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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Aerosmith1976-05-16UntitledJai Alai FrontonMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Agent Orange1996-04-07UntitledRespectable Street CafeMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
BB King1993-08-22UntitledBayfront AmphitheatreMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Black Crowes1990-10-23UntitledArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Buddy Guy1993-08-22untitled (Floridian)Bayfront ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Candlebox1994-08-21UntitledBicentennial ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Emerson Lake & Palmer1972-03-31UntitledConvention HallMiami BeachFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Emerson Lake & Palmer1973-11-14First Show of The BSS Tour (DAVROS110)Jai Alai FrontonMiamiFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Eric Clapton & Duane Allman1970-08-02Studio JamsCriteria StudiosMiamiFLUSASHNMarooned
Fight1994-08-21UntitledBicentennial ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Gwar1995-11-30UntitledCameo TheatreMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Iron Maiden1988-08-05UntitledHollywood SportstoriumMiamiFLUSADVDSmile
Jimi Hendrix1968-05-18UntitledGulf Stream Race TrackMiamiFLUSASHNJamminJ
Kiss1976-03-21UntitledJai-Alai FrontonMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
KMFDM1995-10-28Untitled (Floridian)Cameo TheatreMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14(Dadgad)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14(Floridian)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14(Master)(T-fix)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14(Rag Doll Music)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14Reflections On My Mind (Image Quality)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-02-14Roll Over Beethoven (Empress Valley)Thee Image ClubMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Metallica1988-06-04UntitledOrange BowlMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Metallica1994-08-21Candy For The Kids (Insect)Bicentennial ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Metallica1994-08-21UntitledBicentennial ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Neil Young1973-11-05Welcome to Miami BeachRainbow TheatreLondonEnglandFLACHarm
Neil Young1977-11-12UntitledBicentennial ParkMiamiFLUSAFLACHarm
Page & Plant 1995-03-06Together Again IIIArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Page & Plant 1995-03-06Untitled (Floridian)ArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Page & Plant1995-03-06Untitled (K.P.)ArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Page & Plant 1995-03-06Untitled (Phil S.)ArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Peter Frampton1992-05-09UntitledCameo TheatreMiamiFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Beast of burden (Sirene-191Miami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSAFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Death Dogs On MiamiMiami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSAFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22First Pig In AmericaMiami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSAFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Hurricane Floyd Hits MiamiMiami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNbodeaga
Pink Floyd1977-04-22In The FleshMiami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Miami Baseball StadiumMiami Baseball StadiumMiami FLUSASHNbodeaga
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Miami Baseball Stadium (Cassette 1 - Recorder #1)Miami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Thirty (MoLM)Miami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1977-04-22Untitled First GenMiami Baseball StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1987-11-01UntitledThe Orange BowlMiamiFLUSAFLAClogansdad
Pink Floyd1987-11-01Untitled - (rec2)The Orange BowlMiamiFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Pink Floyd1994-03-30Flying At RobbiesJoe Robbie StadiumMiamiFloridaUSADVDMarooned
Pink Floyd1994-03-30Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL (The Live Bell)Joe Robbie StadiumMiamiFLUSASHNaccess
Pink Floyd1994-03-30Untitled (noscms)Joe Robbie StadiumMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Pink Floyd1994-04-01The Division Bell World PremiereJoe Robbie StadiumMiamiFLUSAFLACaccess
R.E.M.1986-11-22UntitledJames L. Knight CenterMiamiFLUSAFLACdavebowman
R.E.M.1995-09-08Untitled (DAT)ArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
R.E.M.1995-09-08Untitled (Floridian)ArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
Robert Plant1990-10-23UntitledArenaMiamiFLUSAFLACFloridian
53 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Miami'

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