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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • 1990-11-19
  • Untitled
  • Civic Arena
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Pittsburgh
  • PA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2019-10-31 07:59:13
  • Fleetwood Mac Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA USA November 19, 1990 1st gen ex- to ex aud Uncirculated perhaps COMPLETE UNEDITED show Contrast Clause - This torrent has additional material from the same show that isn't in details.php?id=348636. This version was requested by several Dimers ; enjoy the concert AND the extra screaming and yelling ! Setlist & Fingerprints - Track 01 - Introduction.flac:275441462213e69d722806b4f6cdbe13 Track 02 - In The Back Of My Mind.flac:cef4d31731f5aef58d506d35f26350e3 Track 03 - The Chain.flac:7d9652e8945e59f0530a92926f8ed130 Track 04 - Dreams.flac:df063f3152c4a0d13092b2c8e957abe8 Track 05 - Isn't It Midnight.flac:2d6a86be1b32485588689316ef3a9594 Track 06 - Love Is Dangerous.flac:947162a6583fa55d5fd115f90cbc13f6 Track 07 - Intro of Rick and Billy.flac:c0bf38fa4ff0d9c6289930e73b728863 Track 08 - Oh Well.flac:3e8b7aec8e908d591647929b2190220e Track 09 - Rhiannon.flac:2ba61041649674b54cc1a3548a50161f Track 10 - Stop Messin' Round.flac:77fb5a1563894b36983a15e2ca0f46ae Track 11 - Say You Love Me.flac:131c77a1ebd20fddf2d3e594dce4a245 Track 12 - Gold Dust Woman.flac:de3ab04b8dd6ad3872a87a1525a2d55d Track 13 - I Loved Another Woman.flac:a98456f357b29b94c5213a0798367617 Track 14 - Landslide.flac:58e5698691c9bdd2ed177a259acf17a7 Track 15 - World Turning, Guitar and drum solo, reprise.flac:14d0883833bbe7b82487b14198159902 Track 16 - Band Intro.flac:8f5a18e9ca7c52bb5e0da0a5820593c7 Track 17 - Everywhere.flac:35fa2ac13ae0cd5ece1ac97e9e514bec Track 18 - Stand On The Rock.flac:430a90841ec4a0eeb548a2306518d2cf Track 19 - Little Lies.flac:c599d5d6bc271c1d43dc60315be936ff Track 20 - Stand Back.flac:8566ec72751e2746bd9ee5f23f5b1eb9 Track 21 - You Make Loving Fun.flac:7d309bf4a6df6e6d02d27884893de207 Track 22 - Go Your Own Way.flac:cb20dd55603ccd323c5191f229496a1d Track 23 - Tear It Up.flac:c36195ba5820d229242a47011737b177 Track 24 - Don't Stop.flac:44934537dd5cbda3bfdcfa154d55b28f Track 25 - Songbird.flac:a04d6e1b750ac25dd9f69d7abe2c478a Track 26 - Final Band Intro, Greenpeace and Outro music.flac:fb0b4f3ea90e176d767f131269d696b1 Lineage - unknown mic > unknown analog cassette recorder > unknown master tape > TDK SA90 high-bias cassette tapes, 1st gen > SONY WM-D6C Professional stereo cassette-corder > ZOOM H2 Handy digital recorder (split wav files into songs here) > SanDisk 2GB SD sound card > transferred wav files to HD here > Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracked & edited files here) > Trader's Little Helper (wav files to flac, encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries) CD one - 14 tracks, 70:00 CD two - 15 tracks, 72:45 TT: 142:45 SQ - 9-9.5/10, ex- to ex aud (IMHO as always) I did not attend this show and obviously did not tape it, so this will be relatively short and sweet. I either bought this from the taper for ~ $15 US or traded for it back in 1991. It's a really fine SQ complete show marred only by a woobitch/cow/ pig hereafter referred to as WBCP. This asshole sadly is present for the entire show ; the taper must not have been able to get away from her which makes sense, as the Civic Arena has only assigned seats so once you're there, you're trapped. It really is a great show though, so I think that you'll be much better off if you're a FM fan and you grab this. The WBCP was very prolific and seemed to me to be screaming just to hear herself scream ; a real asshole Pixburg're probably ~ 40 years old now so if you happen to be reading this, FUCK YOU !!! Thanks for marring a great recording, scumbag. A brief description of the concert now... The band put on a great show, promoting the Behind The Mask album. Stevie Nicks sounded pretty coked-up and I've always thought that she sounded like a sheep when she sang. There's a lot of space-rock in this concert during the extended solos and during the drum solo somebody (Mick or the African guest drummer) is shouting and screaming in an indecipherable language. You gotta be there to believe it. And you will be if you grab this one. I could continue but I think I'll let the music do the talking. That's all that I have so let's get this show on the road... Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can. If you're a FM fan, you NEED this tape. A very high-energy show in which everybody shines, especially Rick, the lead guitarist. I will post samples shortly for those of you still undecided, but I think you'll find that this is an excellent tape and a fine addition to any Fleetwood Mac fan's collection. Well, thanks for reading this and Mr. Natural would like to add these few comments: have fun, don't freak out, don't be a WBCP and by all means, enjoy the concert!!! If you attended this show and would like to share your memories, chime in ! jojogunne 3/16/11 Remember the motto: We always pretend anyway, right Rick ?