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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Roger Waters
  • 2007-04-27
  • The Ruler of the Globes
  • Globen
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Stockholm
  • N/A
  • Sweden
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Excellent
  • Groovinpict
  • 27th of August 2008
  • Band: Roger Waters Date: 2007-04-27 Titel: The Ruler of the Globes Venue: Globen, Stockholm, Sweden Label: Hommage Productions Source: Audience Lineage: SP-CMC-8->Zoom H4->Sound Forge (Track-split) ->FLAC Quality: 5-/5 size: ~ 900 MB Artwork included Setlist och MD5 checksums:# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer ( # Generated 2007-04-28 22:01:46 Artwork: 1a60f4a5f8b4e332fcbf3831b0716b86 *Artwork/2007-04-27 - Back.jpg 0423fca630e6923b37977ed9202be603 *Artwork/2007-04-27 - Front.jpg CD1: 367a94a925b65f753307011f453b1a13 *Cd1/1-01 - Intro.flac f576e56bbfe04fa79bbcc691ac7a48ff *Cd1/1-02 - In the flesh.flac 34578ad73a80f7d2eeaea181da3b622a *Cd1/1-03 - Mother.flac 5aefc25c756991be2793d816dd0c0289 *Cd1/1-04 - Set the controls for the heart of the sun.flac fe9606f8e675adb8ca89e002680f7148 *Cd1/1-05 - Shine on you Crazy Diamond.flac cae8c2b0b034232de5ab3a2fc0381a2c *Cd1/1-06 - Have a cigar.flac 6d370fff70c84b8e43c5006993bca00f *Cd1/1-07 - Wish you were here.flac aa6e703baa4f005f43b0168009136eee *Cd1/1-08 - Southampton Dock.flac 176d55544d252e478cda4b286b1c53b8 *Cd1/1-09 - The Fletcher memorial home.flac 55cae0f8f46730399eff64834e6a07a3 *Cd1/1-10 - Perfect sense Part 1.flac 6fc99bc731c82db3cbc9d003fa162441 *Cd1/1-11 - Perfect sense Part 2.flac a60c71767111e67f9b64ad41ea4453db *Cd1/1-12 - Leaving Beirut intro.flac 9008d9036db217d846c5c4788a8ac7a4 *Cd1/1-13 - Leaving Beirut.flac f2aca3a15b43cc98c583e47a2acda90a *Cd1/1-14 - Sheep.flac Time: 79:32 CD2: 366c157a0cff8651ddd38ddd0d8fede9 *Cd2/2-01 - Speak to me.flac 826428718af3034381fdba73d4dbbf04 *Cd2/2-02 - Breathe.flac 54dd5fd4c8dd838d463cdbec80183f54 *Cd2/2-03 - On the run.flac 65c0b60ae613ffb0d8581443cae7009d *Cd2/2-04 - Time.flac be218f24dbd61b2d4d07da082fd688c7 *Cd2/2-05 - Breathe (reprise).flac 5dd310bb813422752c8d5200ab1d9574 *Cd2/2-06 - The great gig in the sky.flac 6745dfa9e9c437274b4553655240c0a1 *Cd2/2-07 - Money.flac 6d98adcffb03f10d6cea9e30a1c9aa04 *Cd2/2-08 - Us and them.flac dfcce5edaac41d3e5f1c288bf4dc8633 *Cd2/2-09 - Any colour you like.flac 550597b622daaf26ae1a4f32ebb2ee22 *Cd2/2-10 - Brain damage.flac 4307b253eac6195c02504913e1de42f4 *Cd2/2-11 - Eclipse.flac 276b5df9161dcb653af5447c74f0837f *Cd2/2-12 - Band introduction.flac 75b69cb8c064a59eeda9f09499a8c85c *Cd2/2-13 - The happiest days of our lives.flac acb02eae6cdb47053b6579cda4df24d7 *Cd2/2-14 - Another brick in the wall Part 2.flac b230b59c954c5c637ca5d345c5815263 *Cd2/2-15 - Vera.flac cbd23ab0a8c2d7032bb1bbffdc4b889e *Cd2/2-16 - Bring the boys back home.flac d0d3654018cf526baa333647be653403 *Cd2/2-17 - Comfortably numb.flac Time: 66:00 Comments: Woow! I have no words (yet) to describe this expirience. I'll hope this recording will speak for itself :-) In the second set I walked to my seat during "Speak to me" (drunken disordernaly) but it sounds good anyway I think. During "Mother" some drunk stupid idiot shouts noooooooo :-) That bastard was me and a can't understand why swedes don't scream with me. My theory is that they go to a show and they don't understand the lyrics... or are we just comfortably numbed?! Hope you'll like this recording! I love it! /HP