Selected: Pink Floyd - Nothing But The Blues - 1970--1980

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  • 1970--1980
  • Nothing But The Blues
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  • 22nd of September 2008
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  • Pink Floyd "Nothing But The Blues" Various Dates and Venues I have always been fascinated with the seemingly impromptu "Blues' numbers that the Floyd started playing mostly as encores in early 1970 so I decided to put togehter a "Compilation" of the "Best Sounding" and "Rarest" versions I could find. This is by no means every "Blues" they did but the ones I feel standout for either Quality or Rarity... Being a rabid Floyd Fan but by no means a "Floydophile" I would welcome any comments and additions to the ones I have on these Two CD's... The first refernce I have seen for Pink Floyd playing the"Blues" is on the ROIO "Mothers-Birmingham" March 8,1970 but there is some debate wether this roio is even from this date. I have never been able to obtain it to listen to the "Blues" encore on it to give my opinion. The first date that the "Blues" was officialy played acording to the PF-DB is March 13,1970 and is included here as the first track on Disc I "Technische Universitat Blues" and was played at the Konzert Saal, Technische Universitat West Berlin,Germany. The Last Date(other than Montreal-1977) the "Blues" was played acording to the PF-DB was December 1,1972 at the Palais des Sports de L'ile de la Jatte,Saint Ouen,France and is included here as Track 7 on Disc 2 "Saint Ouen Blues" and is one of the rare times the "Blues" was not played as an encore. I would especialy welcome any and all information as to when the "Blues" was truly first played,and last played,why they started playing it,why they stiopped playing it and any other comments by the Floyd themselves and "Floydophiles" as well that are related to the "Blues" by Pink Floyd. I want to especialy thank the collector(who wishes to remain anonymous)who provided me with "Montreal Matrix Blues" (His Remaster) and the unreleased 1st generation "Santa Monica Blues"...a true "Blues" Rarity Thanks... futura Disc One 79:19 1-01 Technische Universitat Blues 1-02 Rotterdam Blues 1-03 Montreaux 12 Bar Blues 1-04 Montreaux More Blues 1-05 Montreaux Slow Blues 1-06 Offenbach Blues 1-07 Berlin Blues 1-08 Copenhagen Blues 1-09 Paris Cinema Blues 1-10 Santa Monica Blues 1-11 San Diego Blues 1-12 Cleveland Blues Disc Two 75:49 2-01 Rainbow Theatre 18 Blues 2-02 Rainbow Theater 19 Blues 2-03 Rainbow Theatre 20 Blues 2-04 Boston Blues 2-05 Wembley Blues 2-06 Detroit Blues 2-07 St. Ouen Blues 2-08 Montreal Matrix Blues 2-09 Los Angeles Last Few Bricks Blues#1 2-10 Los Angeles Last Few Bricks Blues#2 Lineage:These are copies of the text files that accompanied each of these "Blues" Versions when I downloaded them. I have left the entire set list intact wherever it was included in the original text file. Disc One 1-01 Technische Universitat Blues Richard, Are You Ready Yet? Konzert Saal, Technische Universitat, West Berlin March 13, 1970 Set List disc 1 01 Astronomy Domine 02 Careful With That Axe, Eugene 03 Cymbaline 04 A Saucerful Of Secrets disc 2 01 Embryo 02 Interstellar Overdrive (edit or skip at 5:00) 03 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 04 Richard, Are You Ready Yet? (RW speaking) 05 Atom Heart Mother 06 Blues This Revision has had the levels boosted by 12dB, a few clicks and pops removed and some edits to the ends and beginnings of songs for better indexing. This was done using Cool Edit 2000 on Sep 03, 2003 by kingjollytrouser. 1-02 Rotterdam Blues Grote Zaal, De Doelen Rotterdam, Netherlands November 7, 1970 Source: very good audience recording Lineage: original silver CDs -> EAC (V0.95 prebeta 4) -> wav -> mkw (V0.97 beta 1) -> shn Taped by: - Transfered by: - Bootleg Title: \"Remergence\", Highland HL204/205 1-03 Montreaux 12 Bar Blues 1-04 Montreaux More Blues 1970-11-21 - Montreux Casino. Montreaux,Switzerland Disc 1: 1. Astronomy Domine 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Atom Heart Floyd Disc 2: 1. Cymbaline 2. Embryo 3. 12 Bar Blues 4. More Blues Source: SBD > ?? > CDR 1-05 Montreaux Slow Blues 1970-11-22 Montreux Casino. Montreaux,Switzerland 1-06 Offenbach Blues Pictures of Pink Floyd Restoration Project [Speed Corrected] Blues are actually from February 26 1971- Stadthalle, Offenbach, West Germany Records were played on a Technics Sl-1200MK2 turntable, using a Layla 3G console directly into a Dell computer. There was no sound card used during the recording process (the Layla generates a virtual card). Music recording was directly processed by Sound Forge 6.0. Too much high-quality percussion existed within the recordings to use a vinyl restoration suite. A digital spot remover was used manually to remove the larger clicks and crackles, then an automatic remover was used afterwards. Results were real-time compared with the raw wav file, both by monitoring from the computer, and by auditioning a test-pressing on a home-theatre system. Unfortunately, there was a major flaw found in the vinyl on side one at around the 5:15 mark. That was 'jiggled' as much as possible after rerecording the entire side and starting over. A small amount of noise reduction was used on all record sides. Fortunately, the lowest level of the sound recording is way above the lowest level of surface noise. A sample was made of "dead space", both before and after the recording. The lower volume level was used to remove noise. No EQ of any sort was used. Engineered by Doinker in his "studio" from the original vinyl, all subsequent actions done in a group meeting with other crazy people during the week of March 6, 2006. Pictures of Pink Floyd Restoration Project originally released by Doinker speed correction by blokhead Doinker's FLACs > WAV > SC > WAV > FLAC The entire album was running slightly fast. blokhead 1-07 Berlin Blues "Vierundzwanzig Teile Von Nichts" Berliner Sportpalast 05june1971 Harvested CDR029 1-08 Copenhagen Blues "Northern Old Sun" 1971, September 23rd Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark 1-09 Paris Cinema Blues Paris Cinema, London, England 1971-09-30 Meddled Harvested CDR 001 1-10 Santa Monica Blues 1st generation cassette Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Santa Monica, Ca. 16 October, 1971 The person I received this from wrote: The blues jam is not the encore (as it's incorectly placed on "The Eye Of Agamotto" ROIO and all other subsequent ROIO's), I have a newspaper clipping of the next days review which proves it. Here is the correct setlist: Careful With That Axe, Eugene Fat Old Sun Embryo Cymbaline Blues Echoes A Saucerful Of Secrets Set The Controls Atom Heart Mother How do I know all this? I met the taper of this show in 1985 and received the tapes from him personally, not through the mail. My guess is that all the copies of this show come from my source, which I also guess is the only 1st generation copy that exists. The track you have from this show is the only track ever released digitally from my copy. The Boys were about to play Echoes when Wright's keyboards break down. The whistling is the crowd tiring from the delay in the repairs. Roger says something which I can not hear, then they begin the Blues Jam without Wright. Wright joins when the keyboards are fixed and they end the song....... This piece is NOT the encore, as shown on every other setlist. The setlist that everyone assumes is 10-16-71 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is incorrect but in a strange way. CD1 01 Careful With That Axe, Eugene + tuning 14:15 02 Fat Old Sun 16:22 03 Set The Controls + tuning 15:29 04 Atom Heart Mother 17:13 05 Embryo 13:10 CD2 01 tuning + Cymbaline 14:54 02 Echoes + tuning 30:21 03 A Saucerful Of Secrets + tuning 20:50 04 Blues 5.52 The first 2 tracks are in order, correctly. Tracks 3&4 are in correct order but misplaced in the setlist. Embryo & Cymbaline are in correct order but span the 2 discs. 2 other tracks are in correct order but again are misplaced in the setlist. My conclusions: 1: The person who did this bootleg(Eye of Agamotto) is an idiot. 2: At the time this recording was released only 74 minute CDs were available and the songs were re arranged to fit that format. If that was done there should be a note of some kind because everyone now believes this is the setlist for this show. 3: Because the blues jam exists and not knowing the reason it was played that person just assumed the blues jam was the encore.........only because it was in the past and in later shows. Then, from that assumtion, they felt the licence to interpret the remainder of the setlist. Quote from the Los Angeles Times review .... "....the obstinate passive resistance of keyboardist Rick Wright's Leslie unit caused interminable ( and insufficiently explained) delays of the first local performance of "Echoes".......A potentionaly interesting note is that the rather embarassing blues jam by Gilmour and rythm section, while Wright reprimanded his gadgets, earned as much applause as any piece before "Echoes". That's 35-1/2 year old proof that the blues jam comes before " Echoes" and throws the entire setlist into question. I'd have to check but I also think there are no gaps in the recording between Cymbaline and the Blues Jam. 1-11 San Diego Blues "New Mown Grass" PinkRoioShn-CDR-008 (PRS-CDR-008) 1971.10.17 Convention Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA lineage: cass[M] > cass[1] > Hi-Fi > DAT[2] > shn @ 16bit/48khz > TLH > wav > Adobe Audition 1.5 (speed and pitch correction) > cd wav (cutting tracks and flac conversion) > flac @ 16bit/48khz 1-12 Cleveland Blues Emerson Gym, Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio, USA November 6, 1971 ROIO Title:"Reserved" Source: Audience Recording Lineage: SonyTC55 > cass[M] > CDR(?) > SHN DISC 1 1. The Embryo [13:08] 2. Fat Old Sun [16:12] 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun [15:05] 4. Atom Heart Mother [18:31] DISC 2 1. One Of These Days [9:50] 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene [14:12] 3. Cymbaline [13:02] 4. Echoes [28:56] 5. Blues [8:25] Total Length: 137:21 Mins Notes: This is not the FRP release, but according to the information I have it is exactly the same source. Disc Two: 2-01 Rainbow Theatre 18 Blues 1972/02/18 - Rainbow Theatre, London, England (SHN)" 03 Blues + applause + audience demanding STC, IO, AD etc.. 11:02 NOTE: I have edited out most of the nearly 5 minutes of the Applause at the end from this track to make this fit on one CD...Track 2-01 is now 6:20 "Complete recording of the 18 Feb. date at the Rainbow Theatre ' 72 (second night at the Rainbow) it includes tuneups, Waters comments and audience appreciation. The sound quality is excellent, the performance is more than pleasurable and the audience sounds really warm Waters introduces Careful as a "Golden Oldie" (or something like that) Part of the audience was present the first night at the Rainbow too for sure, since they seem to know well the setlist (requesting loudly for songs) except for Blues that was not performed the first night and that left the audience speechless first and then enthusiastic 2-02 Rainbow Theater 19 Blues Rainbow Theatre London, England February 19th 1972 All Sources: ACL2005>CDR>EAC>FLAC Source1: The Rainbow Volumes 3 (ACR-019) SHN DL Source2: End Of The Rainbow (Moonwalk Part2) FLAC DL The main purpose of this project was to combine the two incomplete sources for this important concert date to create one complete show. Source 1 was speed corrected, channels balanced, and overall level increased. Very slight de-hiss at the very top combined with slight EQ changes at high end in attempt to bring some music out with no net change in hiss level. No changes for Source 2 except inserting additional audience segment from Source 1 at the end of Echoes and removed one bump and a harsh tape start. More details in the notes below. Enjoy. DISC 1: 65:48 Breathe (fades in) 0:58 On The Run 6:17 Time 5:59 Breathe (Reprise) 1:02 The Mortality Sequence 4:39 Money 7:28 Us And Them 6:54 Any Colour You Like 4:32 Brain Damage 4:06 Eclipse 3:07 One Of These Days 10:37 Careful With That Axe Eugene 13:02 DISC 2: 63:22 Echoes 26:21 A Saucerful Of Secrets 15:49 Second Cud (Blues) 8:09 Set The Controls 13:01 Total 129:10 For Free Trade Only - Not For Sale Little Pieces Production (LLP) Artwork Layout By Little Pieces Notes: Source 1: The Rainbow Volumes 3 (ACR-019) has decent fidelity but also a very high level of hiss. In almost all cases, I strongly discourage the application of de-hissing. IMO, when the objective is to reduce the hiss it almost always diminishes the recording. My objective was to pull some highs out without increasing the net hiss. I started by creating a new base level of +3.5db since the level was a bit low. Then I applied a very slight de-hiss at the very top combined with slight reduction at the high end with EQ. This allowed me to boost 2-3db in the 2-10khz range in attempt to bring some music out with no net change in hiss level. These various steps were all done at very slight levels so as to not diminsh the music. Source 1: Speed corrected +2.0%, The Floyd were just beginning to play the Dark Side set at this point. They were still experimenting and feeling their way and it is sometimes hard during this period to get a handle on the correct speed, so I was conservative in my approach. Source 1: A few segments were boosted above the +3.5db base. The first 30 secs of "Breathe" was lower than the rest while the recorder was setting his equipment. "The Mortality Sequence" and the beginning of "Money" was low and buried in the hiss as well. The first 35 secs of "One Of These Days" was low as well. Source 1: The Dark Side set channels were balanced a bit. Left +1.2db, Right -1.2db. Source 1: a couple transitions and bumps were smoothed. Source 2: No changes for Source 2 except inserting additional audience segment from Source 1 at the end of Echoes and removed one bump and a harsh tape start. 2-03 Rainbow Theatre 20 Blues Best Of the Rainbow -REVISION- Date: Feb 20,1972 Location: Rainbow Theatre, London label: happy Pig Comments: This is my revision to my old version. the intro is still from Rainbow Vol 4, the main source is the Soundboard though some call it Aud?. this sbd is taken from Best Of Tour 72"original Master series". there is no change in the bass boosting, its the same as the original best of the rainbow. here is whats different. the patching on Time and US & Them is from a new Master>MD aud recording. the rest of the concert is also from Master>MD source. only volume amplification and speed correction has been done to Aud source. my old version was not speedcorrected cuz i didnt know how then. 2-04 Boston Blues BOSTON MUSIC HALL BOSTON, MA MAY 4, 1972 JOE MALONEY MASTER RECORDING AM>WAV>FLAC Another Joe Maloney master recording on DIME. Presented to you un-altered. No EQ. Disc one: 1: Intro/Speak to me 2: Breath 3: On the Run 4: Time 5: Great gig in the sky 6: Money 7: Us and them 8: Any Color you like 9: Brain Damage/Eclipse (part one-flip) Disc two: 1: Brain Damage/Eclipse (cont) 2: One of these days 3: Careful with that axe, Eugene 4: Echoes (flip) 5: Blues 2-05 Wembley Blues Wembley Empire Pool Middlesex, England (benefit for War on Want) October 21, 1972 the sound quality is very good and it should come from 3rd generation tape, no hiss is detectable ... I do prefer the sound of A Benefit For War On Want though, even if a tad hissy. -littlesheep 2-06 Detroit Blues "War with Pandora" Sound Quality Scale (G+ VG- VG VG+ EX- EX EX+ SUP- SUP) SQ Rating: VG+ Vinyl Source EX- PB Source Bonus tracks Ford Auditorium Detroit Michigan April 27th 1972 All Sources: ACL2005>CDR>EAC>FLAC Source1: "War In The Head LP" FLAC: Declicked/Decrackled, Speed Corrected, Level Adjusted, Track Order Corrected Source2: "Pandoras Box" Silver: Speed Corrected -2.7%, Upgrade Bonus Tracks: STC and Blues. "War In The Head" was generally rated VG to VG/VG+, primarily because it was a raw rip from no better than average condition Vinyl. Though often a bit thin and sometimes shrill, it has pretty strong fidelity, but is full of vinyl artifacts, e.g. snap, crackle, pop, static etc. the usual. Also many level fluctuations, mostly drop offs of various amounts throughout the whole recording. Also, IMO, the speed was off on the Dark Side set and on some of the second set as well. Finally the track order of the second set was incorrect. IMHO, though the vinyl source is still a bit rough, after the adjustments this version is much more listenable now and the Bonus tracks from "Pandoras Box" from this date are nice upgrades to the other sources from this date. The PB bonus tracks on disc 2 can be placed before their vinyl counterparts if one chooses with no transition issues. Enjoy. DISC 1: 77:00 Breathe (fades in) 2:04 On The Run 4:32 Time 5:55 Breathe (Reprise) 1:05 The Mortality Sequence 3:45 Money 6:27 Us And Them 7:46 Any Colour You Like (fades out) 5:00 One Of These Days 8:23 Careful With That Axe Eugene 11:09 Echoes 20:48 DISC 2: 41:47 Set The Controls 11:51 Blues (fades in) 8:52 Set The Controls (PB Source) 12:05 Blues (PB Source)(fades in) 8:58 Total 118:47 For Free Trade Only - Not For Sale Little Pieces Production (LLP) Artwork Layout By Little Pieces Notes: Used a vinyl declicker and decrackler and removed/reduced dozens of the louder remaining pops manually. Though some remain and there are still some chunky sections, like some quiet sections and "Blues", the overall "vinylness" has been reduced about 70%. Speed Corrected The Dark Side and Echoes +2.5%, they were audibly dragging. I addressed the Variable levels by starting with a new base of +5db. Then I identified more than twenty segments that levels dropped off and boosted them additionally til they matched the adjacent segments. There were a couple segments, particularly "Blues", where the levels were reduced below the new base of +5db. Though not perfect, still a big improvement in volume continuity which makes for a much more pleasurable listen. EQ was only used on segments requiring significant level boosting so that their sound qualities would match the surrounding segments as they passed from one to another. The only EQ used for "musical reasons" was on about 40% of "Echoes". Even after adjusting the levels a portion sounded noticeably drab compared to the rest, so the highs were boosted slightly so it matched the rest of the track better. **NO Dehissing was used anywhere** Also removed the micro spaces between each track and removed some of the excess vinyl portions between the tracks on the second set for smoother transitions. "Pandoras Box" Bonus tracks, "Set The Controls.." and "Blues" were a bit fast. Speed corrected -2.7%. 2-07 St. Ouen Blues Rememberance Of Things Past Date: 1st December 1972 04 Blues ** Recorded on 1 Dec 1972 at Palais des Sports, St Ouen, France Location: Palais des Sports de Llle de la Jatte, St Ouen, France Source: Soundboard/Radio(?) Track taken from roio release 1972-04-28 Eclipse - A Piece For Assorted Lunatics Rev A The Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois USA Released: Harvested Records [HRV CDR 004] Source: AUD[LOW]>SHN Rating: EX/VG+ 2-08 Montreal Matrix Blues Last Performance of the Animals Tour July 6, 1977, Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, Canada Matrix Info: Source 1: Master > DAT(2) > Amadeus > MacFlac > Flac Source 2: Unknown > Shn ( From "Azimuth Coordinator" Pt. 2 ) Source 3: 2nd generation cassette > Kyocera D-801 (azimuth adjusted) > Sony Sound Forge 8.0 > SB X-Fi Platinum > Wave Sources 1 + 2 converted to Wave using DBpoweramp > All Sources > Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0 > SB X-Fi Platinum > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Traders Little Helper > Flac Source 2 ends midway during the track. Source 3 ends just as Mason strikes the final drum beat This is the show where Roger finally had enough of the huge, wild audiences of the stadium concerts. After ridiculing them with profanity, he later spits in the face one of the more unruly fans. This total estrangement between the band and the audience is what Roger claims gave him the inspiration for the Wall. 2-09 Los Angeles Last Few Bricks Blues#1 Original source: Azimuth Coordinator vol3 CD This Source: "Antiques and Curios" rare live performances and other strangeness produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin' Dogs. The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [8:16] LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1980 I could write a book on this 'song', but i won't. This is the last piece of new music from the 4-man lineup, the extra jam played on the first night of the Wall tour. It's a variation on an instrumental version of breathe (hmm, sound familiar?), was probably 'written' by dave gilmour, as he was the 'music director' for the shows, and i'll bet it was rehearsed once or twice. Often assumed to be a one-time improv jam to cover a lag in the stage show, it was infact played again the next night. 2-10 Los Angeles Last Few Bricks Blues#2 Originalsource: A Little Black Book With my Poems In CD-R remastered from LP This Source: "Antiques and Curios" rare live performances and other strangeness produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin' Dogs The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [3:16] LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 1980 ...and this is the other performance. It's a different arrangement, and about half as long as the night before. A true gem; performance-wise, I like this one better. but the sound quality is not as nice as the other. I didn't do the vinyl 'remastering' on this one, and there is too much noise reduction for my taste. Although these last two are Technicaly not "Blues"versions as we know them, I feel that as they are very Bluesy and IMHO that they are indeed the Last Time the Floyd played the "Blues"... Thanks go out to all the Tapers over the years and everyone who shared these gems in their original or remastered versions... All were gathered from strictly Lossless sites such as Dime and Yeeshkul so please share freely but do not convert to Lossy Formats such as MP3... I have done my best to provide as much Info on Lineage as I could but more is always welcome and will be added to the description as found... Enjoy!!! futura