155 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Italy'

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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
ASIA1982-10-19MilanoTeatro Tenda LampugnanoMilanItalyFLACdavebowman
BB KIng & Ray Charles1990-11-16UntitledTeatro OlimpicoRomeItalyFLACpatpier
Black Sabbath1973-02-19Bologna, ItalyPalasportBolognaItalySHNWildThing
Black Sabbath1973-02-21Palazzo Dello SportPalazzo E.I.B.BresciaItalyFLACWildThing
Bob Marley1980-06-27Stadio San SiroStadio San SiroMilanItalySHNHerb
Bruce Springsteen2005-06-06Roma Dust NightPalalottomatica ArenaRomaItalyFLACpatpier
Bruce Springsteen2007-11-28Milano Magic NightDatch ForumMilanaItalyFLACpatpier
Camel1973-05-01UntitledBlue CafeCosatoItalyFLACMarooned
Carl Palmer Band2003-01-30UntitledTeatro Enrico CecchettiCivitanova MarcheItalyFLACdavebowman
Crosby & Nash2005-03-08UntitledTeatro SmeraldoMilanItalyFLACHarm
David Bowie1996-07-09LDB Master Series #48 Curva Sud dello Stadio OlimpicoRomeItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-24It's Time To GIG Another One!Teatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-24MilanorizonTeatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-25 Let The Night Surround YouTeatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-25Il Signore del Suono (IFWT-CDR-017)Teatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-25Marisa's Dream (IFWT-CDR-018)Teatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-25UntitledTeatro ArcimboldiMilanItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-03-26 The Great Gig of David Gilmour in RomeParco della MusicaRome ItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-26Echoes Over Rome (IFWT-CDR-019)Parco della MusicaRomeItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2006-03-26Fat Old RomeParco della MusicaRomeItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-07-31Echoes In The AmphitheatreTheatre AntiqueVienneItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-07-31UntitledTheatre AntiqueVienneItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-02Pisano For PresidentPiazza Santa CroceFirenzeItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-02UntitledPiazza Santa CroceFirenzeItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-11Davide - One Of These DaysPiazza San MarcoVeniceItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-11Davide - One Of These DaysPiazza San MarcoVeniceItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-12Found On a Serenissima IslandPiazza San MarcoVeniceItalyFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-12On a Serenissima IslandPiazza San MarcoVeniceItalyDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-08-12UntitledPiazza San MarcoVeniceItalyFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour2016-07-02Circus Maximus Rome Italy VideosCircus MaximusRomeItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-07-03Circus Maximus Rome Italy VideosCircus MaximusRomeItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-07-07Anfiteatro Scavi Di Pompei VideosAnfiteatro ScaviPompeiiItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-07-07UntitledAnfiteatro Scavi di PompeiPompeiiItalyFLACMarooned
David Gilmour2016-07-08Anfiteatro Scavi Di Pompei VideosAnfiteatro ScaviPompeiItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-07-08UntitledAnfiteatro Scavi di PompeiPompeiiItalyFLACMarooned
David Gilmour2016-07-10UntitledArena Di VeronaVeronaItalyFLACMarooned
David Gilmour2016-07-10Verona Italy HD VideosArena de VeronaVeronaItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-07-11UntitledArena Di VeronaVeronaItalyFLACMarooned
David Gilmour2016-07-11Verona Italy HD VideosArena de VeronaVeronaItalyMP4Marooned
David Gilmour2016-11-07UntitledArena de VeronaVeronaItalyDVDMarooned
David Glimour2006-08-11Crazy High Hopes - The Soundcheck (IFWT-CDR-033)Piazza San MarcoVeniceItalyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1981-06-29The Best Rock’n’Roll OrchestraVigorelliMilanItalyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1983-07-05Live in Novara 83Stadium CommunaleNovaraItalyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1983-07-06Ferrara 83Stadio ComunaleFerraraItalyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1992-09-093rd Night - LDB Master Series #40 Forum AssagoMilanItalyFLACdavebowman
Dire Straits1992-09-11UntitledL'Arena di VeronaVeronaItalyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1992-09-26UntitledArena di VeronaVeronaItalyFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1997-07-20UntitledCastiglione delle StiviereMantovaItalyFLACdavebowman
Genesis1972-04-09UntitledLem ClubVeronaItalySHNJmoog
155 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Italy'

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