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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Rush
  • 2008-04-25
  • Snakes & Arrows Ya'll
  • Ampitheater
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Dallas
  • TX
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • sundeep
  • 12th of October 2008
  • Rush - 2008-04-25 - Dallas, TX - "Snakes & Arrows Ya'll" Taper: TexasKnight Notes from Rosc (rosc2112 at yahoo com) Received from TexasKnight, June 3, 2008 Ripped with (Linux) 'cdparanoia -B' (batch mode.) Compressed with 'flac -8 --sector-align' Burned with cdrecord & Xcdroast. The sound is very clear in the mid & high freqs. There is a bit of chatter, some wind noise (or is that thunder?), and bass is not very prominent, but a good EQ can make up for that. But then, I was listening with headphones, which aren't very strong in the bass department. Overall, a very good record of this evening's show. Geddy expresses his appreciation for the Texas audience many times throughout. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Artwork is on the way, I'll post when it's available (it'll be on DRE eventually too.) Kudos and Thanks to TexasKnight, for the time and effort of capturing and sharing with us! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes from DRE: Name: Snakes And Arrows Ya'll Catalog: Texas Knight Recording: 2114 Source: Audience Master DAT Location: Ampitheater, Dallas, Texas, USA Comments from Texasknight (Audio rating - 8.5) Recorded from middle of section 202 on a windy night. Great show. Had been to see them in Austin 2 nights before but didnt record, and the Dallas crowd was MUCH more into the show than the fans in Austin. The wind carries the sound away at times and other times the beer drinkers going back and forth in front of me dull the sound a bit, but otherwise a pretty nice recording. Recorded using Sony DAT TCD-8 with Soundpro CMC-20 Cardoid Mics with a bass roll-off unit. Extracted and mastered using Goldwave and Exact Audio Copy. (2008-04-30) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: ---------- Disk 1: 01: Intro 02: Limelight 03: Digital Man 04: Ghost of a Chance 05: Mission 06: Free Will 07: The Main Monkey Business 08: Bob & Doug McKenzie / The Larger Bowl 09: Red Barchetta 10: The Trees 11: Between the Wheels 12: Dreamline Disk 2: 01: Intro (What's that smell?) 02: Far Cry 03: Workin Them Angels 04: Armor & Sword / Spindrift 05: The Way the Wind Blows 06: Subdivisions 07: Natural Science 08: Witch Hunt 09: Malignant Narcissism 10: Drum Solo Disk 3: 01: Hope 02: Spirit of Radio 03: 2112 (Overture, Temples) 04: South Park Intro - Tom Sawyer -=- Encore -=- 05: One Little Victory (small cut at beginning) 06: A Passage to Bangkok 07: YYZ - Outro MD5sums: Flac: da5d28b2702e44ce56559593e5e760fd d1/track01.flac d4e359c0f370996048404f392cb8c99c d1/track02.flac eb901d0f2840a612717e4c8a7fc87f0d d1/track03.flac cf2da42a5e539e50e9720d403e9d3236 d1/track04.flac 61c227f526d128095e8d86b50421c1b4 d1/track05.flac 1e6a368ad0f9f67c7db5f77faf14ffca d1/track06.flac d9f718be79f2a7d89bb3ce8baee7ae7b d1/track07.flac fcd1828fcaea6ea42f5dae19ab6e7502 d1/track08.flac 5293756f11d9537d3c3ce1eb619bef3e d1/track09.flac c7f921143cb64e69004806e7d5e00911 d1/track10.flac 293567e776c9ff9744146fa2d502e9da d1/track11.flac fc0281476a9b8cf91330f9ad61050585 d1/track12.flac faf3f59f9c3f778d9f4be0cec6a26074 d2/track01.flac 656ad7602eed4a18a95fe48c93fd7688 d2/track02.flac f24f334831a3e7bb753f4ff5b535d378 d2/track03.flac faff9cad48b47e0a0b1ded5fd0466219 d2/track04.flac 3dc3e2f4d7e7e54a9d88bc895722e7aa d2/track05.flac 2d8d7928de0fc05fe072f473f5a11ac6 d2/track06.flac 71825c9842b5c23f832387870f124b19 d2/track07.flac 309aca2bb97f2a2707d3b8091fc6b2f8 d2/track08.flac 2d1415ce5cab1c6a294abbd08a99fbdd d2/track09.flac 4412db3860d7cd2593003287f6c33cc4 d2/track10.flac b80347a56bf2e54143763427063a7426 d3/track01.flac b6e7b56324694b6d357e275f2aa40b09 d3/track02.flac 23f58edd48599e52e248c15598a871b4 d3/track03.flac acc1d50da38cd637f7fc505d0a83e586 d3/track04.flac ceba1e54272c11f33def83edf9047245 d3/track05.flac 8f5ecfee53cd469465ec24f36359a20f d3/track06.flac cf14214a8b792abed449114bf50a5f33 d3/track07.flac Wav: 091c278cd7c46504471c17e9084281d9 d1/track01.wav 916d992f167965cec7fa4f209613ef43 d1/track02.wav b9d3ecc8d655430040207b9f3ac0a30e d1/track03.wav 75ace502386170613b1b587b189c4e41 d1/track04.wav ec0a3240d7ed557661dda1bdc22a7310 d1/track05.wav d775e9deacc510885c0b4d1fd5faf478 d1/track06.wav f347b48d3eb43853f81e2ab1ec95277d d1/track07.wav 0a14765bd0c5bba60ec34a3fdb6905ca d1/track08.wav 97f17a065e0778d2ccf338556a3ec864 d1/track09.wav 66877366292ac2fb2c4790787602430c d1/track10.wav 7644927a7a5f583c70701434dd83c6ae d1/track11.wav 94c0d47225b8f694d7027960a65b1bcd d1/track12.wav 7228b11589fd13f4a78784ddded13b68 d2/track01.wav 6cfdc3a6eedac8da84c7b61426ed5307 d2/track02.wav e97fbb286167c8095464ab7f74b2a8fa d2/track03.wav d4a3fad6af77e20a010dc454c0924299 d2/track04.wav 6b69ed609a533cf20ca4ac893c2c5b7a d2/track05.wav c7d5f7f04a7f2e352bec0d000ef47c37 d2/track06.wav d8dea10b0117d7396b8db61bc6d26c06 d2/track07.wav bcd7e345894405d74b40dab1d8390fe8 d2/track08.wav 93db7095f1311475e018c30e97b9c643 d2/track09.wav 8a83b61b817ace49ac7179adbd22f79e d2/track10.wav 68fa610fe1f363ccfe1e916aeacc955a d3/track01.wav d95a2d6529125f4ba58090c7f03eba59 d3/track02.wav f746be345e89d10f62e52ca690f59245 d3/track03.wav 0bbc5aab77ddf4f887d7e8faa0b97f72 d3/track04.wav 12f220fa488a67240c7f6ae58d6ac03c d3/track05.wav 9bceb26516368a898438be906b5a757a d3/track06.wav e36016100f8e3f49b2faffdd7f9dae81 d3/track07.wav