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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
ASIA1982-05-08IntermissionMassey HallTorontoCanadaFLACdavebowman
Bob Marley1975-06-08Massey HallTorontoCanadaFLACMrNice
Cars1978-11-13Take Me To The ParadiseThe Paradise TheatreBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Cheap Trick2006-11-17From Joe DirtAvalonBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Cheech & Chong2008-09-06UntitledMassey hallTorontoCanadaFLACJamminJ
David Gilmour1984-05-14No Way Out of Massery HallMassey HallTorontoCanadaSHNlogansdad
David Gilmour1984-05-15UntitledMassey HallTorontoCanadaFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-04-09Comfortably NumbMassey HallTorontoCanadaDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-04-09Two Days On An Island - Day IMassey HallTorontoCanadaFLAClogansdad
David Gilmour2006-04-1022 Years Later-The Return Of The Son Of NothingMassey HallTorontoCanadaDVDlogansdad
David Gilmour2006-04-10UntitledMassey HallTorontoCanadaFLAClogansdad
Deep Purple1973-05-24UntitledBoston Music HallBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Devo1982-11-11UntitledOrpheum TheatreBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Dinosaur Jr1994-10-29Monsters Eat OrpheumOrpheum TheaterBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Dixie Dregs1982-02-06UntitledBerklee Performing Arts CentreBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Eric Johnson1990-07-07From Austin to BostonParadise TheaterBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Eric Johnson1991-09-29UntitledBerklee Performance CenterBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Foo Fighters2000-05-13UntitledNewbury ComicsNorth AttleboroMassUSAFLACCygnals
Frank Zappa1976-10-24Early ShowBoston Music HallBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Frank Zappa1976-10-24Late ShowBoston Music HallBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Genesis1974-05-02The Sands Of Time (Early Show)Massey HallTorontoCanadaFLACjmoog
Genesis1974-05-02The Sands Of Time (Late Show)Massey HallTorontoCanadaFLACjmoog
Grateful Dead1972-05-03gd72-05-03.sbd.masse.142.sbeok.shnfOlympia TheatreParisFranceSHNwharfratjoe
Iron Maiden2006-10-06For the Greater Good of BostonAgganis ArenaBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Iron Maiden2006-10-06UntitledAgganis ArenaBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Jeff Beck1976-08-27UntitledCape Cod ColiseumSouth YarmouthMassUSAFLACCygnals
Jeff Beck1989-11-08UntitledThe CentrumWorcesterMassUSAFLACCygnals
Joe Bonamassa2010-07-25High Voltage FestivalVictoria ParkLondonEnglandFLACdavebowman
John Paul Jones2001-12-08Steel Your ThunderUnknownBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
King Crimson2001-12-08Virtuous CirclesOrpheum TheatreBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
King Crimson2003-03-08UntitledOrpheum TheatreBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Kings X2008-07-31UntitledBank Of America PavilionBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Led Zeppelin1973-07-20UntitledBoston GardenBostonMassUSASHNCygnals
Led Zeppelin1975-02-14St. Valentine's Day MassacreNassau ColiseumUniondaleNYUSAFLACMarooned
Neil Young1971-01-12Going Back To CanadaMassey HallTorontoCanadaFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1969-04-14The Massed Gadgets of AuximenesRoyal Festival HallLondonEnglandSHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-06-27THE PERFECT DAYBoston GardenBostonMass.USASHNBodeaga
Rick Danko w/ Buddy Cage1988-05-14NightstagesNightstagesCambridgeMassUSAFLACbodeaga
Robert Cray1989-02-11Live In Springfield, MassParamount TheatreSpringfieldMAUSAFLACdavebowman
Robert Plant1993-11-20UntitledOrpheum TheaterBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Robert Plant1993-11-21UntitledOrpheum TheaterBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Roger Waters2006-09-08UntitledTweeter CenterMansfieldMassUSAFLACCygnals
Roger Waters2006-09-09UntitledTweeter CenterMansfieldMassUSAFLACCygnals
Rush1975-06-25The Age Of WondersMassey HallTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1979-01-11UntitledBoston Music HallBostonMassUSAFLACCygnals
Rush1990-05-01Target Mass Appeal PEThe OmniAtlantaGAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1997-06-23Mansfield, Mass SBDGreat Woods AmphitheaterMansfieldMAUSASHNCygnals
Rush2007-06-27An Hour With RushThe Tweeter CenterMansfieldMassUSADVDCygnals
Slayer1987-01-27UntitledMassey HallTorontoCanadaDVDJamminJ
The Musical Box2004-11-20UntitledMassey HallTorontoOntarioCanadaFLACpatpier
60 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Mass'

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