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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1969-03-27
  • Omay Yad
  • St James Hall
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Chesterfield
  • N/A
  • England
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Fair
  • MuabDib
  • 4th of September 2008
  • Chesterfield Label: MoLM Tracks: Astronomy Domine (7:42) Careful With That Axe, Eugene (10:20) Interstellar Overdrive (16:05) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (12:27) A Saucerful Of Secrets (19:16) Total length: 65 min 50 sec Source: UNKNOWN>SHN Quality: G+ All tracks: St. James Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. March 27th, 1969. Astronomy Domine [ROGER: [...] This is one [...] and it's called 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene'.] Careful With That Axe, Eugene [ROGER: [...]] Interstellar Overdrive >< [ROGER: This is a song about [...] called 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun'.] Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun [ROGER: [...] This is the last number, it's one track from the last album called 'A Saucerful Of Secrets'. ] A Saucerful Of Secrets [ROGER: Thank you.] Comments: U.K Tour January 10-May 31st, 1969 The last 2 minutes on ASOS is silent. So the total length is in reality 2 minutes shorter. The Chesterfield gig has been traded around for some time now, and it's the last show before The Man & The Journey tour. Quite franctly, the sound is not great... somewhere around G (somewhat comparable to the 1967 gigs). The performance seems to be pretty good, very similar to May 5th 1969 but the harsh sound makes it hard to enjoy. The vocals are hardly audible. It is well worth seeking out since there are very few pre-1970 gigs available anyways. It is very hard to grade this show... given the rarity factor but the mediocre sound... I think 5/10 should do it. - PL