40 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Primus'

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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Primus1987-07-13UntitledThe OmniOaklandCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1989-05-03Live At KZSU 91.9Stanford UniversityPalo AltoCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1989-08-26UntitledCattle ClubSacramentoCAUSAOtherZbird
Primus1991-06-20UntitledPrego ClubMilanoItalyFLACZbird
Primus1991-11-13Strange DaysAgora TheaterClevelandOHUSAFLACZbird
Primus1992-01-xxUntitledThe CathouseLos AngelesCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1992-03-20Gone FishingMarin Center Exhibit HallSan RafaelCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1993-06-26You Can't Party Without Me!Fiddler's GreenDenverCOUSAFLACZbird
Primus1993-07-13UntitledWaterloo VillageStanhopeNJUSAFLACZbird
Primus1993-07-14First In LineUnknownHoustonTXUSAFLACCygnals
Primus1993-11-17UntitledThe Bomb FactoryDallasTXUSAFLACCygnals
Primus1994-12-31UntitledHenry J. Kaiser ArenaOaklandCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1995-07-22UntitledRoy Wilkins AuditoriumSt. PaulMNUSAFLACZbird
Primus1995-08-26UntitledGreek TheaterBerkeleyCAUSAOtherZbird
Primus1996-01-09UntitledBimbo'sSan FranciscoCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus1996-04-22UntitledNewport Music HallColumbusOHUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-07-13UntitledPortland MeadowsPortlandORUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-07-20UntitledFiddler's GreenEngelwoodCOUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-07-25UntitledDeer Creek AmphitheatreIndianapolisINUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-07-27UntitledPine Knob Music TheatreClarkstonMIUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-07-29UntitledRiverbend AmphitheatreCincinnatiOHUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-08-02UntitledAlpine ValleyEast TroyWIUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-08-05UntitledVernon DownsVernonNYUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-08-12UntitledJones Beach AmphitheatreWantaghNYUSAFLACZbird
Primus1997-08-17UntitledSony E-CenterCamdenNJUSAFLACZbird
Primus1998-03-10UntitledThe Dome ArenaRochesterNYUSAFLACZbird
Primus1998-05-11UntitledIrving PlazaNew YorkNYUSAFLACZbird
Primus1999-09-06UntitledOne World FestivalCrested ButteCOUSAFLACZbird
Primus1999-11-07UntitledThe WarehouseTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNZbird
Primus1999-11-17UntitledState TheaterDetroitMIUSAOtherZbird
Primus2000-02-05UntitledMontezuma HallSan DiegoCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus2000-04-29UntitledFillmore WestSan FranciscoCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus2003-10-18UntitledWiltern TheaterLos AngelesCAUSAAPEZbird
Primus2003-10-29UntitledSanta Cruz Civic AuditoriumSants CruzCAUSAFLACZbird
Primus2003-11-12UntitledAgora TheaterClevelandOHUSAFLACZbird
Primus2003-11-18UntitledOrpheum TheatreBostonMAUSAFLACZbird
Primus2003-11-20UntitledMemorial AuditoriumBurlingtonVTUSAFLACZbird
Primus2003-11-25UntitledRoseland BallroomNew YorkNYUSAFLACZbird
Primus and Friends1998-08-28UntitledRancho RelaxoPetalumaCAUSAFLACZbird
40 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Primus'

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