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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Tom Waits
  • 1999-09-27
  • Untitled
  • The Beacon Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • New York
  • NY
  • USA
  • FLAC
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  • Rec 1
  • Excellent
  • Cygnals
  • 25th of July 2009
  • Tom Waits September 27, 1999 The Beacon Theatre NYC The most difficult pul of all is a Tom Waits show, and one in NYC at that. This is a great tape which came to me from James in Seattle back in 2000. He got it on cassettes and made the CDR conversion, so there is probably a better lineage than this out there. I boosted the levels by almost 150% and did a little retracking. waitswatcher lists 2 tapes of this show but he doesn't trade any more, so who knows if this is one of them? Unfortunately every request I have ever filed for any of these NYC 99 tapes has resulted in nothing. I've emailed collectors and posted here on dime and all I've gotten is ignored. Clearly, trading is dead in favor of leeching, so leech it up baby! :-| stanclark put up a beautiful 9/23 a few years back, and it was snatched by every waits fan out there, so that one can be put up by someone else. I've never had a decent 9/24 and BOTH my sources for the 9/25 tape will not rip, so this is all I can provide from my favorite run of 99 shows. To this day, this is still probably the best set of shows I've ever seen by any artist ever. enjoy! setlist and details: black rider intro jockey full of bourbon jesus gonna be here in the colosseum jersey girl get behind the mule (with john hammond) chocolate jesus down, down, down hold on eyeball kid band intro jam tango till they're sore picture in a frame cemetery polka that feel invitation to the blues innocent when you dream 16 shells from a 30-ought 6 gun street girl (tape flip just after) who are you straight to the top i'll shoot the moon filipino box spring hog (cuts off applause after) encore 1: strange weather (with marc ribot and greg cohen) heartattack and vine (with hammond, ribot & cohen) fish in the jailhouse (cuts off applause after) encore 2: pony (cuts off applause after) encore 3: house where nobody lives (with marc ribot and greg cohen) (first few seconds cut) take it with me ___________________________________________________ total time 156:00 01 black rider intro 02:17 02 jockey full of bourbon 03:03 03 jesus gonna be here 04:17 04 in the colosseum 05:31 05 jersey girl 05:13 06 get behind the mule 07:46 07 chocolate jesus 05:17 08 down, down, down 05:46 09 hold on 06:55 10 eyeball kid 04:04 11 band intro jam 08:05 12 tango till they're sore 03:12 13 picture in a frame 05:38 14 cemetery polka 03:26 15 that feel 05:15 16 invitation to the blues 03:55 17 innocent when you dream 05:49 18 16 shells from a 30-ought 6 06:46 19 gun street girl 06:46 20 who are you 05:27 21 straight to the top 05:28 22 i'll shoot the moon 03:45 23 filipino box spring hog 10:43 24 strange weather 05:43 25 heartattack and vine 06:04 26 fish in the jailhouse 05:14 27 pony 05:16 28 house where nobody lives 04:55 29 take it with me 04:11 ___________________________________________________ note: since i don't really burn discs anymore, i haven't tracked this for discs. it runs through without breaks except for the places where the taper or trader cut applause (presumably to FIT on discs). if you want to, you can overburn by 9 seconds and start disc 2 with invitation to the blues. if you don't like that transition, because the intro would end up at the end of disc one, then i suggest adding fades to the end of invitation to the blues and the beginning of innocent when you dream and there you have it. ___________________________________________________ fingerprints: tw_1999-09-27_01 black rider intro.flac:d844eba0281763c06adcb17edc1b5b6f tw_1999-09-27_02 jockey full of bourbon.flac:6ad8a6e78c26738bdf9a95d7545a2ee3 tw_1999-09-27_03 jesus gonna be here.flac:f9b8e54a037acb0b13f5be3fb491d4e0 tw_1999-09-27_04 in the colosseum.flac:0cebd4862bba1cbb13e0ce3f86d6a876 tw_1999-09-27_05 jersey girl.flac:7075e353cde6f6611846c70765799cd2 tw_1999-09-27_06 get behind the mule.flac:8131e3cf9057e968baf2b6786cfaf302 tw_1999-09-27_07 chocolate jesus.flac:9cf0f6ed7a40ebe8a0eaaf9926d434fe tw_1999-09-27_08 down, down, down.flac:f07a7ebf7528fa8ce57bad6fd608c304 tw_1999-09-27_09 hold on.flac:58fbda6d26ab2d7fb79fcaf236f58240 tw_1999-09-27_10 eyeball kid.flac:a1da380754bdac6fb0d3aa50d5779b96 tw_1999-09-27_11 band intro jam.flac:d13a46dc12810b54bf769cf07534c0e3 tw_1999-09-27_12 tango till they're sore.flac:d950baef8c6487b812d80fbc0c7ce67b tw_1999-09-27_13 picture in a frame.flac:de32d94aae2da209a31067198702a3d2 tw_1999-09-27_14 cemetery polka.flac:b330e532e532715033437f5ae670b281 tw_1999-09-27_15 that feel.flac:56457072a8a7b12323d9eaf879e36247 tw_1999-09-27_16 invitation to the blues.flac:be79b8f1ae9629029310111794a633a3 tw_1999-09-27_17 innocent when you dream.flac:8961d39a40c09dd43877adb23e60579c tw_1999-09-27_18 sixteen shells from a thirty-ought six.flac:5d9552ccd6aa18012a49d09a09b481e0 tw_1999-09-27_19 gun street girl.flac:5242d238c7f4a8bccf678c2b75f57301 tw_1999-09-27_20 who are you.flac:cda135d3491ec75361fe69c6fe5fa26d tw_1999-09-27_21 straight to the top.flac:190dfa89e77df7addec7c1187ada6da1 tw_1999-09-27_22 i'll shoot the moon.flac:f3bf33716e49d9f9ccd87116193f5469 tw_1999-09-27_23 filipino box spring hog.flac:88ef6739edefc5799abe4a6da319feda tw_1999-09-27_24 strange weather.flac:e6d12688a848ff99a8451fd256402b85 tw_1999-09-27_25 heartattack and vine.flac:f1b4a6d9b3573b63f38830816c79976b tw_1999-09-27_26 fish in the jailhouse.flac:09aeb7040c385aec99fe2a583bb985d9 tw_1999-09-27_27 pony.flac:8a29cca5b5c31ba51437d8a973a8d5ed tw_1999-09-27_28 house where nobody lives.flac:a59ac7d6e70aefacff49c760b13ca29b tw_1999-09-27_29 take it with me.flac:ce8b51db106e92ba00b6a8ee6787cbc4