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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Big Black1986-12-06untitled (1stgen)KirHamburgGermanyFLACFloridian
Bruce Springsteen2008-06-21Nordbank ArenaHamburgGermanyFLACMrNice
David Bowie1996-01-25Nite LifeSporthalleHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour1984-04-19UntitledCongress CentrumHamburgGermanyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-11Ausgezeichnet (Rec3)CCHHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-11CCH Hamburg (Rec4)CCHHamburgGermanyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-11HH 060311 (Rec1)CCHHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-11Live On A Snowy Island (Rec2)CCHHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-11Remember That Night (IFWT-CDR-012) (Rec5)CCHHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1978-10-28UntitledMusikhalleHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1992-07-16UntitledAlsterdorfer SporthalleHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Iron Maiden1980-10-04UntitledErnst-Merck-HalleHamburgGermanyAPEPrevost3000
Jethro Tull1982-04-08Live HamburgCongress CentrumHamburgGermanyFLACwywh1975
Jimi Hendrix1967-03-18Studio 1 NDR FunkhausHamburgGermanyAPEPaliGap
Joe Cocker1989-06-17Untitled (Master)entenwerder HalbinselHamburgGermanyFLACFloridian
John Martyn1978-03-17UntitledAudimaxHamburgGermanyFLACCygnals
Katie Melua2006-10-05UntitledNDR FoyerHamburgGermanyFLACpatpier
Led Zeppelin1970--1970Lil MarleenMusikhalleHamburgGermanyFLACMarooned
Led Zeppelin1970--1970Lili MarleenMusikhalleHamburgGermanyFLACMarooned
Led Zeppelin1973-03-21UntitledMusikhalleHamburgGermanySHNCygnals
Neil Young1976-03-21Live at the Roman ColiseumCongresscentrumHamburgWest GermanyFLACHarm
Neil Young1989-12-08UntitledGrosse FreiheitHamburgGermanyFLACHarm
Neil Young2003-04-29The Greendale Chronicles as told in HamburgCongress CentrumHamburgGermanySHNHarm
Neil Young2008-08-13UntitledFreilichtb├╝hne, StadtparkHamburgGermanyFLACHarm
Pink Floyd1970-03-12Big PinkKleiner Saal, Auditorium MaximumHamburgGermanySHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-03-12Tails In PinkKleiner Saal, Auditorium MaximumHamburgGermanyFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-03-12Trick of the LightKleiner Saal, Auditorium MaximumHamburgGermanyFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-03-13A Trick Of The Light[WPOCM 1190 D062-2]Kleiner Saal, Auditorium MaximumHamburgGermanyFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-11-14Ernst-Merck Halle Hamburg Germany (T-136 REV A)Ernst-Merck HalleHamburgGermanyFLACthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-11-14Ernst-Merck Halle Hamburg Germany (T-136)Ernst-Merck HalleHamburgGermanySHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-11-14Grooving With A Pict Ernst-Merck HalleHamburgGermanySHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-11-14Hamburg 1970 - DFAErnst-Merck HalleHamburgGermanySHNthemadchemist
Pink Floyd1970-11-14Improvisations - (Ayanami 159)Ernst-Merck HalleHamburgGermanySHNdavebowman
Pink Floyd1971-02-25A Hamburg Moment DVDGrosser Saal MusikhalleHamburgGermanyDVDMuabDib
Pink Floyd1971-02-25M-502 2LP 48khzGrosser Saal MusikhalleHamburgGermanyFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1971-02-25Pink Floyd LP archives vol 8Grosser Saal MusikhalleHamburgGermanyFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1971-02-25Take Linda Surfin'Grosser Saal MusikhalleHamburgGermanySHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1971-02-25UntitledGrosser Saal Musik HalleHamburgGermanySHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1972-11-12HL651-652 Eclipse On Hamburg 1972Ernst-Merck-HalleHamburgGermanySHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1989-06-16UntitledFestwiese am StadtparkHamburgGermanyFLACsundeep
REM1998-11-02Spooky In HamburgGruenspanHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2007-04-19UntitledColor Line ArenaHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Rush1981-11-11Vital Signs PEConcert CentrumHamburgGermanySHNCygnals
Suzanne Vega1990-05-12UntitledStadtparkHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Suzanne Vega2010-11-07Schoeps MK41 - (RCM)Stage ClubHamburgGermanyFLACdavebowman
Tedeschi Trucks Band2022-10-26UntitledEdel-optics.de ArenaHamburgGermanyFLACGuzatti
Tesla 2007-10-27It's 1986 Right Now!!KnustHamburgGermanyFLACWildThing
53 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Hamburg'

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