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Band / Artist Date RoIO Name Venue City State/Prov Country Type Entered By
ABWH1989-11-08Motet (The Meeting)IsstadionStockholmSwedenFLACdavebowman
Bill Frisell Trio2000-08-30UntitledJazzclub FaschingStockholmSwedenFLACSmile
Bruce Springsteen1993-05-28Stockholm In Our HeartsStockholm StadiumStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
David Gilmour1984-04-24MetaphysicalIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
David Gilmour1984-04-24Mihalis StockholmIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNlogansdad
Dinosaur Jr2008-06-14Where The Action IsStora SkugganStockholmSwedenFLACCygnals
Fleetwood Mac1970-04-01Untitled [1]KonserthusetStockholmSwedenFLACdavebowman
Fleetwood Mac1970-04-01Untitled [2]KonserthusetStockholmSwedenFLACdavebowman
Jimi Hendrix 1967-05-24PopsideSwedish TVStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-05-24Stora ScenenTivoli Garden - Grona LundStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-05-24Vibratory Merge 1.00Stora ScenenStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-09-04Stora Scenen - Grona LundTivoli GardenStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-09-04Vibratory Merge1.10Stora ScenenStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-09-05TonarskvellStudio 4 - RadiohusetStockholmSwedenSHNPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1967-09-11The Swedish Shows Disc 4Stora ScenenStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1968-01-08Cant Believe Everything You See And Hear - ATM 166 Stora SalenStockholmSwedenFLACPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1968-01-08Stora SalenKoncerthusetStockholmSwedenAPEPaliGap
Jimi Hendrix1969-01-09(ATM DVD 002) Live In Stockholm - UpgradeKonserthusetStockholmSwedenDVDJamminJ
Jimi Hendrix1969-01-09The Jimi Hendrix Experience Stockholm - Remasters WorkshopThe KonserthusetStockholmSwedenFLACJamminJ
Kiss1984-10-26untitled (Stoned Records)IsstadionStockholmSwedenFLACFloridian
Led Zeppelin1969-03-14KicksConcerthouseStockholmSwedenSHNMarooned
Pink Floyd1989-06-12Pink Floyd Stockholm 1st NightGlobe ArenaStockholmSwedenSHNsundeep
Pink Floyd1989-06-13Pink Floyd Stockholm 2nd NightGlobe ArenaStockholmSwedenSHNsundeep
Pink Floyd1989-06-14T-1346Globen ArenaStockholmSwedenSHNlogansdad
Pink Floyd1989-06-14UntitledGlobe ArenaStockholmSwedenSHNsundeep
Roger Waters1984-06-16Opening NightJohanneshovs IsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
Roger Waters1984-06-16Thanks For The RideIsstadionStockholmSwedenFLACMooner
Roger Waters1984-06-16The CreatureIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNMooner
Roger Waters1984-06-17Hiking To StockholmIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
Roger Waters1984-06-17Pros & Cons In StockholmIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
Roger Waters1984-06-17Stockholm - (Rec3)IsstadionStockholmSwedenFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters1984-06-17Swedish NeuroticaIsstadionStockholmSwedenSHNGroovinpict
Roger Waters2002-05-25Globen (#ROIO CDR 009)GlobenStockholmSwedenSHNdavebowman
Roger Waters2007-04-27Mother where´s the tuned guitar?GlobenStockholmSwedenFLACdavebowman
Roger Waters2007-04-27The Darkside of the GlobeGlobenStockholmSwedenFLACfatoldsun
Roger Waters2007-04-27The Moon Has Landed In The GlobeGlobenStockholmSwedenFLACfatoldsun
Roger Waters2007-04-27The Ruler of the GlobesGlobenStockholmSwedenFLACGroovinpict
Rush1979-05-25Tivoli GardensTivoli GardenStockholmSwedenSHNCygnals
Slayer2004-10-14At Stockholm They SleepHovetStockholmSwedenFLACJamminJ
Slayer2006-11-16Stockholm (FM)FLACJamminJ
The Doors1968-09-20UntitledKonserthusetStockholmSwedenFLACGroovinpict
The Doors1968-xx-xxLittle GamesStockholmSwedenSHNGroovinpict
The Firm1984-11-29Untitled (clone2)(KRW_CO)Gota LejonStockholmSwedenFLACFloridian
Toto1988-03-29Da Pinga Jam SessionStockholmSwedenDVDsundeep
U21992-06-11UntitledGlobe ArenaStockholmSwedenFLACCygnals
Weather Report1976-01-07UntitledStockholmSwedenFLACCygnals
48 recordings were found in the Echoes Hub Database when searching for 'Stockholm'

Showing records [ 1 to 48 ] Last Page

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