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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • The Clash
  • 1982-06-18
  • Untitled
  • Hollywood Palladium
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Los Angeles
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • patpier
  • 17th of April 2009
  • THE CLASH 18 June, 1982 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA, USA line-up: Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar Mick Jones - guitar, vocals Paul Simonon - bass, vocals Terry Chimes - drums lineage: 1st gen analog > CD-R > flac (xACT level 8, with verify) disk one: 01 London Calling 02 Janie Jones 03 Know Your Rights 04 The Guns of Brixton 05 Train In Vain 06 Bankrobber 07 The Magnificent Seven 08 Wrong 'Em Boyo 09 Rock the Casbah 10 Police On My Back 11 Complete Control 12 This Is Radio Clash 13 Clash City Rockers 14 Career Opportunities 15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 16 Brand New Cadillac 17 Clampdown 18 Police and Thieves 19 Armagideon Time 20 Somebody Got Murdered disk two: 01 I Fought the Law 02 Straight to Hell 03 Safe European Home 04 Garageland ============================================================= I'll be uploading a number of the 1982 Clash shows from my collection. This is a request for uploads of any not torrented, any upgrades, or any masters or very low gens. ============================================================= Here's a pretty nice one, from a 1st gen tape. This is the best sounding upload of this series yet, other than May 31 (some equally good ones are coming soon however!). This is the full length version of the single LP bootleg "Stinkfoot In Hollywood." If you happen to have a copy of the vinyl, the sound here is better. The title refers to Rankin' Roger of The Beat (they opened these shows), who joins on "Armagideon Time." He had previously guested during the September 1981 Theatre Mogador stint, and would again appear on June 20 (Santa Barbara) and June 22 and 23 (San Francisco). All three will be torrented, following June 19 Los Angeles. fingerprints: disk one d01 t01 1982-06-18.flac:31889ed0cc19d70729878174da066f3d d01 t02 1982-06-18.flac:eca82c9025a99aa9b4f928cb1b83547a d01 t03 1982-06-18.flac:4b4892db8aa6ed3b3a452361196eafde d01 t04 1982-06-18.flac:dba2d12a763355768213dc1e71be4d55 d01 t05 1982-06-18.flac:217291c9f3dd2fc84e6202b956feba3f d01 t06 1982-06-18.flac:90eed75781f3d036aba44016ed13d71f d01 t07 1982-06-18.flac:36cfebd2481b5a95115ac26fa58773c8 d01 t08 1982-06-18.flac:1a1e2a5f744175f4670d4bd482532b76 d01 t09 1982-06-18.flac:73bde50545ed3f4a016ae9ff6e77f1cf d01 t10 1982-06-18.flac:31c9fce1131fcce310193942cf7b70a7 d01 t11 1982-06-18.flac:2d029858faf84e064f1749350214acba d01 t12 1982-06-18.flac:ca7799f118b822f03698ac294c63d7e9 d01 t13 1982-06-18.flac:a4734067428b99bd0dd2c6db773f23b8 d01 t14 1982-06-18.flac:4b503918ac4385c5321c7e895ce37f80 d01 t15 1982-06-18.flac:464f247ef3517014235abde845b5e8a9 d01 t16 1982-06-18.flac:69b63abff7e4cc9676328efdbfb197ce d01 t17 1982-06-18.flac:144b44f04d4283cb73d514fce6b549a8 d01 t18 1982-06-18.flac:01b3176425266a9d1e3ba8c6a056f730 d01 t19 1982-06-18.flac:404194508e2a52007bb398a226b418e8 d01 t20 1982-06-18.flac:e2d916b09851991b562d0de630138ea8 disk two d02 t01 1982-06-18.flac:f6e9ad6492ce3385403348d9e5766260 d02 t02 1982-06-18.flac:b18f9e182f80ac466ad92ae14d22e0de d02 t03 1982-06-18.flac:95c2dcc5b1555365fa5c0832ac520156 d02 t04 1982-06-18.flac:36956ebebac675f8715abfb6f5fd10c8