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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Genesis1970-02-22The ShepherdBBC Studio 4 Maida ValeFLACjackson
Genesis1971-03-07Besides The Silent MirrorLa Ferme V, Woluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACjackson
Genesis1971-03-07Hogweed 12La Ferme IVWoluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACJmoog
Genesis1971-03-07Hogweed 12La Ferme V, Woluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACjackson
Genesis1971-03-07LDB Special Series #302La Ferme V, Woluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACjackson
Genesis1971-03-07LDB Special Series #302 (Eeklair Reworked)La Ferme V, Woluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACjackson
Genesis1971-03-07Twilight FrancehouseLa Ferme V, Woluwe St LambertBelgiumFLACjackson
Genesis1971-05-10Sounds of the SeventiesBBC Studio T1EnglandFLACjackson
Genesis1972-01-09Sounds Of The 70sBBC Studio T1Shepherds BushEnglandFLACJmoog
Genesis1972-01-16Muppet 11Palais Des Beaux Arts De CharleroiCharleroiBelgiumFLACJmoog
Genesis1972-03-02BBC Master DATBBC Paris StudioLondonEnglandSHNpatpier
Genesis1972-04-09UntitledLem ClubVeronaItalySHNJmoog
Genesis1972-04-14Live In PaviaPalazzo Delle EsposizioniPaviaItalyFLACJmoog
Genesis1972-04-18Live In RomaPiper ClubRomeItalyFLACJmoog
Genesis1972-08-20The CoastlinersPiper 2000ViareggioToscanaItalyFLACpatpier
Genesis1972-08-20The CoastlinersPiper 2000 ClubViareggioItalyFLACJmoog
Genesis1972-08-22Genova '72Teatro AlcioneGenoaItalyFLACJmoog
Genesis1973-01-20Viva Italia! (PRRP020)Palazzo Dello (Reggio Emilia) & Palasport ( Rome)ItalySHNdavebowman
Genesis1973-10-20Welcome to Epping ForestRainbow TheatreLondonUnited KingdomFLACpatpier
Genesis1973-11-22Hogweeds 13Felt ForumNew YorkNYUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1973-12-19SAB 13The RoxyWest HollywoodCAUSASHNJmoog
Genesis1973-12-19SkywatchersThe Roxy TheaterWest HollywoodCAUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1974-04-20UntitledCentre Sportif MontrealQuebecCanadaSHNpatpier
Genesis1974-04-21A Classic Broadcast RevisitedCentre Sportif MontrealQuebecCanadaSHNpatpier
Genesis1974-04-21A Classic Broadcast RevisitedUniversity Sports CentreMontrealQuebecCanadaSHNJmoog
Genesis1974-04-21UntitledCentre SportifMontrealQuebecCanadaSHNpatpier
Genesis1974-05-02The Sands Of Time (Early Show)Massey HallTorontoCanadaFLACjmoog
Genesis1974-05-02The Sands Of Time (Late Show)Massey HallTorontoCanadaFLACjmoog
Genesis1974-05-04Hogweeds 07Academy Of MusicNew YorkNYUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1974-05-04UntitledAcademy Of MusicNew YorkNYUSAFLACpatpier
Genesis1974-05-06Academy Of MusicAcademy Of MusicNew YorkNYUSAFLACpatpier
Genesis1974-11-28UntitledMasonic TempleDetroitMIUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1974-12-04Rael Gets Real In RichmondMosqueRichmondVAUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1974-12-08(Dan Lampinski)Palace TheaterProvidenceRIUSAFLACdavebowman
Genesis1974-12-12Palace Theatre WaterburyPalace TheatreWaterburyCTUSAFLACpatpier
Genesis1974-12-16Concert BowlMaple Leaf GardensTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNpatpier
Genesis1974-12-16Live At TorontoMaple Leaf GardensTorontoCanadaSHNjmoog
Genesis1974-12-16UntitledMaple Leaf GardensTorontoCanadaSHNJmoog
Genesis1974-12-17The Lamb Live In RochesterAuditorium TheaterRochesterNYUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1975-01-10West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Conventional HallWest Palm BeachFLUSASHNpatpier
Genesis1975-01-11Lakeland Lakeland Civic Center Concert HallLakelandFLUSASHNpatpier
Genesis1975-01-22The Lamb Lies Down On BerkeleyCommunity TheaterBerkeleyCAUSAFLACJmoog
Genesis1975-02-28Frozen PantomimeLe Parc Des ExpositionsColmarFranceFLACJmoog
Genesis1975-04-04UntitledCircus KroneMunichGermanyFLACJmoog
Genesis1975-04-07Digital Lambs In DortmundWestfalenhalle 3DortmundGermanyFLACpatpier
Genesis1975-04-10A Blaze Of White LightMartinihal-CentrumGroningenThe NetherlandsSHNJmoog
Genesis1975-04-10Live In GroningenMartinihal-CentrumGroningenFLACpatpier
Genesis1975-04-15Wembley '75Wembley PoolLondonEnglandSHNpatpier
Genesis1975-04-15Wembley 1975Empire PoolWembleyFLACpatpier
82 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Genesis'

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