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Band / ArtistDateRoIO NameVenueCityState/ProvCountryTypeEntered By
Asia1982-07-04UntitledStarlight TheatreKansas CityMOUSAFLACdavebowman
Bruce Springsteen1984-11-18KC NightKemper ArenaKansas CityMOUSASHNpatpier
Christine McVie1984-04-30UntitledUptown TheatreKansas CityMOUSAFLACdavebowman
David Gilmour1984-06-11Movement of the StarsStarlight TheaterKansas CityMOUSASHNlogansdad
David Gilmour1984-06-11UntitledStarlight TheaterKansas CityMOUSASHNlogansdad
Elton John1982-07-07UntitledStarlight TheatreKansas CityMOUSASHNdavebowman
Gram Parsons1973-03-09Untitled Early ShowMaxs Kansas CityNew YorkNYUSAFLACHerb
Grateful Dead1969-02-05SBD>MC>C>D>CD>EAC>SHNSoldiers & Sailors AuditoriumKansas CityKansasUSASHNmikeahern
Kansas1974-10-14UntitledBoston Music HallBostonMAUSAFLACGroovinpict
Kansas1975--1975Beware The MasqueFLACGroovinpict
Kansas1975-12-02UntitledStanley TheaterPittsburghPAUSAFLACGroovinpict
Kansas1976-02-22UntitledVillanova Field HouseBryn MawrPAUSAFLACGroovinpict
Kansas1976-10-31Mayhem SymphonySyria MosquePittsburghPAUSASHNGroovinpict
Kansas1982-07-30Kansas Live -Liberated BootlegCivic AuditoriumOmahaNEUSADVDGroovinpict
Kansas1992-05-04Kansas Live at the WhiskyThe WhiskyLos AngelesCAUSADVDGroovinpict
Kansas2006-02-25Vina Del Mar FestivalVina Del Mar FestivalVina Del MarChileDVDGroovinpict
Lynyrd Skynyrd1991-10-17You Got That RightMemorial HallKansas CityUSAFLACpatpier
Metallica1986-03-27UntitledKansas ColiseumWichitaKSUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1988-05-26UntitledArrowhead StadiumKansas CityMOUSASHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1994-06-20UntitledArrowhead StadiumKansas CityMOUSASHNlogansdad
Roger Waters1999-08-28Every Point Of LightKemper ArenaKansas CityMOUSASHNdavebowman
Roger Waters1999-08-28Our Last Hurrah - SoundcheckKemper ArenaKansas CityMOUSASHNdavebowman
Roger Waters2010-10-30DSM-6'sSprint CenterKansas CityMOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2010-10-30DSM-6's (MB)Sprint CenterKansas CityMOUSAFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2017-05-26UntitledSprint CenterKansas CityMissouriUSAFLACMarooned
Roger Waters2017-05-26UntitledSprint CenterKansas CityMissouriUSAFLACMarooned
Rush2002-08-01Bonner SpringsVerizon Wireless AmphitheaterBonner SpringsKansasUSASHNsundeep
Rush2002-08-01On Certain NightsSandstone AmphitheaterBonner SpringsKansasUSASHNsundeep
Rush2004-06-12The Adventures of Tom SawyerKansas CityMOUSASHNsundeep
Rush2004-06-13Roadmap to Dorothys HouseSandstone AmphitheaterBonner SpringsKansasUSASHNsundeep
Rush2004-06-13Soup, We Need SoupBonner SpringsKansasUSASHNsundeep
Rush2008-06-07UntitledStarlight TheatreKansas CityMOUSAFLACsundeep
Rush2010-07-01Just Leave it AloneStarlight TheatreKansas CityMissouriUSAFLACsundeep
Rush2010-07-01The Sense of PossibilitiesStarlight TheatreKansas CityMissouriUSAFLACsundeep
Rush2010-07-01UntitledStarlight TheatreKansas CityMissouriUSAFLACsundeep
The Rolling Stones1981-12-14Crossfire Hurricane (Empress Valley)Kemper ArenaKansas CityMOUSAFLACFloridian
The Rolling Stones1981-12-15Did We Meet... (VGP)Kemper ArenaKansas CityMOUSAFLACFloridian
37 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Kansas'

Showing records [ 1 to 37 ] Last Page

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