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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1969--1980
  • Antiques and Curios
  • Various
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  • N/A
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  • Compilation
  • Very Good
  • MuabDib
  • 5th of September 2008
  • This is a disc of unusual, unique or otherwise rare live performances. It takes quite a lot of trading to hear all these odd tracks, so I thought a compilation might be in order. This is by no means a collection of the "definitive" versions of these performances, although many of them are appearing here in improved versions from what normally circulates. It's a mixed bag, in any case, but sound quality was not the deciding factor, as you will see... This is an excellent disc for those who are not the 'hard core' collectors, although some of this will interest you types as well. "Antiques and Curios" rare live performances and other strangeness produced by Jim Shoes and the Barkin' Dogs 1) Green is the Colour [3:20] 2) Careful With That Pipe Wrench, Larry [3:19] from BBC Night Ride, May, 12, 1969 Ok, now what the hell is this doing on a "rareties" disc? Well, these tracks are often missing and/or replaced with the 1970 versions on many a RoIO, even some of the 'definitive' BBC collections These tracks are almost as rare as the 1970 'Fat Old Sun' broadcast found on Harvested's 'Mooed Music'. These have the bird sounds, and 'careful' isn't quite a normal version (ergo, my not-so-normal title). I would be interested to know if anyone has these tracks in pristine quality, as these are not ideal. [VG] source: 'In Memoriam 1967-1981' Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl. 3) Main Theme from 'More' [10:25] Town Hall, Birmingham, Feb. 11, 1970 It's a cryin' shame this wasn't played "more" often. some digital tinkering happened here to squeeze what could be squeezed out of this. I think it sounds better than the ususal versions, but it's still not great. The performance, however, is incredible. This infact may be nick mason's finest moment. flamboyant, yet always tasteful. [VG] source: 'In Memoriam 1967-1981' Vinyl LP Box Set, colored vinyl. 4) Moonhead [7:39] 5) The Pict Rant [3:50] Ernst-Merke Halle, Hamburg, Nov. 14, 1970 A rare complete performance of Moonhead (aka 'Corrosion'), followed by one of Roger's best and most, um, vigorous, 'Pict Rants'. This comes from a clone of the master tape, and sounds better than the 'Grooving With a Pict' RoIO of this show. [EX-] source: Hamburg 1970 (DFA-013) CD-R 6) Home Again [1:45] 7) Mortality [3:30] The Dome, Brighton, Jan. 20, 1972 The only instrumental performance of 'Home Again' (aka 'Breathe reprise') along with the 'preacher tape' organ noodling. Dave shows off with the voxbox guitar thing. I like this version quite a bit. Mortality ends about a minute earlier than on the source tape, because a loud and noise kicks in, as their PA system started to fail. An editorial decision was made to remove this unpleasantness from this release. It's just a bit more of the same organ fluff and sound effects, so it's not like there is anything 'important' compromised. [EX] source: The Darkside Rehearsals CD 8) Have a Cigar [5:07] Knebworth Festival, UK, July 5, 1975 The last show of the 1975 tour, and the only live version with Roy Harper. After hearing this, you'll be grateful there's only one. Sound quality is not so hot, and the performance, is, well, tired. I'm sorry this turkey is in here, but hey. [VG-] source: Knebworth Park (Digital Floyd Project) CD-R 9) Pigs on the Wing pt.2 [3:39] Olympic Stadium, Montreal, July 6, 1977 Roger shares some love with the audience. Later in the show he had more to share. This comes from a better source than 'Azimuth Coordinator', and one might be inclined to speculate that this is but a taste of things to come. Indeed. Nice solo from Snowy White. [EX+] source: Fireworks Show in the Canadian Walls CD-R 10) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [8:16] LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 1980 I could write a book on this 'song', but i won't. This is the last piece of new music from the 4-man lineup, the extra jam played on the first night of the Wall tour. It's a variation on an instrumental version of breathe (hmm, sound familiar?), was probably 'written' by dave gilmour, as he was the 'music director' for the shows, and i'll bet it was rehearsed once or twice. Often assumed to be a one-time improv jam to cover a lag in the stage show, it was infact played TWICE... [EX] source: Azimuth Coordinator vol3 CD 11) The Last Few Bricks pt.2 [3:16] LA Arena, Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 1980 ...and this is the other performance. It's a different arrangement, and about half as long as the night before. A true gem; performance-wise, I like this one better. but the sound quality is not as nice as the other. I didn't do the vinyl 'remastering' on this one, and there is too much noise reduction for my taste. [VG] source: A Little Black Book With my Poems In CD-R remastered from LP 12) Celestial Voices [9:13] Royal Albert Hall, June 26, 1969 The only live performance of this with a choir and orchestra. 9 minutes long, this whopper originates from a better source than what usually circulates of this show. [VG] source: Pink Floyd in Concert with the Azimuth Co-Ordinator CD-R 13) Brain Damage/Lunar Eclipse (RoIO Remix 2000) [5:30] Studio and Guild Hall, Portsmouth Jan 21, 1972 How's THAT for a tacky title? This is a combination of three oddities: The quadraphonic mixdown of Brain Damage from "Works", the guitar solos shown in the studio excepts of the Live at Pompeii movie, and the first performance of "Eclipse" (the song) at Portsmouth. Except, that it ain't quite a song yet, as you will hear. My edits are basically passable, but this is in NO WAY to be considered a rare studio outtake. I (ME) made this, for your amusement only. [Studio/EX-] sources: Works Vinyl LP Pompeii Soundtrack Vinyl LP (Edgar Rubabande) Eclipse of the Dark Side a Piece for Assorted Lunatics CD 14) A Bonus Mystery Track... [EX+]