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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Rush
  • 2002-09-15
  • A Gift For the Giving
  • Rose Garden
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Portland
  • OR
  • USA
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Very Good
  • sundeep
  • 20th of September 2009
  • Rush - A Gift for the Giving September 15,2002 Rose Garden: Portland, OR Sirius Records SIR0790/0791 Source: MDLP master>CDR Disc 1 New World Man 4:14 Roll The Bones 6:38 Earthshine 5:47 YYZ 4:51 The Pass 5:12 Bravado 6:14 The Big Money 6:19 Between Sun & Moon 5:00 Freewill 5:39 Natural Science 8:32 One Little Victory 5:32 Driven 4:54 Ghost Rider 5:58 Disc 2 Secret Touch 7:10 Dreamline 5:15 Red Sector A 5:18 Leave That Thing Alone 5:02 Drum Solo 8:31 Resist 4:40 2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx 6:54 Limelight 4:30 La Villa Strangiato 9:56 The Spirit of Radio 5:16 By-Tor and the Snow Dog 4:51 Cygnus X-1 3:13 Working Man 5:38 Notes: This recording is in mono. The second set was recorded with automatic level control and sounds significantly different than the first set. Due to seating problems, the taper missed the first two songs of the show. Sorry, but this will have to do until a another source surfaces. b4a97402bd6f19f5829c756e9eb1201b *d1t01.shn 8fe4d656ec0e6a80700c2bfd4469632b *d1t02.shn c7e61b37ddee1249cfec4b80d8732fef *d1t03.shn e8de0856c843463c8917a66fcfbd3270 *d1t04.shn bb6eedb77692eafc0980d09d61cf28b6 *d1t05.shn 6e3370cf6328499294d001e88474ae0c *d1t06.shn bcc6e60591306954ed67b953b6963585 *d1t07.shn 0e19d6e0b08f2afdf11d5f85af1f46f2 *d1t08.shn 90f6186f0ad068070d7ec1afdbd73c4a *d1t09.shn 3404490c899142429aeb5c1034f8dcef *d1t10.shn 0919643a10681fa6d2102f2c32e809a6 *d1t11.shn ff5e77e8f6ed2f5d32a8642d088747e7 *d1t12.shn 0cf1e46f062867e162670b45012e193a *d1t13.shn 83916e2db0500d78329c858be577936d *d2t01.shn 7ba0a578221051aabe8a4ed85db4d9b5 *d2t02.shn 4e40f9181137f4f3e3f072b28cfc01db *d2t03.shn e527d1c804999d8913f26150772fd968 *d2t04.shn 2b3943e71b175ede51766fac70fff6e2 *d2t05.shn 4046a4e66a74fbfccce8245d5d9e1ee2 *d2t06.shn a39af06add7a858ffe22f32570f40d7d *d2t07.shn 65a7c6b94e4dc7b14acb9bb0ed0d9c8e *d2t08.shn ec682ef58a0fa7539d01347febf7dbed *d2t09.shn 73cc54430d48316c9616e0e5068d84f3 *d2t10.shn 9a82a27c52e75f5c15be1a46a9ae60a7 *d2t11.shn 7d605b1fe943192c6a713027ef794703 *d2t12.shn 788e32cfe0538e6ab6abf2d9e687025d *d2t13.shn 0a9316bd3a30a68c543a2b6a9ae7d43a *d1t01.wav 4f3e7c8a315b3ea1df6f789836574659 *d1t02.wav f48fce777e68b37be84afb4948611ba1 *d1t03.wav 2d0d12c6bd5f99a45d05ef9a792dc0e1 *d1t04.wav 2022ba5bc5014deb74890495d0a3b819 *d1t05.wav 1483b26bc198afe7674e3fec70bcf702 *d1t06.wav b26d4bc589ee27f9c4c8afb8cc1eba41 *d1t07.wav 1f29627718b07746cc91d68584b73f1d *d1t08.wav 7ef7bb9303c335cdff821f6ce374300f *d1t09.wav 6fb70582ef5f051b90a07872f4c3301b *d1t10.wav 25de7be2d000aac867ff5d8f816d78f6 *d1t11.wav 70397334a3236c30a365b5d80575cc77 *d1t12.wav 5172dd989dd23beb70870076482b3fde *d1t13.wav c1d22b9e4e58ecfee852185250ed4152 *d2t01.wav 6bb39369cc78e48ed549d8fe31460371 *d2t02.wav c297be1876226dd5aafb9020cb55da06 *d2t03.wav 542dc3e5a0621ae3d6378f347ae2f5a6 *d2t04.wav 3c6a5542ac02ff79e6d1fe86ed4b6ab4 *d2t05.wav efeac5bda2474a35ba9b389bfb7af0c2 *d2t06.wav f0e00fc622baf47205b4777ab29b4420 *d2t07.wav e0947242717d060354099f375fed42b5 *d2t08.wav 89dc8de62a602f0694b20e9687997b18 *d2t09.wav c3a6ad25bf690566046fd6a98a0f3adb *d2t10.wav c9db49afc0c8964a064e0e3bc61a721f *d2t11.wav 7fee71cb7f7ac36c32191ca3b6f8366e *d2t12.wav 6a3263e789d9e0587c6354bd73c7a135 *d2t13.wav