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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
Kiss1983-12-30untitled (4thgen)SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSAFLACFloridian
Pink Floyd1972-04-15Cass[Master]>HiFi>DATSportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNTheFloydKing
Pink Floyd1972-04-15Florida 15 April 1972SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSAFLACTheFloydKing
Pink Floyd1972-04-15Sportatorium, HollywoodSportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1972-04-15Untitled (cass[Master])SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1972-04-15Untitled (Florida 15.04.72)SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNMuabDib
Pink Floyd1973-06-28Dark AgeSportatoriumHollywoodFLUSAFLACwywh1975
Pink Floyd1973-06-28Into Little PiecesSportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNwywh1975
Pink Floyd1973-06-28Not A Cloud In The SkySportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNwywh1975
Roger Waters1985-04-13For The First Time Today (IFWT-CDR-040)The SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSAFLACdavebowman
Rush1977-12-10Canadian Bacon PEThe SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNCygnals
Rush1979-03-10Held Hostage In HollywoodThe Hollywood SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNCygnals
Rush1985-03-15Improvising WindowsHollywood SportatoriumHollywoodFLUSASHNCygnals
13 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Sportatorium'

Showing records [ 1 to 13 ] Last Page

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