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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Van Halen
  • 2015-08-29
  • Untitled (Lou)
  • Jiffy Lube Live
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Bristow
  • VA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • Floridian
  • 24th September 2015
  • Van Halen Jiffy Lube Live Bristow, VA, USA August 29, 2015--Saturday Taper: Lou <> Location: Orchestra 2, Row E, Seat 5 Lineage: SP-CMC-2 (AT831's with low sensitivity mod) > SP-SPSB-11 (95 Hz bass roll off) > Edirol R-09 > WAV 24/48 > CDWave > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC(level 8) Raw master recording Quality: A- File Size: 1.34 GB, FLAC 1. Intro 0:58 2. Light Up The Sky 3:35 3. Runnin' With The Devil 3:41 4. Romeo Delight 6:02 5. Everybody Wants Some!! 6:41 6. Drop Dead Legs 4:25 7. Feel Your Love Tonight 2:54 8. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:39 9. She's The Woman 2:57 10. China Town 3:28 11. I'll Wait 5:02 12. Drum Solo 3:20 13. Little Guitars 4:04 14. Dance The Night Away 4:01 15. Beautiful Girls 3:43 16. Women In Love... 4:23 17. Hot For Teacher 5:05 18. In A Simple Rhyme / Growth 4:30 19. "Dirty Movies" 3:53 20. Dave Raps 7:11 21. Ice Cream Man 3:26 22. Unchained 4:31 23. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 5:01 24. Guitar Solo (Little Guitars, Mean Street, Spanish Fly, Cathedral, Eruption) 9:45 25. You Really Got Me 2:46 26. Panama 4:07 27. Jump 5:41 Notes: So I had tickets in hand for Hershey on August 23 and Camden on August 27. Because I don't check the internet regularly, and Ticketmaster didn't send an e-mail until 6:48 PM that night, I was pulling into the parking lot in Hershey after an 80 mile trip to find out it was cancelled. In a foul mood (not because it was cancelled but because of how poorly it was handled and that I could have avoided 160 miles of driving, 3.5 hours of my time and the cost of gas and tolls), I sold my Camden ticket the next day. Then I felt bad that this could be the last tour and, despite Roth's questionable commitment to this tour, this is still my favorite band and I should see them one time. I found a ticket right from Live Nation, 5th row center section the day before the show (probably an unsold VIP seat) and snapped it up. I had never been to this venue and read some pretty terrible reviews. I'm not an amphitheatre guy but I thought it was fine for what it was. I was especially satisfied with the sound. Better than Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden which I just despise (dangerous city, terrible logistics/parking, rude staff, awful sightlines, mediocre sound, trashy clientele). Only complaint was parking and even that wasn't as horrific as advertised. Anyway to the show, Eddie was phenomenal. This was VH show #21 for me and he was the best I had ever seen. Love his tone this tour. The trio are a joy to watch especially five rows out with a direct view of Eddie. Eddie was smiling the entire time and was doing kicks during Little Guitars and then jumping at the end of the guitar solo like it was 35 years ago. And then there's Dave. The good--he mixed up the visuals a little bit with the array of jackets, scarves and a cowboy hat. Also brought back the Jack Daniels routine, drinking some at some point in the first third of the show and then again during the rap before Ice Cream Man. While not original anymore I did like the nostalgia since he wasn't doing that the first two tours. He then put the chair he was sitting in for Ice Cream Man on the drum riser, put the microphone stand upside down and pretended to drive a car with the stand as the driveshaft. At first I thought it was dumb but I grew to like it because it was something different. Unfortunately, the singing...I don't even care about the hoarseness. I don't expect a rock singer his age to sing like it's 35 years ago. I care that he's not even trying to sing these songs in the spirit of how they originally were sung, aims for ridiculous high notes that almost sound like he's mocking the song, skips lyrics in every song, rambles/rants incoherently about something over a solo or an instrumental part of the get the idea. And while it's not as bad live, he is totally exposed on the recording. It gets more and more painful, brutal really, as it goes along. As I was walking out in the parking lot I overheard some guy with a thick Southern accent say, slowly and emphatically, "David Lee Roth sucks man." I had to laugh. I'm pretty pleased with this recording. I had no obstructions the entire time and no talkers/screamers that close to me. It's a little light on bass, probably because I was closest to Eddie's monitor. There is some wind noise during the quiet parts (more noticeable on headphones than on speakers) but realistically, I expected that being at an outdoor venue. There will not be a 16 bit, 44.1 Khz version from me. If anyone wants to put that up go ahead, no need to ask. Same with mating this audio to a video, just do it. FFP and shntool results included.