22 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Southampton'

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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Al Stewart1998-10-10UntitledThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Carl Palmers ELP Legacy2019-01-29UntitledThe 1865SouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Focus2007-03-16Live At The BrookThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Focus2011-11-02Nearly RitualThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Focus2015-03-25Live Above the BarThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Genesis1975-04-16UntitledGaumont TheatreSouthamptonEnglandFLACJmoog
Genesis1977-01-19Southampton '77Gaumont TheatreSouthamptonEnglandSHNpatpier
Led Zeppelin1973-01-22UntitledSouthampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandFLACJmoog
Led Zeppelin1973-01-22UntitledSouthampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandFLACpatpier
Led Zeppelin1973-01-22Winston RemasterOld RefectorySouthamptonEnglandFLACMarooned
Pink Floyd1969-05-09Beset by Creatures of the Deep (Flac)Southampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1969-05-09Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (shn)Southampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandSHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1969-05-09Lime & Limpid - [Cochon]Southampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandSHNdavebowman
Pink Floyd1969-05-09Master 48KHzSouthampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1969-05-09University of Southampton - From Master Reel - 48KhzSouthampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandFLACMuabDib
Pink Floyd1969-05-09untitled (1st gen - OK rip)University of SouthamptonSouthamptonEnglandSHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1969-05-09Untitled (CD rip from Sean Z)Southampton UniversitySouthamptonEnglandSHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1972-01-23UntitledGuildhallSouthamptonEnglandSHNlogansdad
Qango2000-02-05UntitledThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Qango2000-05-02UntitledThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
Robin Trower2010-09-19A Tale Untold Tour 2010 - SouthamptonThe BrookSouthamptonEnglandFLACdavebowman
The Musical Box2003-10-30Live In ConcertGuildhallSouthamptonEnglandSHNpatpier
22 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Southampton'

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