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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Donovan
  • 1977-08-10
  • untitled (Lostbrook)
  • Civic Center
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Springfield
  • MA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • Floridian
  • 9th July 2014
  • Donovan: The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 122 Shortly after the August 7 Yes concert at Madison Square Garden (Vol 121), my friend Danny came up with a brilliant idea: "Let's rent a van and go see Yes in Springfield, Massachusetts!" Having just seen Yes five times in six days was certainly no excuse for the party to end. We were still crazy teenagers, so we piled into a van, drove through the night, and arrived at the Springfield Civic Center early in the morning on August 10th. We camped out on line all day with little food or water but guaranteed ourselves a prime position for this general admission event. I believe the doors opened fairly early, and since there were no chairs in the orchestra section, we parked ourselves on the floor in front of the stage. As the arena began to fill, more and more people joined us on the floor, but we all sat there peacefully like hippies at a festival, each of us happy with a small piece of real estate. You can guess what happened next - latecomers arrived and stepped over people as if they weren't even there. When the lights went down and Donovan took the stage, even more people showed up. The moment the music began, so did the pushing, shoving, arguing, hair-pulling, and choking. Things settled down a bit after the first song, but the worst was still to come as the crowd continued to build. During Donovan's encore break, you'll hear me predict, "This is gonna get rough." Jody saw the handwriting on the wall, and after "Atlantis," she announced, I am leaving." I foolishly talked her into staying. By intermission, all naive thoughts of remaining seated on the floor were gone. During the last fourteen seconds of Track 10, you'll hear the opening notes of "Firebird Suite." Almost immediately, the impact of the crowd surge turned the recorder off. I was able to restart the tape, but at this point, I don't think our feet were touching the ground. People in front of us were being crushed into a barricade. While we were unintentionally crowd surfing, I said, "They gotta stop the concert," and the recorder switched off for good, this time without me noticing. Several minutes into "Parallels," Jody and I suddenly found ourselves on the floor under the surf. We had had enough. There was only one thing to do, so we crawled out sideways as if escaping a rip tide. We were so upset that we didn't even consider finding another place to stand, so we left the building. With plenty of time on our hands, we decided to locate the band's hotel. We waited in the lobby for a couple of hours, and when they showed up, we confronted Jon Anderson, told him our story, and asked him why he didn't stop the concert. Jon said that he would have if he had noticed what was going on. We weren't completely satisfied with that answer, but we dropped it since we were also a little star-struck. In the end, I suppose it makes for an interesting story, and I do have a decent Donovan tape as a souvenir. I'm not trying to say this was Altamont or Cincinnati, but it was a truly unpleasant experience, especially after all the effort we had put into it. The worst part was finding out that not all Yes fans were about peace, love, and brotherhood. A touch of innocence was left behind in Springfield that night. August 10, 1977 Springfield Civic Center Springfield, Massachusetts USA Recording Equipment: Internal Mic>Sanyo M2533 Tape Deck>TDK SD C90>Alesis TapeLinkUSB> Audacity>WAV Taper: Lostbrook Mastering: CQ Artwork: ethiessen1 01 Cosmic Wheels (3:57) 02 Sunshine Superman (4:16) 03 Brave New World (4:38) 04 Astral Angel (5:19) 05 Hurdy Gurdy Man (3:38) 06 Dare To Be Different (3:57) 07 Local Boy Chops Wood (3:52) 08 The Light (5:02) 09 Mellow Yellow (5:27) 10 Atlantis (5:23 - includes 14 seconds of Firebird Suite)