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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Roger Waters
  • 1999-07-24
  • DAT Master
  • The Rosemont Theater
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Chicago
  • IL
  • USA
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 14th of July 2010
  • Roger Waters 1999-07-24 Rosemont Theater Rosemont, Il 01 In The Flesh.shn [5:01] 02 The Thin Ice.shn [2:17] 03 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1).shn [3:40] 04 Mother.shn [5:05] 05 Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert.shn [1:06] 06 Southampton Dock.shn [2:09] 07 Pigs On The Wing (Part 1).shn [1:12] 08 Dogs.shn [16:31] 09 Welcome To The Machine.shn [7:26] 10 Wish You Were Here.shn [4:27] 11 Shine On You Crazy Diamond.shn [14:54] 12 Speak To Me.shn [0:48] 13 Breathe.shn [2:35] 14 Time.shn [5:20] 15 Breathe (Reprise).shn [1:02] 01 The Great Gig In The Sky.shn [1:08] 02 Money.shn [6:26] 03 Every Strangers Eyes.shn [5:43] 04 The Powers That Be.shn [5:09] 05 What God Wants (Part 1).shn [6:13] 06 Perfect Sense (Part 1).shn [4:25] 07 Perfect Sense (Part 2).shn [3:25] 08 It's A Miracle.shn [9:12] 09 Amused To Death.shn [8:45] 10 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives.shn [1:39] 11 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2).shn [5:55] 12 Brain Damage.shn [4:06] 13 Eclipse.shn [3:20] 14 Comfortably Numb.shn [7:58] 01. During Mother and Pigs on the Wing, Andy F-L played bass while Rog was on acoustic. 02. At the beginning of Dogs, Jon Carin provided the acoustic guitar and vocals. 03. During WTTM, Jon Carin was totally zoned bobbing his head left-to-right. I don't remember him being *THAT* into it with Dave Floyd. 04. For SoYCD, Jon Carin (excellently) performed the steel slide guitar (and keys), Snowy White provided most of the "normal" lead guitar while Doyle mostly played the saxaphone parts (on guitar), and Roger played lead bass with Andy F-L doing second bass. 05. For Money, Andy F-L played the sax parts on guitar. 06. Roger's air bass playing that I couldn't remember in Milwaukee was during Perfect Sense. 07. Andy F-L played lead guitar on Every Stranger's Eyes. 08. At begining of Final Cut Medley, Roger stopped and said, "I don't mean to be a killjoy or anything; but, these acoustic songs sound better without whistling." (It didn't really help much.) 09. At end of Eclipse, Roger said, "It's been a long time....It's been fun!" 10. As others have mentioned, during Perfect Sense, Roger was like a rally leader, encouraging everyone to sing to the "Gods" of the marketplace. one change from Milwaukee was that Roger re-donned the bass at the very end of It's a Miracle and kept playing it on Amused to Death. I know he did not play bass on ATD Friday because he was acting out driving a race car and eating his last few jars of cavier while he sang. His hands were busy with the strings Saturday. 11. The Powers That Be was extended out from album version to include much more keyboards. Nice, long version. F21FD73E17D97928BD80B154576E49AA *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t01.shn EB877B2E56CB3AD6FDFA15602D2BAEA9 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t02.shn 18197891F32227A9543EAAC97878FDED *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t03.shn 6E293C8EF93656541C1285B97B7CFCD1 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t04.shn D5C9484FE5A4F089D3F492B13DE8DBB9 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t05.shn DCCE025FA17CE0D88B5B319C32DF32DB *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t06.shn 9768FD8EA7E9D34432202D86DDE1B730 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t07.shn EA814806F87C466F9869309D5A738A8D *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t08.shn 85CDCBBD03CAA3ED2BFF6D60CCA962E9 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t09.shn 6E2BFB880E0B63CBD95E682A89EDDC3F *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t10.shn 5ADE98DB7E504AB14EFF19A4639C908D *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t11.shn C0D7D06B87F923097DE918AD6866A23F *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t12.shn 4B167FB0DA23C87992E1F83FC865F3BB *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t13.shn 42CC688A504C5C9E6B236EC50BA61B54 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t14.shn C634F807A08B0525B386F832B269C611 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d1t15.shn 2051B8341298D38CC5A44E76F0F2CF58 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t01.shn EE6C92EE8BC16C719DF3E2802DEDA99A *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t02.shn 23FBFE68BA2D30EA425634B2AB7B2CE7 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t03.shn BE929F77340772CDC7A1CAE20C803A20 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t04.shn DF89D0417D5E31241A7196DFC77155AC *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t05.shn D70F9012420A948A8FADB67269015D86 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t06.shn BCF01AF5F16CC27E07969BE4AC4C0DE6 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t07.shn 678AE0FB8B2A4B99781F98AD8702539A *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t08.shn 4EF22243102A7E516709EF066B30477D *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t09.shn ADFD83AA06D5E148BAFA47031E895C51 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t10.shn 285C1C438E2F626ABCEC42B6E8D2460F *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t11.shn 70208FF540DB203AEB18D006B0AC2D5D *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t12.shn 067691089BD127F191FDCFAE7A53ECE2 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t13.shn FD49C42FA2A3A475B1DE9AE0368879A1 *RogerWaters1999-07-24d2t14.shn