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  • Band / Artist
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  • Kansas
  • 2006-02-25
  • Vina Del Mar Festival
  • Vina Del Mar Festival
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  • Vina Del Mar
  • N/A
  • Chile
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  • Excellent
  • Groovinpict
  • 4th of August 2009
  • Kansas Vina del Mar Festival Vina del Mar, Chile 2006-02-25 Video: MPEG 2 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 (256 kbps stereo) Chapters: 14, about every 5 mins. Total time: approx. 63 mins. Complete show: yes Quality: excellent NTSC TV broadcast No menu's or artwork. This is a direct rip of the DVD I obtained from someone in Chile (so: VOB's, BUP's and IFO's) ready to burn on a DVD recordable (just remove the .txt file I made). There are some very minor glitches sound wise a few times, but nothing to worry about really. It has just excellent quality image and sound. Songs: 01 Belexes 02 Paradox 03 What's On My Mind 04 Miracles Out of Nowhere 05 Icarus 06 Bringing It Back (incl. Down The Road) 07 Point Of Know Return 08 Dust In The Wind 09 Portrait 10 Carry On Wayward Son Notes: I was surprised to find out Kansas had done a gig in Chile recently. It may well be their first ever Latin American show. It is said they were invited at the eleventh hour to play at this big festival in the Chilean town of Vina del Mar to replace the band Journey who had to cancel their performance due to illness. I must admit I don't know an awful lot about this annual event, but according to the stage set up, camera work and size of the audience it's a huge and important festival. I also read Kansas were somewhat out of place playing their prog rock before what seems to be not your typical rock concert audience (may I say "slightly overdressed" and unfamiliar with the genre as a whole ;-) Nevertheless, it's a nice clash of cultures and beautiful to watch this uninterupted TV registration of Kansas' complete set that night. At some point Robby says: "I don't know if you've understood a word I said tonight but I guarantee you will know this next song." Then the first notes of Dust set in and the audience just erupts, which seems to pleasantly surprise the band, and the good Chilean folk sing along the whole song. A little odd to see is how the show is interupted in order to hand out some kind of award to Robby Steinhardt (who like the rest of the band doesn't have a single clue what's going to happen or why it is happening ;-), which according to the showmaster represents "the heart of the people in Chile". He's asked how he feels about this gesture.... I won't spoil it all, but let me say it's hilarious to see the little conversation that unfolds between the two. But what makes this DVD most important perhaps is it captures the last ever filmed performance of original member Robby Steinhardt on violin and vocals. (He's being replaced by David Ragsdale I just read at the Kansas site. It's a shame to lose this icon, even more so since Robby seems to be kicked out by the other members. But hey, I don't know the whole story behind his departure.) If anyone wants to make a cover for this it would be nice. And let me just say I'm always very grateful to see other fans taking the trouble to offer some good old Kansas material here on Dime, so this one's for you! Enjoy!