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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • 1974-02-02
  • King Biscuit Flower Hour Broadcast
  • Convention Center
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Anaheim
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • FM
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2019-11-05 02:41:03
  • EMERSON, LAKE and PALMER Live from the Convention Center Anaheim , California, USA Saturday February 2, 1974 This show has been broadcast in two versions over the years and here they are Disc One 1. KMET-FM Introduction 2. King Biskit Introduction 3. Hoe-Down (cuts to mono a twice) 4. Still You Turn Me On (Damaged 3 second section at 7:13 min replaced by a snip of a bit seconds later) 5. Lucky Man 6. Piano Improvisions 7. Karn Evil #9 First Impression part 1 > 8. Karn Evil #9 First Impression part 2 > 9. Drum Solo > 10.Karn Evil # 9 First Impression part 2 reprise) > 11.Karn Evil # 9 Second Impression part 1) > 12.Karn Evil # 9 Second Impression part 2) > 13.Karn Evil # 9 Third Impression) [51:23] source: King Biskit Flower Hour Broadcast on KMET-FM Los Angeles in 1974 KMET-FM > Fisher 600T Receiver > Dokorder (3 3/4 ips) (original tape) Revox B-77 > Phase Linear 1000 > Sony DTC-690 (DAT transfer) Sony DTC-690 (via toslink @16-48) > Audacity (clean up and convert to 16-44) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8) Source is from my reel to reel tape of the original King Biskit Radio broadcast in 1974. This original airing gives us a complete 33 minute Karn Evil # 9. The noise floor is a little higher on this version than on the 1996 re-broadcast. ******************************* Disc Two 1. Introduction to King Biskit Flower Hour 2. Hoedown 3. Chasing the Fantastic 4. C'Est La'Vie 5. Still You Turn Me On 6. Lucky Man 7. Tarkus (excerpt) 8. Karn Evil # 9 (excerpt) 9. Fanfare for the Common Man [46:15] source: King Biskit Flower Hour Broadcast on KLSX-FM Los Angeles in 1996 Cable FM > Phillips 673 Tuner > Mitsubishi HS-U650 VHS HI FI > Fostex CR-200 > Wav (via EAC secure) > Audacity (clean up) > Flac (Level 8) Source is from my (audio only) VHS HI FI tape of the re-broadcast of the King Biskit Radio broadcast in 1996. (I worked graveyard and I would set the timer on my VHS HI Fi to record the weekly King Bisket show every Sunday night) A much different version than the original King Biskit broadcast on disc 1. This time King Biskit includes an edited version of Tarkus and then cuts up Karn Evil #9 but includes an additional 3 songs to fill in the time. The sound quality is better on this disc. I was at this concert with my friend Mark and it was an incredible show. Included a scan of my ticket stub in the artwork as I thought that you all might enjoy that. Jumped for joy when the King Biskit broadcast some of this concert a few months later. For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use. Enjoy -M- (9/2010) FLYING M PRODUCTIONS FAN RECORDINGS FOR COLLECTORS TRADE FREELY BUT PLEASE DO NOT SELL Logfiles FFP ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr01.flac:2b47aebf70947aae00c724c032b6d7ad ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr02.flac:6fa60936893db92153326f401b484a26 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr03.flac:9eac74341be7cd571b29382d24fe453f ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr04.flac:4a12a603879bb88f3b05a7f26fa923a9 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr05.flac:ac4c021e3b72fd367881e78a810d04a3 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr06.flac:dc4606464652e284e68bdc1653169d47 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr07.flac:1f68f452fcaf14b7fb3f55133df9844b ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr08.flac:3144651701daff3cc938e4d6dd9ddcb7 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr09.flac:35a726cdacbe3f27ad82f70f5978dc3f ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr10.flac:c5f42624de18e6e845a6284c9d48272c ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr11.flac:56a7f7678c1150b6351939176899ef91 ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr12.flac:cedb0370eb8eea7fa24c5a04f78a21fa ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr13.flac:e790ca62b015e1ba15224b73555ac0f8 ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr01.flac:c436a39fdbb0838deb3dc51e8f098bdd ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr02.flac:69b06703bfb5a856243d35266325c7f2 ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr03.flac:d782a5d04cf4f74776b766d836f3f038 ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr04.flac:01978de39da0ca06e146a7550c368bfd ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr05.flac:37230dcff3831aa38b0b92508b8fa5a3 ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr06.flac:e4e08d1cbeb640ac3b3c902fc8db1bc7 ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr07.flac:6e45b6c9df27891d9432c21e6f4f4d2d ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr08.flac:32ad644d4f625cf081f87e14fa5f240e ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr09.flac:c70557f6fdfde7145d207ca084835db3 No errors occured MD5 29cff931d12ebbb85e16f1a3bd41b8de *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr01.flac 00f3291e0dabee1a6b69091faf9e41f3 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr02.flac ca9ca8bdf9b32d90a1c8ff0c4048c38c *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr03.flac e87871ee9f99deda6066d4f9a1a40b95 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr04.flac 7950c31f24eac3561ee87e6f3a36a51c *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr05.flac 1dc983ed09af5f7430751e2f6d62d0c3 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr06.flac cecaea49c19f532b7ebfaee559667cef *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr07.flac 86ed275997de72c98ca83fa8c5de2d7b *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr08.flac 4aaed730cd06d128f9dbc123cc33bb18 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr09.flac c70d98b943084f4a8c5e8404ede946a1 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr10.flac 1e53fc0e0d2536503b22be5bb1c4f058 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr11.flac 4cebef8680f373db544d9a365332da8e *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr12.flac 5708aa8a3b5c228e5373310f2abc13c4 *ELP-1974-02-02-d1tr13.flac 84e6b681c39ec29cc478caa9b68cf734 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr01.flac cd7c4b217c4a4f830bc5ee91ff932f4c *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr02.flac a59181a7d05a345b1d763d95bfb3de13 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr03.flac 7c1aa65010d227c0e72d745d2b71dd57 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr04.flac 714647f74f2786228449f68f403d2034 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr05.flac e489b105f98512dbbfe69b0f4fc8cc39 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr06.flac 75a5260fa997b718b9bef5491344d620 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr07.flac f73f4497713137e5bbd5bc0d2e2d5f5f *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr08.flac 0431301f2f705f05158d9f9ff7bddce3 *ELP-1974-02-02-d2tr09.flac No errors occured. 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