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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1988-08-17
  • Welcome To The Palace Pt 2
  • The Palace
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Auburn Hills
  • MI
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Excellent
  • logansdad
  • 13th of October 2008
  • PINK FLOYD-The Palace-Auburn Hills, Michigan 8.17.88 TITLE: "WELCOME TO THE Palace PT. 2" SET 1 1. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND 2. SIGNS OF LIFE 3. LEARNING TO FLY 4. DAVE SPEAKS TO AUDIENCE 5. YET ANOTHER MOVIE 6. A NEW MACHINE PT.1 7. TERMINAL FROST 8. A NEW MACHINE PT.2 9. SORROW PT.1 10.SORROW PT.2 (TAPE FLIP) 11.DOGS OF WAR 12.ON THE TURNING AWAY SET 2 13.ONE OF THESE DAYS 14.TIME 15.ON THE RUN 16.THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY 17.WISH YOU WERE HERE 18.WELCOME TO THE MACHINE 19.US AND THEM 20.MONEY pt. 1 21.MONEY pt. 2 (TAPE FLIP) 22.ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL 23.COMFORTABLY NUMB ENCORES: 24.ONE SLIP 25.RUN LIKE HELL DAK SHOTGUN MICS>SONY DC-6C CASSETTE DECK DOLBY C ON> MASTER>Sony CD/Cass deck TXD-RE210>connected to a SB XFI Platinum Audition 1.5 or CEP 2.1 to 32bit dvd> ADOBE AUDIO 2.0 CONVERTED TO 24 BIT>CDWAVE TRACK SPLITS CONVERT TO 16BIT FILES>FLAC FRONTEND 6 WITH VERIFY, ALIGN ON SECTOR BOUNDRIES.(CHECKED FOR ERRORS, NONE FOUND). I LENT OUT MY MASTERS AND RECIEVED DVD WITH THE RECORDING IN 32 BIT. I DO NOT HAVE ANY ART WORK FOR THIS RECORDING, FEEL FREE TO CREATE. THE RECORDING IS RATED AN EX BY OTHERS. THIS WILL BURN TO 2 DISCS IF TRACK 13 IS INCLUDED ON CD 1. THIS WAS THE 2ND OF 2 NIGHTS AT THE NEWLY OPENED PALACE. THIS BUILDING WAS CONSTRUCTED USING SOUND ABSORBING MATERIALS THROUGHOUT IT'S INTERIOR CONSTRUCTION, WHICH MADE FOR WONDERFUL ACOUSTICS FOR AN ARENA. LITTLE TO NO SOUND BOUNCINING AROUND. BUILT WITH CONCERTS IN MIND! ENJOY! DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, CONVERT TO LOSSEY FORMATS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, TRADE FREELY. ; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper ; generated on June 24, 2007, at 2:55 pm 8-17-88.01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond.flac:0302fb505511d64e2bf63f3362cd3b46 8-17-88.02 Signs Of Life.flac:26da6142de791cf160f4e39374766353 8-17-88.03 Learning To Fly.flac:fa77cf1b2b0595fe35faf508a9b18a70 8-17-88.04 Dave Speaks To The Audience.flac:d0bc26f8382e299240377e66e3337e65 8-17-88.05 Yet Another Movie.flac:c30a930ffb739d97d8a4740897f0da99 8-17-88.06 A New Machine Pt. 1.flac:a074998cff6f2d9b6abdbe1a1b2347bc 8-17-88.07 Terminal Frost.flac:e3e402bf8233bc466376b87862e17387 8-17-88.08 A New Machine Pt. 2.flac:a31c6f21fa0b7f1c632c3797ba8a1fac 8-17-88.09 Sorrow Pt. 1.flac:02c4ec8a032be67e3c56731f1411d7d3 8-17-88.10 Sorrow Pt. 2.flac:4e9342466fd71d5f824befb84966e09c 8-17-88.11 Dogs Of War.flac:0f3ec883a2d00be557416c2ed2e1ff50 8-17-88.12 On The Turning Away.flac:c16feb6ad389da5ef8bab738d249c9a4 8-17-88.13 One Of These Days.flac:394d49de75dba1795b6d72bc8bddad04 8-17-88.14 Time.flac:d3d313b5a9b74ad4723bfb59e6fa19d0 8-17-88.15 On The Run.flac:71b654834f504d40684dbb76495c33e3 8-17-88.16 The Great Gig In The Sky.flac:971c3c4217edbf8b21f2441e0bf1eb63 8-17-88.17 Wish You Were Here.flac:07aa40d7d12b6e4233d5bd4a0ee8ee02 8-17-88.18 Welcome To The Machine.flac:fc44a8dab6c7076deb8b08b2e496a2a4 8-17-88.19 Us And Them.flac:bdd4bde24d4cb7fad7b8713d1b595693 8-17-88.20 Money Pt. 1.flac:aeeccf11a6125610f336a1319f971f87 8-17-88.21 Money Pt. 2.flac:a2b9314ecc3fddc117871c0e54a84d89 8-17-88.22 Another Brick In The Wall.flac:2c94a44e1b970a3d9286995e32210800 8-17-88.23 Comfortably Numb.flac:6d6465dc3ec37d566fa50fcf7dc536b2 8-17-88.24 One Slip.flac:fb9856bda9a584e0fe85abd24cd8de7f 8-17-88.25 Run Like Hell.flac:75a1fe0ad5f584122003177f89b9982a