder2008-07-01UntitledFiddler's GreenDenverCOUSAFLACpatpier
TOOL2002-07-21UntitledPepsi CenterDenverCOUSAFLACsundeep
Tool2009-07-18Mile High Music FestivalDickDenverCOUSAFLACsundeep
Tool2009-07-18UntitledMile High Music FestivalDenverCOUSAFLACsundeep
U21987-11-07Mountains And Deserts Platinum EdMcNichols ArenaDenverCOUSASHNpatpier
37 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Denver'

Showing records [ 1 to 37 ] Last Page

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