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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-00-00Pictures Rehersals - (DAVROS108)UnknownUnknownFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-08-23The First Moog (DAVROS181)The GuildhallPlymouthEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-08-29Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival - DebutAfton Down Isle of WightEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-12-01( 2nd Gen ) ( DAVROS095 )KonzerthausViennaAustriaFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-12-01( Full Show )( DAVROS096 )KonzerthausViennaAustriaFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-12-02(Low Gen)(DAVROS099)SporthalleBöblingenGermanyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1970-12-04UntitledLimmathausZurichSwitzerlandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-00-00Electric Love Prefared (From LP) (DAVROSLP132)FLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-00-00UntitledBeat ClubBremenGermanyMPGGroovinpict
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-03-12(DAVROS116)ABC CinemaPlymouthEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-03-24(DAVROS113)City HallSheffieldEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-04-30(DAVROS169)Filmore EastNew YorkNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-05-26The Real Carnegie Show - With The Encore - (DAVROS165)Carnegie HallNew YorkNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-00Italian TV [cassette 16-44 FLAC]Unknown venueItalyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-01Karlsruhe, GermanySchwarzwaldhalleKarlsruheGermanyFLACledwhofloyd
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-03There's No End To Our Live (Highland - HL595/596)KonzerthausViennaAustriaFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-05Untitled - (WTE 003)MehrzweckhalleZofingenSwitzerlandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-11UntitledMeistersingerhalleNürnbergGermanyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-13Knife EdgePhilipshalleDusseldorfGermanySHNdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-06-20SukratRoyal Theatre Drury LaneLondonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-07-19Hollywood Bowl, CaliforniaHollywood BowlHollywoodCAUSAFLACledwhofloyd
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-08-12A Time And A PlaceStanley Park StadiumTorontoOntarioCanadaFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-08-13UntitledPlace de NationsMontrealCanadaFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-08-21(2nd Gen)(DAVROS153)Transit AuditoriumChicagoILUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-08-21UntitledTransit AuditoriumChicagoILUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-09-01(Not sourced from CD) (DAVROS182)Gaelic ParkRiverdaleNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-11-12UntitledBoston Music HallBostonMAUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-11-15(DAVROS164)Eastown TheaterDetroitMIUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-12-09(DAVROS114)City HallSheffieldEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1971-12-13(DAVROS115)PavillionLondonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-03-22Long Beach 1972Long Beach AuditoriumLong BeachCAUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-03-31UntitledConvention HallMiami BeachFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-04-10(Not CD sourced - RAW Version)(DAVROS171)Academy Of MusicNew YorkNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-04-10T-803Academy Of MusicNew YorkNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-04-18(DAVROS172)Hara ArenaDaytonOHUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-04-19(DAVROS167)Arie Crown TheaterChicagoILUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-06-04UntitledGrugahalleEssenGermanyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-06-06UntitledDeutschlandhalleBerlinGermanyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-06-24Untitled - (WTE 004)MehrzweckhalleWetzikonSwitzerlandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-06-25(DAVROS173)Stadio ComunaleBolognaItalyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-07-22Hoe DownKorakuen StadiumTokyoJapanFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-07-22T-1184Korakuen StadiumTokyoJapanFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-07-24UntitledHanshin Koshien StadiumOsakaHyogoJapanFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-07-28Tour Of AmericasLong Beach ArenaLong BeachCAUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-08-11(T-fix)MECCA ArenaMilwaukeeWIUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-08-13UntitledSaratoga Performing Arts CentreSaratogaNYUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-11-177PM ShowGreens Playhouse TheatreGlasgowScotlandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-11-17The Complete Glasgow TapesGreens Playhouse TheatreGlasgowScotlandFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-11-23UntitledCapitol TheatreCardiffFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-11-24(1st Show 6:30pm)(3rd Gen)(DAVROS161)Odeon TheatreBirminghamEnglandFLACdavebowman
150 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Emerson Lake '

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