22 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Minneapolis'

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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Allman Brothers Band1971-03-25UntitledSt. CatherinesMinneapolisMinnesota USASHNbodeaga
Beck1994-06-29UntitledFirst AvenueMinneapolisMNUSASHNglobulous
Blind Melon1993-08-02UntitledFirst AvenueMinneapolisMNUSASHNHerb
Chris Whitley2003-05-13Untitled400 BarMinneapolisMNUSAFLACCygnals
Dream Theater2002-03-13Freeze My Ass And BallsOrpheum TheaterMinneapolisMNUSADVDPrevost3000
Emerson Lake & Palmer1993-02-19UntitledNorthrop AuditoriumMinneapolisMNUSAFLACdavebowman
Neil Young1986-10-17Powder FingerMetropolitan Sports ArenaMinneapolisMNUSAFLACHarm
Pink Floyd1988-05-24Minneapolis 24.5.88Hubert H. Humphrey MetrodomeMinneapolisMNUSASHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1994-06-22Astronomy DomineHubert H. Humphrey MetrodomeMinneapolisMNUSASHNlogansdad
Pop Will Eat Itself1994-11-20UntitledFirst AvenueMinneapolisMNUSAFLACFloridian
Roger Waters2000-07-06110' from left stackTarget CenterMinneapolisMNUSASHNdavebowman
Roger Waters2000-07-06Pig In A BlanketTarget CenterMinneapolisMNUSASHNdavebowman
Roger Waters2000-07-06Whistlers In The HallTarget CenterMinneapolisMNUSASHNdavebowman
Roger Waters2007-06-30UntitledXcel Energy CenterMinneapolisMNUSAFLACGroovinpict
Rush1991-11-03RushpolyTarget CenterMinneapolisMNUSASHNsundeep
Rush2002-11-02The Secret TouchTarget CenterMinneapolisMinnesotaUSASHNsundeep
Rush2002-11-02UntitledTarget CenterMinneapolisMinnesotaUSASHNsundeep
Slayer1986-11-16Untitled1st Ave. TheatreMinneapolisMNUSASHNMarooned
Tesla2001-02-24Tesla 2001-02-24First AvenueMinneapolisMNUSAFLACWildThing
Tesla2008-10-08Rockline InterviewMinneapolisMNUSAFLACWildThing
The Eagles1995-02-25Wasted TimeTarget CentreMinneapolisMNUSASHNdavebowman
Tom Petty1999-08-03UntitledTarget CenterMinneapolisMNUSAFLACSmile
22 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Minneapolis'

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