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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Toto
  • 2007-03-14
  • Untitled
  • Apollo Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Manchester
  • N/A
  • England
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • sundeep
  • 20th of September 2008
  • TOTO_APOLLO THEATRE, MANCHESTER 2007_03_14 (AUD) Running Time 126 minutes Size- 692mb Recording Lineage & Notes - Sony MZ-NH1 Hi-MD Recorder (Hi-MD Mode), home made lapel mounted cardoid mics, greenmachine battery box>USB to PC>Converted to wav in SonicStage v4.0>track split and converted to FLAC in CD Wave Editor. Recorded from ROW c in the stalls, towards the right of stage (Leland Sklar's side) Show notes- Well, here was a surprise. As the doors were opening tonight, I was just jumping into the shower in preparation for a session watching the footy on the box. The the phone rang and my mate was on the other end- his wife couldn't go to Toto and did I fancy it? 30 minutes later, I'm outside waiting for him to arrive with the tickets...and what tickets- 3rd row from the front-I'd never taped this close up before! Not only that, the security people were watching every like hawks, so I couldn't put the mics where I normally do - I had to keep them just inside my shirt... so I wasn't hopeful that it would record came out great!! FOH sound was a bit off for the first two or three tunes- Luke's guitar was almost lost, but when it got sorted, it was excellent. As ever share freely, and convert this to whatever you want for your own listening pleasures, but please only share it in lossless format. mp3 sample will be attached Setlist I'll correct this tomorrow- this is the basic tour setlist, but I think there are some diffferences to this (Certainly not this order)- I just wanted to get this up and seeding before hitting the sack! Falling in between, King of the world, Pamela, Bottom of your soul, Caught in the balance, Make believe/Hold the line, -Accoustic- Stop loving you, I'll be over you, Cruel, I will remember -Greg solo- Rosanna -Medley- Let it go, Endless, Isolation, Gift of faith, Kingdom of desire -Luke solo- Hydra -Simon solo- Taint your world, I won't hold you back, Goodbye girl Home of the brave, Africa. TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1401.flac:247739276891c506d2336b1543dd8ced TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1402.flac:35dbd32c1c4c1cca058dc548bc973373 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1403.flac:b721d468e91190022b432e44db8b001a TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1404.flac:d8b8ac4ade99ff0d3d605e99624186fd TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1405.flac:c419df60039ef8f5cf7edf8a6750deea TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1406.flac:bb96fd869dde577d0b2136775805d467 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1407.flac:5d97a6090bdfda38c991a7a87cf11742 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1408.flac:4793e5b14235407cc2c474885cb5d9be TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1409.flac:f54062b70854e8e63a69aeb10364f471 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1410.flac:733f24a8e12e985bf9e78711043d057f TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1411.flac:b293242cf313c65ef8786506ef941fc6 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1412.flac:c866110ee1281eec1e168fe332adc781 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1413.flac:7046f1dd84b5a3e9ad7ce67f499541aa TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1414.flac:b3c7016619a116f46d6e0ff54c5353d5 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1415.flac:b9ca1af8ab075245b01e54b3f95246a1 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1416.flac:b59c57033e4ae5e2a439d7ee1e8d7d6b TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1417.flac:6e74e9821122601326aa9e81925ee8c2 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1418.flac:354236bbf8a479e2515ad3df320d2386 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1419.flac:fab7dff2e0739a241d8a985e7886c914 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1420.flac:267d0f7df225454aa020dfb5b8688c72 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1421.flac:4b45020100875e461d6e92b43c0dc7f8 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1422.flac:3c4287bffc27cee51b84805e0feb382e TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1423.flac:13e119fcedb4c5a72eaed0b75e414cd0 TOTO_MCR_2007_03_1424.flac:0872c0bd929f35c0c8218615654a32b3