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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1994-04-05
  • Moonlight Tunes
  • Rice Stadium
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Houston
  • TX
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • access
  • 3rd of September 2008
  • Pink Floyd Moonlight Tunes Rice Stadium, Houston Texas, April 5 1994 Audience recording Sound Quality: B- Silver CD > EAC > Wav > Flac(8) Setlist: Astronomy Domine (Played - not recorded) CD 1 01. Learning To Fly (2:12) (cut into) 02. What Do You Want From Me (4:39) 03. A Great Day For Freedom (4:27) 04. Sorrow (9:23) 05. Take It Back (6:32) 06. On The Turning Away (7:11) 07. Keep Talking (6:41) 08. One Of These Days (6:08) CD 2 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (8:03) 02. Breathe (2:50) 03. Time (7:13) 04. High Hopes (7:42) 05. Wish You Were Here (5:59) 06. Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2 (7:28) 07. Money (7:49) 08. Run Like Hell (3:14) (Yes - this is the correct, full running time) Flac Fingerprint: D01T01 Learning To Fly.flac:0770b6ba5bd0f5b966db70a7a522e032 D01T02 What Do You Want From Me.flac:33a0b24e8ea1932b00bab5e404c3ab74 D01T03 A Great Day For Freedom.flac:915f8933b48815d27ec464269da97155 D01T04 Sorrow.flac:59bb6f762b1346b6295a460f730c1bb9 D01T05 Take It Back.flac:9ea4facfd2c721f980ca6c209e0bcda3 D01T06 On The Turning Away.flac:048091fae3f0a5c780049a37b7235001 D01T07 Keep Talking.flac:1d223e311ffcbdcf5bc98ebfa047e367 D01T08 One Of These Days.flac:ff64f81217c61a3c57287a61f97cc63a D02T01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond.flac:cb29ad2a0d2a7b917fabdc00c5c26436 D02T02 Breath.flac:bd87850027300224e60ed352bbbe4905 D02T03 Time.flac:3c6b95a37c53ef8f090385124a33c6fe D02T04 High Hopes.flac:c3213b99b7562e7c080da915398694c7 D02T05 Wish You Were Here.flac:264457438dfcc59c080749f2423152b5 D02T06 Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2.flac:ed6f0c50102bafc832ecfd243f101004 D02T07 Money.flac:641381d6d43c400e21fc1cdefafb84e2 D02T08 Run Like Hell.flac:6231773fe763909141fa2873d8ca2005 Notes: It was the US release date for The Division Bell and the Floyd were playing practically in my back yard! I got off work, went to a friend's house for a couple drops of liquid, um, refreshemnt, and stopped by the local record store and picked up a copy of TDB. Went back to my place and spent an excellent hour or so listening to it whilst the refreshment, um, refreshed me. The weather forecast was ominous. An hour and a half later, I was in the stadium, seated somewhere closer to Jesus than the band, but with a good friend on one side and a good looking redhead on the other. Various cigarettes were being passed around. The skies were cloudy and lightning steaked. Every time the lightning flashed or thunder rolled, my friend would look around - making sure that it wasn't something man-made. He kept mumbling "I don't trust them." Finally the dim light got a little dimmer and I heard the first beeps and distorted vocal of Astronomy Domine. I thought maybe it was an intro for the band and then realized they were PLAYING it! Holy shit! During the first set, Dave made some comments on the weather, hoping it would hold. The wind picked up. When the second set started, so did the wind - hard enough that it was turning the giant surround speakers. Making the weirdness that my, um refreshment caused me to hear even weirder. And it rained. Hard. About midway through the second set. (I found out later they had to cut 2 songs - forget which 2, though.) Between songs, the fire marshal would come out to try to talk to Gilmour and he would wave them back. He was determined to get through it. Money has no starting sound effects and it was coming down so bad that the canopy over the backup singers collapsed, dumping water on them. And everytime Dave went for another solo - the rain worsened. The sudden end. They tried, they really did. Run Like Hell was supposed to be the big finale, but after about 2 minutes, Gilmour ended it with a flourish (What a tight band to roll with it like that!) and explained that nothing was working. That was that. We filed out of the stadium and I was able to fish out my last 3 dry cigarettes for the walk back to my apartment. Epilogue: As soon as half of the people were out of Rice stadium, it stopped raining. Enjoy - Ribblefribbitz