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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Led Zeppelin
  • 1969-01-09
  • For Your Love
  • Fillmore West
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • San Francisco
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Very Good
  • Cygnals
  • 25th of July 2009
  • Led Zeppelin January 10, 1969 San Francisco Fillmore West --For Your Love (Silver Rarities Label aka SIRA) Actions: SIRA silvers > ???>Unknown Gen cdrs >EAC >FLAC-level-5(w/verification) Apprx . 542 mbs total Set List: Disc 1 266mb (FLAC) 01. Train Kept A Rollin' 02. I Can't Quit You 03. As Long As I Have You 04. Dazed and Confused 05. How Many More Times Disc 2 276mb (FLAC) 06. White Summer 07. Killing Floor 08. You Shook me 09. Pat's Delight 10. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You 11. Communication Breakdown 12. For Your Love **This is my first Torrent, so I hope it works.** A great performance all around, especially The Hunter sequence in HMMT when Plant turns the gun into a steaming locomotive and the psychedelic power cover of For Your Love. I wrote ***Zeppelin Live Archive -- January 10, 1969 Fillmore West*** A Thrilling Ride This was Led Zeppelin's second night of four consecutive nights at San Francisco's Fillmore West, where they were the opening act for both Taj Mahal and Country Joe and The Fish. This performance reportedly blew Joe and his fish off the stage, the audience didn't want Zepp to leave. Zeppelin had everything to prove and they more than delivered on this electrifying night. From their roaring rendition of Train Kept A Rollin' right on through to the closing cover of another Yardbird's hit, For Your Love, Led Zeppelin were ensuring themselves a place in the rock pantheon for ages to come. In an interview, months later after the first American tour, Jimmy Page described the second night as being "like a tornado filling up this row, then the next row and heading clear out across the country"(1). From Richard Cole's Stairway To Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored, 'After the second of the San Francisco gigs, Jimmy turned to me on the ride back to the hotel and said, "This is a turning point for us, Richard." He laughed with excitement. "When a supporting band starts overshadowing the headliner, you know something's happening. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride.(2)"' --- (1). Godwin, Robert. "Led Zeppelin: The Press Reports." (2). Cole, Richard. "Stairway To Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored." ---