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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1971-05-15
  • Crystal Echoes
  • Crystal Palace Bowl
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • London
  • N/A
  • England
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • MuabDib
  • 16th of October 2008
  • Pink Floyd Garden Party at the Crystal Palace Bowl London, UK May 15, 1971 Source: good to very good audience recording Lineage: original silver CDs -> EAC (V0.95 prebeta 4) -> wav -> mkw (V0.97 beta 1) -> shn Taped by: - Transfered by: - Bootleg Title: "Crystal Echoes", Highland HL662/663 File Size: 412 MB (SHN) Setlist: Disc 1: 1. Introduction 2. Atom Heart Mother 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 4. Fat Old Sun Running Time: 46'35" Disc 2: 1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing (Echoes) 2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 3. The Embryo Running Time: 49'37" MD5 Checksums: 8f03c84c10223a0022956b844abea28d *pf1971-05-15d1t01.shn 0cb5960a88c471ad0d7ba0cda00b8453 *pf1971-05-15d1t02.shn 779cfd0584f559c4e87f37ccb5bccc68 *pf1971-05-15d1t03.shn 49bbf4919683351366b1cc1f2f4c7e30 *pf1971-05-15d1t04.shn 09811c56a57f9b14f7f72daaee6a3e7b *pf1971-05-15d2t01.shn 27b939909a47540dce5cb65de57351dc *pf1971-05-15d2t02.shn f9922b3cc46a80020c8b22e7b1d6ba20 *pf1971-05-15d2t03.shn Shntool MD5 Checksums: 2b439c14319378c32f47d00132693356 [shntool] pf1971-05-15d1t01.wav 4cd41c693fbd6def21c0ef013b339ac8 [shntool] pf1971-05-15d1t02.wav b591dc6365c69a5973d5e44b31f4e107 [shntool] pf1971-05-15d1t03.wav cab19b3043cc8a76a9ab2b67413548b2 [shntool] pf1971-05-15d1t04.wav 06bc761d41275295323a22ae9122b51e [shntool] pf1971-05-15d2t01.wav 23a4a28a2f67a5edb4a6afea93116f2b [shntool] pf1971-05-15d2t02.wav b0515a2eb54ea7dd52c7cee8733ab5e9 [shntool] pf1971-05-15d2t03.wav Notes: I received this brand-new Highland release less than one week ago. I have never heard any of the other existing versions of this show. So, I don't know how they compare. The recoding isn't too bad, it just sounds rather distant and lacks a bit of power in the low end. Because this was the very first public performance of 'Echoes' (under the working title 'The Return Of The Son Of Nothing'), it was a very important gig. Therefore it is nice addition to any serious Pink Floyd collection. The last two songs ('A Saucerful Of Secrets' and 'Astronomy Domine') are missing, but there is no evidence that they ever got recorded. Credits: - ********************************************************************* * Terms of use: * * - Feel free to share or trade this recording with whoever you * * like. * * - Do neither re-flac/re-ape nor re-rip this recording from CD-R. * * If you want to share/trade it, keep this shn set as it is. * * - Do not sell this recording. * * - Do not encode this recording to mp3 (or other lossy formats) * * except for personal use. * *********************************************************************