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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • 1982-09-05
  • US Festival
  • US Festival
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • San Bernardino
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • Marooned
  • 7th of February 2009
  • BoldCaptain & SBDJohnny Present: The Us Festival - 25th Anniversary - Day 3 Sept 3-4-5 1982 Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, California. Master Audience Cassette Nakamichi CM300 shotguns > Technics 686 > Maxell UD XL II Playback: Nakamichi 680ZX > Tascam CD RW5000 Audio extracted via Peak 3.21 on G4 Powerbook. Flac'd via xACT 2.1 (sbe and fingerprint verified) Size: 2.76 Gb Day Three: Sept 5 1982 Disc 12 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Grateful Dead Set 01. Tuning 02. Playin' In The Band-> 03. Shakedown Street-> 04. Minglewood Blues, 05. Broken Amp ("That should teach us to try and play this early" Weir) 06. Samson & Delilah, 07. China Cat Sunflower-> 08. I Know You Rider Disc 13 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Grateful Dead Set 2 01. /Sugaree 02. Women Are Smarter 03. Truckin'-> 04 Other One Fakeout-> 05. Drums-> 06. Space-> 07. Not Fade Away-> 08. Black Peter-> 09. Sugar Magnolia, 10. E1: U.S. Blues, 11. E2: Satisfaction Disc 14 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Jerry Jeff Walker 10. Lettin' It Roll 02. Up Against The Wall 03. LA Freeway 04. Bo Jangles 05. Take It On Home 06. Rodeo Cowboy 07. 08. Imaginary Bottle 09. Precious Thing 10. Pissin' In The Wind 11. Takin' It As It Comes 12. Public Domain Disc 15 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Jimmy Buffet 01. Go Where Its Warm 02. Coconut Telegraph 03. I Don't Know 04. Just Want You Back 05. Cheeseburger In Paradise 06. Volcano 07. Get Drunk And Screw 08. Only Bed In Town 09. Pirate Looks At Forty 10. Changes In Latitude 11. End Of The Summer 12. Marguaritaville 13. Instramental Disc 16 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Jackson Browne 01. Lost In The Shuffle 02. That Girl Could Sing 03. For Every Man 03. Knock on Any Door 04. Somebody's Baby 06. Tender Is The Night 07. Cocaine 08. Crow In The Cradle 09. Before The deluge 10. Boulevard 11. Doctor My Eyes 12. Runnin' On Empty 13. Sleeps Dark And Silent Gate 14. The Pretender 15. Hold On Hold Out 16. Late For The Sky Disc 17 USFestival1982-9-5-DevoreCa Fleetwood Mac 01. Second Hand News 02. The Chain 03. Don't Stop 04. Thunder Only Happens 05. Oh Well 06. Song Of Rhiannon 07. The Way That I Want You 08. Eyes Of The World 09. Gypsy 10. Never Take Your Love Away 11. Dont Make Me Wait 12. Never Going Back Again 13. Landslide 14. Tusk 15. Hold Me 16. You Make Lovin' Fun 17. 18. Sarah 19. Songbird 20. Bill Graham outro ffp: GDead1982-9-5d10t01.flac: b3f77be44b576145f1a108ce98103f80 GDead1982-9-5d10t02.flac: 87213b09ac041c146f577e3bd636186e GDead1982-9-5d10t03.flac: f0324fd92ae416dafe6c0d1476276361 GDead1982-9-5d10t04.flac: beefd31a2aabb3056f4c534d2b9c2530 GDead1982-9-5d10t05.flac: 228af76406c5d820c9cce36dc086a3c0 GDead1982-9-5d10t06.flac: 2e8dbf93bce0968eaf994258cd85f92d GDead1982-9-5d10t07.flac: 4be1f3bea309f6f2a6a1557fdc8101ae GDead1982-9-5d10t08.flac: 92ad06615702c46e0291a23eeb96b502 GDead1982-9-5d11t01.flac: fec7764295195752c38523da650be2f9 GDead1982-9-5d11t02.flac: e9e90e200a6bffcfa755401f4bb401e5 GDead1982-9-5d11t03.flac: 6dca1cb46c47c32c636e60b34225e7ed GDead1982-9-5d11t04.flac: 88a6a241175381478c63afcc2e164f5a GDead1982-9-5d11t05.flac: e2515760fc0fe324046768013aa79585 GDead1982-9-5d11t06.flac: 0f3761fb19481dcc9181c498ef2e4296 GDead1982-9-5d11t07.flac: 6ff7d916f098d417643ec701b4e0e165 GDead1982-9-5d11t08.flac: d7dfa46c23b96a1ded4b7ba3f98b809e GDead1982-9-5d11t09.flac: b587b51c418293589bf451dfbfbdeb4e GDead1982-9-5d11t10.flac: 455225ef0ee7a58c8cc6afcebf50d04c GDead1982-9-5d11t11.flac: bdc9cc6041b662e8364cb2ec965e2b05 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t01.flac: 0863bd161588e6d0c07701390c6bcf9c JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t02.flac: a5b9f2b53d544f1752a707c056a34be2 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t03.flac: 3d101229521be6cba4a030d8b4a333a2 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t04.flac: 0d3624598670634a05a4b5d7079b7792 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t05.flac: 58db7f9a6c8166b07649916969e1bee0 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t06.flac: 91b4abe51d2e9938027c6b736fb1b0f1 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t07.flac: da3b968a0949a9a3070334b544e4c0b2 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t08.flac: 40600f125b2b83f92ecc4bfd880210b0 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t09.flac: 5c4f957aa43aa11b5fa25ae313294518 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t10.flac: a87b56689c4922018a9471ee858c268f JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t11.flac: 13d2acd4ed0e16b06c53bcaecfe90596 JerryJeffWalker1982-9-5d12t12.flac: 5e667c0f97166efd0fcdd4f4c017faf3 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t01.flac: 63bc560794bd119d19c69204f5170ace JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t02.flac: d8bc06108442ed9d986d2d0dbcc554d6 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t03.flac: 5601aa73c4ccf1a146aa46dab7edf80c JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t04.flac: 10ea809e636e247aa95e8b32f1f402d4 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t05.flac: 4f8cf18e2794c891ade2bce780a0d17e JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t06.flac: f9b76ebb6422edefcd6e0c0a9f95170f JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t07.flac: 2a5ae729e7ad3dc84a0a19968460f44c JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t08.flac: a8b2fe8414c880bf1fd9b8b5a175718b JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t09.flac: b9ecaff10e42797dca64b8a5e5d27a4f JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t10.flac: 96d12c21a34a71d41b2d0b4638ac1172 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t11.flac: 93028efa6c6041911f31ac0d4ebba3b9 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t12.flac: a05219d0ebe94a399d1cc9c43746f338 JimmyBuffet1982-9-5d13t13.flac: 332a892ef1c32dbd7b0a1078a3616cb1 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t01.flac: 1859437162acb40391bed5aed4725a38 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t02.flac: 45f6dac3ec4ef6e6515b4123f7a843db J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t03.flac: e62e7d90a2ae884a754f43b0cac7c9d3 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t04.flac: 63a59d6e706fc99635268c277da977b7 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t05.flac: 963f682ffc3b5598ff3e76effbae9d20 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t06.flac: 56006178b3c23b4bb661e1ebe2c99fd7 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t07.flac: e5891d77f6f628ec3a9f45ba3659e4c8 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t08.flac: a3e3f6c55d7337bf9bbf5065b907a98b J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t09.flac: c9b495c89d65b4cd207ecd848b64df66 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t10.flac: 325c27a0ac9108338f4d0fff3de86ff9 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t11.flac: 4f65fb699ad4ad197f9ab8e30b61cd10 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t12.flac: e45b394306c145cb5adffebcdf47a5a1 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t13.flac: cf94b11776b6479ffb893cf1fed885e8 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t14.flac: 11ca54e494d4ad3a6067304ace8af0b8 J\ Browne1982-9-5d14t15.flac: aeaab744b908e2e12dd71642d7ed2174 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t01.flac: aee5d8ec460eb3be402778a2cceea0d9 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t02.flac: 1f418c7e78c40759bc1dbaffba8a7af1 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t03.flac: 7866e567e1396e5ca023a2a3244f6af6 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t04.flac: 308725b8423bed478d5737d9cba60b7e FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t05.flac: 1a86a8bcd0cf62d4e5356d71abbcb589 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t06.flac: b03af0641ef3705c25e109dc497c73d0 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t07.flac: 88033dcebc9cff93f1bba4859cd674ee FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t08.flac: 4b7f3aac24a9d00c9213b5255eb01140 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t09.flac: f150b85f9feaade42ed82df1424e0833 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t10.flac: c206fef87763c2377cd73e3a8f9eb105 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t11.flac: 44738ae5eb4c48f8c2c6af2d9322438f FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t12.flac: ad7944107e8423cde66a87b3139546a2 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t13.flac: d2ef5b0613713ddec5680dff3cb41223 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t14.flac: 8b323813c5171a29d088bfc3022f84ee FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t15.flac: b404f9597fc7b1b9abbfc31bc811aff0 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t16.flac: e301fc48f65a430debca0bcb76c2bdea FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t17.flac: 12d9e65498a9e0dbeb21a612c7cffa7d FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t18.flac: f594937ed5d8058eb9d8be836ac6ed7e FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t19.flac: 0d30d3c05e3f41e820e2dbaef2832bb5 FleetwoodMac1982-9-5d15t20.flac: fd8724c2c298101d50158e32404ca4b0 Notes: Of course day 3 brings out all the freaks, but most of them show up too late to catch the Deads early morning performance, but there's more to this party than the Dead, as Jerry Jeff Walker kicks up some country dust and Jimmy Buffet brings in some tropical breezes. The only holdout to the upbeat line up is Jackson Browne, who delivers a hauntingly brilliant set and may just have stolen the day (imho). The day just keeps on rocking into the final night with a closeout performance of SoCal transplants Fleetwood Mac. The last few songs of this set are little chopped up because of running low on tape and batteries, but WELL worth having. And I assume that because of the Dead's presence this day there are probably a few different sources for this set, so maybe someone can patch this up. Overall this was a real joy to attend, an aligning of the stars, both corporal and celestial, one that would not be repeated even with Wozs' second attempt in 1983. I want to thank everyone I met out there, everyone who who lent their support and made this possible, of which there are too many to name, even if I could remember them. Also profound apologies and my sincerest gratitude to the Mods for putting up with all the B.S. that makes a site like this possible An awesome weekend that after twenty-five years I am blessed and proud to be able serve up. Enjoy!