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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Reverend Horton Heat
  • 1994-03-18
  • Untitled (jojogunne) (new source)
  • The Unicorn
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Milwaukee
  • WI
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • Floridian
  • 19th November 2014
  • Artist - Reverend Horton Heat Date - 1994/03/18 Venue - The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI Setlist And Fingerprints - Track 01 - Big Sky.flac:519c0d90fd866c31d8241a1634ba07e2 Track 02 - Baddest Of The Bad.flac:eb0a9155771d9790843348049dba5539 Track 03 - One Time For Me.flac:2550d3a4654598f5ce524b9934c65050 Track 04 - Cruisin' For A Bruisin'.flac:599db4c50a6415c19f49b63c225dedc9 Track 05 - Five - O Ford.flac:b3965f711fecc351d686cc95fda09399 Track 06 - Marijuana.flac:9d5db91bd89f52f2d242a0dbffba7799 Track 07 - I'm Mad.flac:db76a956f870723990e8fe4f832702a1 Track 08 - Smoke On The Water (Smoke Marijuana).flac:2773c62168297d555e62f539138c0d8a Track 09 - Wiggle Stick.flac:bc8ce815e14b8a76db2c67cf52f6fe93 Track 10 - 400 Bucks.flac:c477bba891fdac4b65eaf0ed92538a3c Track 11 - Bullet.flac:d7522b8c2b6b98ac57189f484052b155 Track 12 - Nurture My Pig.flac:f52efe7125351187ad009a149b1ad6ba Track 13 - Lonesome Train Whistle.flac:3c9cac127269db55586e9f1c54f84cc1 Track 14 - Bales Of Cocaine.flac:41c5623b9e6b58da087ffafa4b2ec531 Track 15 - Liquor, Beer & Wine.flac:1463d94adab4a44a35a20a402b75798d Track 16 - Yeah, Right.flac:50e46ed4966ce61e5732ca789bddcd5a Track 17 - I Can't Surf.flac:a0e138eb8d5bcd4d6b4766c57d1fb7b3 Track 18 - East Side.flac:95cdcfb6fcf17fa3a10e6e85ae128bb5 Track 19 - Beer 30.flac:2cf1a07a81c6beb503a3d6a6b2ae8c33 Track 20 - In Your Wildest Dreams.flac:b1a5ec1b7606ee6304a6ed6f7214da61 Track 21 - Bad Reputation.flac:6f9af1e18b585a99bdd3de822d9bcba9 Track 22 - You Can't Get Away From Me.flac:71bfeba823297f87d1dfc9de0a22dcb0 Track 23 - Psychobilly Freakout.flac:b673dda851adfff67345d9fa34a0e8b4 Lineage - Aiwa stereo tie mic > Aiwa stereo cassette recorder > Maxell Capsule 90 min. normal bias master tape > JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette deck > Aiwa XC-RW700 CD recorder > Memorex 80 min. music CD-Rs > Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (split into tracks here) > Flac Frontend encode level 7 Quality - 8-8.5(sometimes 9)/10 vg+ to excellent minus audience recording CD 1: 12 tracks, 47:11 CD 2: 11 tracks, 39:53 OR CD 1: 11 tracks, 41:25 CD 2: 12 tracks, 45:39 TT: 87:04 This is the ENTIRE concert. Wow, where to begin ? This may get a bit lengthy so hang on : This show was originally seeded either here or on STG (R.I.P.!). With no disrespect to the unknown seeder, it didn't sound very good at all. Kinda muddy, pretty crappy, mid to high generation CD copy. A friend of mine met a person who was getting rid of various concert tapes (low gens & masters) that he didn't want any more. My friend traded for this show & got what he was told was the master tape. After listening to the tape & comparing it to the aforementioned download, he has no reason to question the claim that it is the master. He graciously lent me the master tape and I have passed it on to you. The master is a little hot & has some occasional mild distortion, as it was recorded on an analog machine with no rec volume control (i.e. a factory set rec volume level). I was at this show and the concert was VERY loud, basically WAY too loud. This resulted in occasional high levels "into the red" when played back on a good tape deck. However, running it through the Aiwa CD recorder and keeping the recording levels at a reasonable setting resulted in a (IMHO) fine-sounding recording with little distortion. A word about various aspects of the recording : the Rev's vocals are pretty strange sounding on certain songs on the 1st CD. He was using 2 different mics on stage that night; a regular tube-shaped mic and a 1940s style square box mic that Sinatra et al. used quite a bit in the "olden days". The regular mic was fine; the 1940s mic made the Rev sound like a monster. Was the mic broken ? Was the weird-ass vocal treatment intentional ? Only Horton Heat knows for sure. If you listen to the CDs on headphones, the monster vocals are much clearer but still very bizarre. The vocal effects are not the result of a bad recording. As far as talkers go, the tape is not bad at all. The high music volume drowns out virtually all talking. When the music stops and the Rev is talking to the crowd, you'll hear some smart-ass drunk idiots offering up their very hilarious comments but it's not enough to make you cry or anything drastic. The place was PACKED that night and people had a hard enough time breathing, let alone talking. There is a tape flip at the end of track 12 ; only ~ 5 seconds of Nurture My Pig were lost. If you wish to copy the setup of the tape, choose the first CD track option. If you like more evenly timed CDs, choose the second CD track option. I included no artwork and no song sample. I listened to quite a bit of this on phones and it sounds better than the master tape & a LOT better than the old download from a while back. Here's your chance to upgrade your old download or to get a copy of the master recording of this great show. Please don't encode this to mp3, buy it or sell it. Please seed it as long as you can and share it freely. I don't know how many RHH fans are on Dime but I hope that this is grabbed by many people because it is a great show. Well, that's about it for the diatribe so enjoy the show, have fun and don't freak out.....