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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Led Zeppelin
  • 1969-11-06
  • Winterland Party
  • Winterland Ballroom
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • San Francisco
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • Marooned
  • 2019-10-30 14:00:14
  • Led Zeppelin Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco November 6, 1969 Source: Very good audience Lineage: Silver CD>CDR>EAC>WAV>FLAC 8 Bootleg Title: "Winterland Party" liberated bootleg (WENDY WECD2 23/24) Acquired/transfer from silver by: V4TX Transfer from CDR by: joeyjay Artwork included File Size: 510 MB (FLAC) **************************** Do not encode to MP3 or sell **************************** DISC ONE: 1. Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown 2. I Can't Quit You Baby 3. Heartbreaker 4. Dazed And Confused 5. White Summer/Black Mountain Side DISC TWO: 1. What Is And What Should Never Be 2. Moby Dick 3. How Many More Times 4. C'Mon Everybody 5. Somethin' Else **************************** Do not encode to MP3 or sell **************************** FLAC Fingerprints: Disc One lz-1969-11-06-d1t01.flac:39214ba4e3474ec51e07306817d075e6 lz-1969-11-06-d1t05.flac:7f222c44327f5402c7ca1f9a7cf3e3fc lz-1969-11-06-d1t02.flac:36a9b2759620351a6944815030ffb2ea lz-1969-11-06-d1t03.flac:a8027b676340c201d0c85101d160349c lz-1969-11-06-d1t04.flac:a3fc603da7fbc4423c1986cc25ce5750 Disc Two lz-1969-11-06-d2t01.flac:d94cc3fc88b5bcc85b5201ff3ce0d084 lz-1969-11-06-d2t02.flac:ac24eafc7cdde4dac7fae31e0a08a2aa lz-1969-11-06-d2t03.flac:b411a7eda6614ae37c22ee6cd804310c lz-1969-11-06-d2t04.flac:b75843f2aec0bb5bf957d27866caf59d lz-1969-11-06-d2t05.flac:d00228ca5fea5152fc96d9812c6b745a **************************** Do not encode to MP3 or sell **************************** Notes: Seeding this as a special request. Apparently this was recently released by Wendy label. I'm a Led Zep fan, but not the hard-core type, so what follows may make more sense to those Led Heads than it does to me --- Here are the back-cover notes verbatim, which are NOT from V4TX or joeyjay: "The audience tape used for the November 6th show is clear and very good. It does, however, contain tape hiss. The sound, and level of tape hiss, are very similar to the audience tape of the April 26th show at the Winterland Ballroom (same taper?). The same tape source was used for Blow Up (Immigrant), Punk (Tarantura) and its CD clone, The End of 69 (Whole Lotta Live). I passed on acquiring Blow Up after listening to it. It is from a higher generation tape and I doubt if it is any more complete. The tape used for Punk was electronically processed and the sound slightly enhanced. Normally, this would be a good thing if handled properly. But you can hear when the processor was turned on as the hiss suddenly vanishes at the beginning of Communication Breakdown. The processor also opens and closes around the music, making quiet passages more pronounced. For better or worse, the tape used for Room 2/3 was left alone. Punk does not have the cut near the end of White Summer (possible edited out). Punk lacks Plant's introduction before How Many More Times. There is a 3% speed difference between the two releases. I'm sure that Wendy's is the best title of this show." I've been told that "What Is And What Should ..." is from another tape source, for what that's worth. Credits: Cheers to Wendy and the generous V4TX. And finally ... **************************** Do not encode to MP3 or sell ****************************