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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush1983-xx-xxThe Return of the Big TwoSalinasCAUSAFLACGroovinpict
Frank Zappa1977-10-31Jones CrusherThe Felt ForumNew YorkNYUSAFLACGroovinpict
Neil Young1970--2008Mother Nature on the Run; After the Gold Rush LiveFLACHarm
RUSH1973-00-00First SingleMoon RecordsFLACMarooned
Rush1974-08-14Thumbs Up, Thumbs DownUnknownPittsburghPAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-08-26A Change Of SeasonsAgora BallroomClevelandOHUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-08-26The Fifth Order of AngelsAgora BallroomClevelandOhioUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-11-01Come in and Feel the ShowConvocation HallTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1974-11-19Music is ParamountParamount TheatreSeattleWAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-11-27Rushian WhiskeyWhiskey a Go-GoLos AngelesCAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-12-05By-Tor 74Electric Lady StudiosNew YorkNYUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-12-06ABC StudiosABC StudiosNew YorkNYUSASHNCygnals
Rush1974-12-16Here Again At The Agora PEAgora BallroomClevelandOhioUSASHNCygnals
Rush1975-05-15Juvenile DelinquentsThe Agora BallroomClevelandOHIOUSASHNCygnals
Rush1975-06-25The Age Of WondersMassey HallTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1975-11-15Stainless SteelRockford ArmoryRockfordILUSASHNCygnals
Rush1975-11-15Steel BreezeThe Rockford ArmoryRockfordILUSASHNCygnals
Rush1975-11-15The Pretentious NecromancerThe Rockford ArmoryRockfordILUSAFLACCygnals
Rush1976-05-30Tuning ManNelson CenterSpringfieldILUSASHNCygnals
Rush1976-05-30We Are The PriestsNelson CenterSpringfieldILUSASHNCygnals
Rush1976-10-25By-Tors Battle V2.01Paramount TheaterSeattleWAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1976-11-28The Work of Gifted Hands PESelland ArenaFresnoCAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1976-12-31Auld Lang SyneMaple Leaf GardensTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1977-04-17Capital PunishmentLisner AuditoriumWashingtonDCUSASHNCygnals
Rush1977-04-22Rons Vault Release 6Broome County ArenaBinghamtonNYUSAFLACCygnals
Rush1977-05-10You Can Trust Your Car to the Man Inside the StarRiverside TheaterMilwaukeeWIUSAFLACCygnals
Rush1977-06-01The NecromancerCity HallSheffieldEnglanSHNCygnals
Rush1977-06-02Hallowed EthFree Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHNCygnals
Rush1977-06-02Hallowed HallsFree Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHNCygnals
Rush1977-06-02Sign of EthFree Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHNCygnals
Rush1977-06-02Summer NightsFree Trade HallManchesterEnglandSHNCygnals
Rush1977-09-28Rons Vault Release 5Selland ArenaFresnoCAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1977-11-12New York 77 1st GenThe PalladiumNew YorkNYUSASHNCygnals
Rush1977-12-10Canadian Bacon PEThe SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNCygnals
Rush1977-12-12Cinderella KingsThe ForumMontrealQuebecCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1977-12-12Three Hellions Come To FrogtownThe ForumMontrealQuebecCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1978-02-17Castles in the DistanceThe ApolloGlasgowScotlandSHNCygnals
Rush1978-02-17Where is the TapeThe ApolloGlasgowEnglandFLACCygnals
Rush1978-05-10Niagara Falls RevisitedConvention CenterNiagra FallsNYUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-05-16Ancient ArchivesMcNichols ArenaDenverCOUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-11-04Waltz of the ShrevesPacific ColiseumVancouverBCCanadaSHNCygnals
Rush1978-11-15Looking Down From OlympusWarnors TheaterFresnoCAUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-11-20A Desert PassageTucson Convention Center ArenaTucsonAZUSAFLACpatpier
Rush1978-11-20A Desert Passage PETucson Convention Center ArenaTucsonAZUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-11-20A Single Perfect SphereTucson Convention Center ArenaTucsonAZUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-11-20Cygnus Gold EditionTuscon Convention CenterTusconAZUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-12-02Buenas Nochas! Motor CityCobo HallDetroitMIUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-12-02Oak OppressionCobo Hall ArenaDetroitMIUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-12-16Fallen TreesInternational AmphitheaterChicagoILUSASHNCygnals
Rush1978-12-29Welcome Back HomeMaple Leaf GardensTorontoOntarioCanadaSHNCygnals
453 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Rush'

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