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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Rush
  • 2002-09-08
  • Vancouver Victory
  • GM Place
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Vancouver
  • Bristish Columbia
  • Canada
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 3
  • Good
  • sundeep
  • 20th of September 2009
  • Rush - Vancouver Victory September 8, 2002 GM Place: Vancouver, BC Sirius Records SIR0800/0801/0802 Source: Analog master (Optimus CTTR-112 with built in mic) Disc One Three Stooges 0:56 Tom Sawyer 4:47 Distant Early Warning 4:56 New World Man 4:02 Roll The Bones 6:54 Earthshine 5:58 YYZ 4:44 The Pass 5:10 Bravado 6:11 The Big Money 6:09 Between Sun & Moon 4:51 Freewill 5:33 Natural Science 8:28 Disc Two One Little Victory 6:11 Driven 5:02 Ghost Rider 5:46 Secret Touch 6:51 Dreamline 5:08 Red Sector A 5:09 Leave That Thing Alone 4:32 Drum solo 8:26 Disc Three Resist 4:35 2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx 6:47 Limelight 4:27 La Villa Strangiato 9:13 The Spirit Of Radio 6:41 By-Tor and the Snow Dog 4:36 Cygnus X-1 3:07 Working Man 5:26 Notes: Recorded from 5th row center. Due to the type of recorder used, there is some occasional distortion. The taper was obviously very happy to be at the show, but I'm not so sure about his girlfriend. ;) 1b0d1af6ea00658bfb4fd17b0c5bcbc3 *d2t02.shn b799502e150ced8893b3d823045e5c83 *d3t01.shn 3121fd3e194083b775a923fdda478335 *d3t02.shn 213e5256964576e288e9c4fbb2143051 *d1t02.shn 0c307cdf45b1349fae91c0f44c30f831 *d1t03.shn 63edd7f50ad8c8728e660595bbee16a2 *d1t04.shn cf9e9e70a5f29375f64cd6a8e0081253 *d2t01.shn b1a40c21c8548a04041f5b598d6d5286 *d1t05.shn 01f7adacf3f6054916a0166e145a8545 *d1t06.shn abb08d92ccb3c08596dc469d3035c6a9 *d1t07.shn 49e031bc7fb7483c7037710bebd0bc5a *d1t08.shn deee002d523461878b5ed6377d9d8c73 *d1t09.shn 03b76519317fff59dbbd9a551fc18eb2 *d1t10.shn 68d083c0c4da7a3ff7cf645f4ac0b56c *d1t11.shn 3af1613060b55df68d5bef734c7f2aa8 *d1t12.shn 0502f4cfa2c98a01fe6981083f5baa93 *d1t13.shn de9f3efffce7fb1af08b69742df93a51 *d2t03.shn 2a1cd457cce889b12189716de066809b *d2t04.shn 8443b8bfef8c4bac934595908fcbc610 *d2t05.shn 92430cb8205fb1b619396c77b2f7bb7d *d2t06.shn bc654dea016b06060e4972fccda81ee9 *d2t07.shn 895f3baa49a93ed423b3893a15733624 *d2t08.shn 6d0cf77f1a0dd080bac05a3866555faf *d3t03.shn 253f1a8e24c4d767d7cad9792f43a289 *d3t04.shn 5f5eea916bbc4973a2dc3d393f5850f6 *d3t05.shn 0d2d0496e338c81d151384e1a79f6607 *d3t06.shn a4f011b1eaa8e8b7ec830ec664bd93a9 *d3t07.shn 98fb4471bedff273c9562b8d3e05f957 *d3t08.shn fc1613909d1fb5b7ab3c77aec03c2faa *d1t01.shn de4104c9262876c70d3ba3bd6b75f2cc *d2t02.wav 5a60db9e3d7e725d802d76705c8e6118 *d3t01.wav 1ec28031c188f5f3b7d9ef83bcab7147 *d3t02.wav 3df5c304dca8b5d9b78c9c8f26f79a08 *d1t02.wav 88829713d1abbea3bc399af9ff337a13 *d1t03.wav 5e911a950f411af408545485f96b95ec *d1t04.wav d94c325f5179b1a3731ed7111210cc78 *d2t01.wav 38161998b5c95370d992215895b7cb61 *d1t05.wav 1ab47fb229e992b1ea86518dce30e494 *d1t06.wav 66922f665a9a38a18c4a4b9c0a4675de *d1t07.wav 90e057a8aa928ed22e7d2dbf184f9d98 *d1t08.wav 5a59060d528795cc6ce04bba9a693019 *d1t09.wav 6ac62d156bf540a91eacfbaa7959824d *d1t10.wav ef0d003067f99848d6dc20e46ce84376 *d1t11.wav 9b5ef115738b6c5c8e1587a7123fbd50 *d1t12.wav 54db5cede72c848478a8819882f098f7 *d1t13.wav 413b8cb69f6208a22e89d15dccb4c0c8 *d2t03.wav 6bd143b39ed37acf6beafaa8e6d9cfa9 *d2t04.wav 9ffcf81eb05ceb4aaac8c0904ed1de14 *d2t05.wav 26eff1dd99550f78398659bb46de7ae0 *d2t06.wav f2f1484addfb001702812a910da57917 *d2t07.wav 2da3e2c83deab069508d3d1a17af6332 *d2t08.wav 44b692777626a29ab9a15e2589c668d6 *d3t03.wav d24977233460b0b4a955eb4d2be45b51 *d3t04.wav 8932677356dd9a6d46df49aeae909da7 *d3t05.wav 596995e1ed311b2728275da3dc36b561 *d3t06.wav 2ab9a2573e298e69d11b298abfaaba5f *d3t07.wav b82c5d05ce0de9e16329f27affa93390 *d3t08.wav 6df481acba09878787739d784576f0c7 *d1t01.wav