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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2    -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Roger Waters
  • 1999-07-27
  • Live In Cleveland '99
  • Gund Arena
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Cleveland
  • OH
  • USA
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 22nd of April 2010
  • Roger Waters - Live In Cleveland '99 7/27/99 - Cleveland,Ohio,Gund Arena # CSP01/02/03 This is the first release and I must admit it's a good one.Taken from the 10th row center section,you get a real live feel to this show.The crowd is a bit noisey at the beginning,including the idiot next to me.But they seem to settle down after a few songs.Overall,I think it's probably one of the best sounding shows from this tour.Although there are a couple other sources from this same night,I have enjoyed this the most.Not to mention that the performance was terrific The show is complete and comes on 3 CDs.There is also a two page booklet that comes with this release that fits in a proper triple CD jewel case.The original print run was limited to 15 numbered copies. I also want to thank Steve T. for the great job on the artwork.Plus,"thank you" to my good friends Rich and Dan for their help and support.All of which helped put this thing together and for making this possible. CSP01-Disc 01:Set One-67:15 1)In The Flesh-5:06 2)The Thin Ice-2:20 3)Another Brick In The Wall(Part 1)-3:25 4)Mother-6:32 5)Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert-1:08 6)Southampton Dock-2:28 7)Pigs On The Wing(Part 1)-1:18 8)Dogs-16:35 9)Welcome To The Machine-7:20 10)Wish You Were Here-5:22 11)Shine On You Crazy Diamond-15:41 CSP02-Disc 02:Set Two-67:49 1)Speak To Me~Breathe-3:32 2)Time~Breathe(Reprise)-7:24 3)Money-6:27 4)5:04 AM(Every Stangers Eyes)-5:41 5)The Powers That Be-5:29 6)What God Wants(Part 1)-6:13 7)Perfect Sense(Part 1)-4:26 8)Perfect Sense(Part 2)-3:11 9)It's A Miracle-8:31 10)Amused To Death-9:24 11)Happiest Days Of Our Lives~Another Brick In The Wall(Part 2)-7:31 CSP03-Disc 03:Encore & Filler-25:59 1)Brain Damage~Eclipse-6:57 2)Band Introduction-1:22 3)Comfortably Numb-8:11 ~Filler:8/28/99-Kansas City,MO. ~Live At Kemper Arena 4)Water's Introduction-4:04 5)Each Small Candle-5:25 Brought to you by: -Chris- C.S. Productions aka Saltshaker Lineage: CoreSound binarual mics.>Sharp 702 minidisc>Kenwood MD203(SPDIF out)>SB Live Platnium soundcard>Cool Edit Pro>EAC>SHN This release is not meant to be sold for profit or encoded into MP3.Please do not or you may bring voodoo upon yourself!!! Master checksum: 4080d42c5a019f8aeea40b536e74018b *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t01.shn cfff8a3ad2d943fc72b9d3335f3aed52 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t02.shn 819605808879354679b7b8f30e040e02 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t03.shn 5e54c6280f6da3a3ac899fc3b367cd10 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t04.shn 671eded75cf583fc4aba2754e550dd62 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t05.shn 8305e2fa25d010b66a9ed50489f3b72c *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t06.shn 6b637e1ec9063a6a2dd69cfee7fc0816 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t07.shn 52f0664eb19d8ff981581a0290faa9a1 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t08.shn 8b6f8f26a972b4ff8dff8731df9ce12a *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t09.shn ca081b08d0202a508fdc244b9ce65cfd *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t10.shn c1918af3881788916ea3cd8f3e9b3299 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d01t11.shn 15d6e5bd73d317e9933457f4821a8728 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t01.shn 48eb3a430656e87337a05c7b4a2fb4c2 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t02.shn add2000d1d49183f631ab0ab2dfeb6ef *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t03.shn f06129d0b1e48927bd0041ac1c88650a *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t04.shn c81d6cf1b1d6181e77f58d03177c1e7d *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t05.shn e4b2568e08df3aa592809c1d1a089671 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t06.shn 73662ef71dfff30acf05984297891759 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t07.shn d73c3de1b532244ddd8e7957593f0845 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t08.shn 8d9b5eca7dd0ca841495a2d3dd58b594 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t09.shn fd5c102c9885c129300c13eb27aefa94 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t10.shn 8fff3d78629e79ff4f774d1e38e6c763 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d02t11.shn b941149e002a460f93ea9ac9ef1a8aa2 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d03t01.shn e7b370fb4628dbce8e1e8a10f33879a7 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d03t02.shn 1d35a1ee80f3cf87fd25557e012392bc *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d03t03.shn de3e314b430bde4d55001dd26bf50d3a *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d03t04.shn f76e707f3621fb837fbdf9dcdf4a1646 *rw1999-07-27-LIC99d03t05.shn