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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Jeff Beck
  • 1999-06-02
  • Jeff Beck Tokyo International Forum June 2 1999
  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Tokyo
  • N/A
  • Japan
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Soundboard
  • Excellent
  • Cygnals
  • 18th of September 2009
  • Artist: Jeff Beck Title: Jeff Beck Tokyo International Forum June 2 1999 Media: 2 CD Time: Catalog: Source: Television Broadcast, Stereo Quality: Excellent Date: 06_02_99 Location: Tokyo Japan Lineage: Stereo TV Broadcast > Hi Quality Recording (DVD-R, SVHS, VHS?) > DVD-R > AC3 Audio rip with Smart Ripper > PCM WAV 48k conversion with headAC3he > WAV split in two with Nero Wave Editor > PCM WAV 44.1k conversion with Canopus Procoder > CD Wave track edit > FLAC Setlist: CD1: 01. What Mama Said 02. Psycho Sam 03. Brush With The Blues 04. Star Cycle 05. Savoy 06. Blast From The East 07. A Day In The Life 08. Declan 09. THX 138 10. The Pump CD2: 01. Cause Weve Ended As Lovers 02. Space For The Papa 03. Angel (Footsteps) 04. Even Odds 05. You Never Know 06. Blue Wind 07. Big Block 08. Jeff Speaks! Fingerprints: Cd1: JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_10_The Pump.flac:f394fdd8d0065f9787810bdb20d316bc JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_01_What Mama Said.flac:ce83e766b7f7f3cbe1df57f72a9a2a49 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_02_Psycho Sam.flac:191dbad43d3362824f19b0847b66b131 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_03_Brush With The Blues.flac:e627d58408db7ff804b6e6332a8585c0 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_04_Star Cycle.flac:b67b822f2a7f438acc2b938554e65c0f JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_05_Savoy.flac:e301e840bb4850c12e9a96c12a010144 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_06_Blast From The East.flac:6883dbf615e59fb7b0ff1f931ade97ac JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_07_A Day In The Life.flac:d21bcc526a5d62ddb2728a04783eab1a JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_08_Declan.flac:041bcfce1d958217550d6858ac845022 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D1_09_THX 138.flac:e175926226edc55f43d6542d76e07a67 CD2: JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_01_Cause Weve Ended As Lovers.flac:c8a9daf3fca3721eefd48c470f8e94e1 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_02_Space For The Papa.flac:7070d8be14bccd07caab7b3b82a4b8ca JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_03_Angel (Footsteps).flac:333146cd711f722922ef5a1a0852a921 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_04_Even Odds.flac:d3f5c851cff0ae10b18933e94c688d0a JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_05_You Never Know.flac:20e3023c8fb7472d86316a209b8924bd JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_06_Blue Wind.flac:6403d346c5e4c9aa53c24b2dbc3c6f7b JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_07_Big Block.flac:bba303b389d8d5cde1297bffe98b8dc7 JEFF_BECK_TOKYO_1999_D2_08_Jeff Speaks.flac:208d54a997e6c44ec2974b183e8aa296 Notes: Ok, kiddies, this one takes you right to the top! Once again our friends in Japan come thru with a top notch capture. This show was broadcast live on Japanese TV on June 2nd 1999. The pro quality audio was ripped from a fan-produced DVD of this show, NOT an official DVD. Shame on whoever in Jeff's camp was responsible for holding this back from being officially released as a live CD. This by far wipes out the official "boot" recorded at B.B.King's available at, and even the official live with Jan Hammer in 1978. Sound quality is absolutely top notch! It couldn't be stressed enough that this is a MUST for any fan of Jeff's or any guitar drooler. On this night Jeff is at the top of his game; his strat tone as full as you'll ever hear it (except of course live in an an acoustically superb environment). This is the maestro in full flight. Brush With The Blues is a marvel - crank this one up especially to experience Jeff's touch, tone, control and dynamics. Star Cycle's solo is as fiesty as you'll ever hear it. A Day In The Life displays the emotion that can be wrought out of a block of wood with six strings. Big Block is spit out with Hendrixian hoodoo voodoo. If you pass this up you'll only have yourself to blame! Unfortunately the TV broadcast was 90 minutes long, so this is not the complete concert. One song left out was Where Were You :( Maybe one day the rest will surface. Cover art is included. Enjoy...