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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Tesla
  • 2009-02-24
  • God Bless Tesla
  • Lincoln Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Raleigh
  • NC
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Very Good
  • WildThing
  • 26th of July 2009
  • Band: Telsa Date: February 24, 2009 Title: GOD BLESS TESLA Matrix Number: GSJ-061 (Genuine Space Jewel Recording) Venue: Lincoln Theater Location: Raleigh, North Carolina Equipment: Sony WM-D3 with ECM-909 mic -(rec)-> Kenwood KX-W6060 -(xfer)-> Adobe Audition -(capture)-> Flac Frontend -(FLAC 8)-> DONE! Comments: I was able to get home early enough from work to record a radio interview with Frank Hannon and included it with this show. It was a great show but Jeff's vocals are a bit strained. As I found out after the show, he and Frank were both mildly sick. Nevertheless, they came out and kicked some butt. Tesla Lineup: Jeff Keith - Lead vocals Frank Hannon - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards Brian Wheat - Bass, backing vocals Troy Luccketta - Drums Dave Rude - Guitar and backing vocals Setlist: Disc 1 101. Band Introduction by The Blade 102. Tesla Takes the Stage 103. Forever More 104. I Wanna Live 105. Modern Day Cowboy 106. Breaking Free 107. Hang Tough 108. Heaven's Trail 109. Pvt. Ledbetter 110. The Way It Is 111. So What! 112. One Day at a Time 113. Jeff's Banter and Frank and Dave Jam 114. Love Song *** disc 1 total 62:59 Disc 2 201. Fallin Apart 202. What You Give 203. Signs 204. Into The Now 205. Frank and Dave Duel Guitars 206. Comin Atcha Live 207. Encore Break 208. Lil Suzie *** disc 2 total 39:52 Bonus Material 96.01 Tesla's Playing Tonight (**REMOVED**) 96.02 96 Rock Station Tag #1 (**REMOVED**) 96.03 Modern Day Cowboy (**REMOVED**) 96.04 96 Rock Station Tag #2 (**REMOVED**) 96.05 Love Song (**REMOVED**) 96.06 When Was Tesla Here? 96.07 Frank Hannon Interview part 1 96.08 Breaking Free (**REMOVED**) 96.09 Frank Hannon Interview part 2 96.10 96 Rock Station Tag #3 (**REMOVED**) *** bonus total 12:08 (DIME version) Offically released recording were omitted from DIME torrent. Recording notes: I had some difficulties capturing this recording. I was down on the floor, which was small and crowded, dead center about 15 yards from the stage. This lead to several instances in which the mic was bumped and shuffled around. After the first three songs, the crowd settled down and I was able to get some space around me. Then, when I switched tapes halfway through the show, part of the tape door came off. It took about 20-30 seconds to get the tape door closed and restart the recording. Fortunately, all that was missed was Jeff's banter about rocking for over 20 years and thanks to 96 Rock for their support. Also note that during the interview with 96 Rock, they were going to play Fallin Apart. However, the station had technical difficulties which resulted in about 25 seconds of dead air. I left the dead air in this recording to preserve the event exactly as it happened. Besides its freaking hilarious. MD5 checksum values: 3d15ca187c0a5dc87eb3b6a7e2caea8f *Disc 1\101. Band Introduction by The Blade.flac 7b9e6fb64745f50acbc19e298bedf8cf *Disc 1\102. Tesla Takes The Stage.flac 2ee05fc2283ce8f6ba3f845f5550f3f3 *Disc 1\103. Forever More.flac 320908e7b847d106db37cd4299898505 *Disc 1\104. I Wanna Live.flac d9214d339f98b70a30d94bc0cbf75493 *Disc 1\105. Modern Day Cowboy.flac 7475035d58a7587dc02d01c7381ebd14 *Disc 1\106. Breaking Free.flac bb03c5e56a85f045334e28161a66c22e *Disc 1\107. Hang Tough.flac fcf0a00963d2caffee4c06af3bcd8e42 *Disc 1\108. Heaven's Trail.flac e228f2a09059e891face89474dde52e2 *Disc 1\109. Pvt. Ledbetter.flac d5634e9149ed1afab452fcbd229d66af *Disc 1\110. The Way It Is.flac 25e749cebbd4e202ac94aafda36748b4 *Disc 1\111. So What.flac 359233c8001d6718268ab709be6fec60 *Disc 1\112. One Day at a Time.flac 9b6668e03cb97a10e73483d22b62dbd0 *Disc 1\113. Jeff's Banter and Frank and Dave Jam.flac fc790a6dd07874f8aa0a43da4d52894c *Disc 1\114. Love Song.flac cdae851269e251ed98b8c9f2fca765ce *Disc 2\201. Fallin Apart.flac f1079184c26dbbacec133a605709e58a *Disc 2\202. What You Give.flac 0f47163f6a65bdaa7febb7f6cdc35697 *Disc 2\203. Signs.flac 15b2769a2bd4dc7d0dee588e0d589799 *Disc 2\204. Into The Now.flac 9a1197324cf0f533cc06efb720d92da7 *Disc 2\205. Frank and Dave Duel Guitars.flac d635b6f2b6e767bb8a5524bbd94bed1c *Disc 2\206. Comin Atcha Live.flac f6ee5c8de81d0357a54fcc8a7a28dd66 *Disc 2\207. Encore Break.flac 1bd1157350c0146ea45e3ab4814727e7 *Disc 2\208. Lil Suzie.flac 3e32597afdbd7ecdefa5e1af99620d98 *Bonus\96.06 When Was Telsa Here Last.flac 24997b51135a62b5944b4217f3b5eb50 *Bonus\96.07 Frank Hannon Interview part 1.flac 72e2f298135cbdb4631e3a39235dd556 *Bonus\96.09 Frank Hannon Interview part 2.flac FLAC Fingerprints: Disc 1\101. Band Introduction by The Blade.flac:94f39bae3fb6898767f83750dfcf0e2e Disc 1\102. Tesla Takes The Stage.flac:7d7d9250d257d5de453a34ceddceb81a Disc 1\103. Forever More.flac:7e80b39e7ff4780e1a07d5a84ab3dfe5 Disc 1\104. I Wanna Live.flac:63b2c4adb213cdddad82542fa54ee771 Disc 1\105. Modern Day Cowboy.flac:9a1a802dd6ea7a89097e1d1df47d0b7a Disc 1\106. Breaking Free.flac:ef4eeefa5197d40f1456bccd177600d9 Disc 1\107. Hang Tough.flac:4014d9bc7d0051864f6c3435e78645a4 Disc 1\108. Heaven's Trail.flac:85f92ba4fce94edd35536a5ea3b064cc Disc 1\109. Pvt. Ledbetter.flac:051cdf9f38a20c92e726addc760c0c70 Disc 1\110. The Way It Is.flac:38fe226a35e8fefbf70c1dbab7a81c4b Disc 1\111. So What.flac:ed1fe94f9e472cbb8e4c0990e9b34cf8 Disc 1\112. One Day at a Time.flac:a09b720430aa2642323db86620ac6554 Disc 1\113. Jeff's Banter and Frank and Dave Jam.flac:1b15ccc96ef2845375e27a2e4a150e84 Disc 1\114. Love Song.flac:b953c04b53905115e2aae806aa16e917 Disc 2\201. Fallin Apart.flac:6b6d239f7246f987c268538f6e63ba78 Disc 2\202. What You Give.flac:f3c0932d3dd5becb0b74dd372d8217c4 Disc 2\203. Signs.flac:75551681deda55b7852d9686b0ac1abc Disc 2\204. Into The Now.flac:5249981d2b2bf22b72c4c7ed6f53adff Disc 2\205. Frank and Dave Duel Guitars.flac:5135fc5d33ae8c4a565e4418f092e4d4 Disc 2\206. Comin Atcha Live.flac:4b18034c527b530735dcd36136b5ba82 Disc 2\207. Encore Break.flac:90b6cb147e3ed5d97261ae43a10262ee Disc 2\208. Lil Suzie.flac:f0f19376265583fd59b76e06ec1287d5 Bonus\96.06 When Was Telsa Here Last.flac:d87b1199e6ec7251585bcbf85cd5c321 Bonus\96.07 Frank Hannon Interview part 1.flac:7b26a1c7f1b57e40f4fec1699fc60541 Bonus\96.09 Frank Hannon Interview part 2.flac:4fb1bf2cc7ac1656523409c86af4a10a Recording by: donkyFliP Photos by: donkyFliP Artwork by: donkyFliP Brought to you by: donkyFliP ************************************************** KEEP THE MUSIC PURE DO NOT CONVERT TO MP3 **************************************************