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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Eric Johnson
  • 1991-04-05
  • A Moment In Time
  • San Jose Event Center
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • San Jose
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Very Good
  • Cygnals
  • 27th of October 2008
  • Title: Eric Johnson - "A Moment in Time" Live in San Jose, CA - April 5, 1991 - FROM MASTER Artist: Eric Johnson Venue: San Jose Event Center, SJSU Source: Master - Currently Un-circulated Copy Taper: Me :) Date: April 5, 1991 Lineage: Aiwa CassRec w/ Stereo T mic > Maxell XLII-100 > Denon DRM-600 > Cool Edit Pro > Nero > Flac Greets to all! Due to the new postings of some recent Eric Johnson shows I finally got around to authoring an old set from 1991 recorded in San Jose, CA. My Wife and I really enjoyed the show and were amazed at Eric's loose interaction with the crowd; he makes it look so easy and was really mellow! The setlist was great, be sure to check out "Wind Cries Mary" and the lengthy intro to "Cliffs of Dover", smooth and sweet! The sound is pretty clean considering the simple recording gear and fills an 80min CD right to the brim. No cuts or edits (besides the tape flip splice) were made to this and no ED was applied, this is directly from the master tape as-is. I like recordings that include the crowd noise during/between the encores and this includes it all, from lights out to the end! Enjoy, we did :) TheAmazingFan File size: 505MB Length: 79:54 Sorry, no artwork Eric Johnson - "A Moment in Time" Live in San Jose, CA - April 5, 1991 Setlist: 1. Crowd Noise / Tuning 2. Righteous 3. Forty Mile Town 4. Trademark 5. Tribute to Jerry Reed 6. High Landrons 7. Wind Cries Mary 8. S.R.V. 9. Nothing Can Keep Me From You 10. East Wes 11. Desert Rose 12 Cliffs of Dover (followed by crowd noise) First Encore: 13. Steve's Boogie 14. Zap (followed by crowd noise) Second Encore: 15. Pavilion Eric Johnson - 15 -Pavilion.flac:a9cadae826616ea095514d9d56d83ae4 Eric Johnson - 1-Crowd Noise Tuning.flac:4ecfd977ba91c9fff63c6a0d7be34949 Eric Johnson - 2-Righteous.flac:314d443a23db400cdce0af4c296b805b Eric Johnson - 3-Forty Mile Town.flac:eecda27eaad9eeff897d422e0d9ed353 Eric Johnson - 4-Trademark.flac:fad85b7acda1512576fe593be3ec4238 Eric Johnson - 5-Tribute to Jerry Reed.flac:ff7dfbdb589126d23440c7874689c3b2 Eric Johnson - 6-High Landrons.flac:ea50e738d33a8a068c7dcf4153135024 Eric Johnson - 7-Wind Cries Mary.flac:240184fe4e46ff00642b824cc7592a10 Eric Johnson - 8-S.R.V..flac:ecf582da3a34d16307e65983eddef3e5 Eric Johnson - 9-Nothing Can Keep Me From You.flac:ac27c52cacf149e800b6e8f001809451 Eric Johnson - 10 -East Wes.flac:9e3e0ef0147132dd3cd8a1b269c83e18 Eric Johnson - 11 -Desert Rose.flac:8a0f3ea800577a912591ba9202f98d5e Eric Johnson - 12 -Cliffs Of Dover.flac:3ef195c211ec4e8735fd0b3c9ffc5e71 Eric Johnson - 13 -Steve's Boogie.flac:f4416087ea08b49e6b7ddacf7eba9be3 Eric Johnson - 14 -Zap.flac:6153b88cf3325a6518f5eb30a0e3d515