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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2 -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • 1992-07-21
  • Rehersals
  • Tower Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Upper Darby
  • PA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2019-11-05 03:31:26
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA - U.S.A. July 21st, 1992 OK folks here we go. I figure 15 years in my "vault" is long enuff. What we have here is from the night before the "Press Rehearsal" which was July 22, 1992. This recording has never been circulated in any form and was only given to one other person who also never distributed it. This is edited in the sense that these two cd's are the set-list in order as they rehearsed. But, while they were going thru the motions they would stop & start often which interrupted the flow of the set. There were some fasle starts ( Paper Blood comes to mind ) mainly due to technical issues. The chatter and whatnot has all been edited out. It's been years since the Master DAT has been played but if i'm not mistaken, it is over 2 hours in length. ***** I DO plan to circulate the entire Unedited Rehearsal. Please Be Patient. The only reason I am seeding these CD's in their current form is because the edited DAT was already done. It's just been sitting on a shelf for years collecting dust. ***** Now, onto the story of how this exists: ELP was based at the Tower Theatre for a week or so getting ready prior to the start of the 1992 tour. I had a friend on the crew and over the course of the first few days there visiting him ( mostly after-hours ) i somehow managed to talk him into sneaking me in to tape the band as they rehearsed. Somewhere in my house here i have a pic of me sitting behind Carl Palmer's kit. I also swiped a set-list ( scanned and included here for anyone wanting to do artwork. ) I set up shop in the Balcony & since i knew the battery on the D3 was never gonna last as long as i needed my buddy ran me an extension cord for power. I just sat there & watched the band rehearse as i taped and i have to admit i enjoyed every minute of it, especially when they'd stop to fix issues with the equipment. Paper Blood had many false starts which is why Greg Lake laughs as he introduces the song. I'm sure there's many more moments but i honestly have not played the Master DAT in years so i'm sure as i transfer it more will come back to me. So for now, enjoy this as it is & i'll work on transferring the entire rehearsal. Emerson Lake & Palmer Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA - U.S.A. July 21st, 1992 Audience Recording: Sony ECMS-220 Microphone > Sony TCD-D3 DAT Deck Editing Of The Master DAT: Sony TCD-D3 > Sony Home DAT Deck ( MOdel # Unknown ) Transfer Tascam Da20-mkII > M Audio Delta Card (Via S/PDIF) > Goldwave > mkwACT Taped By: Dave Ramani Transferred By: Dave Ramani File Size: 623MB Total Time: 01:36:40 PERFORMERS: Keith Emerson - Keyboards Greg Lake - Bass & Guitar Carl Palmer - Drums SETLIST: Disc 1 01. Fanfare For The Common Man 02. Karn Evil No.9 ( 1st Impression, Part 2 ) 03. Tarkus ( I.Eruption II. Stones Of Years III. Iconoclast ) 04. Knife Edge 05. Paper Blood 06. Black Moon 07. Piano Solo 08. Affairs Of The Heart 09. From The Beginning 10. Romeo & Juliet 11. Farewell To Arms Disc 2 01. Pirates 02. Lucky Man 03. Pictures At An Exhibition ( Excerpts Including Drum Solo ) 04. Changing States 05. America 06. Rondo Md5 Checksums: 67e80a692614ac84ab98632a3acfd48c *ELP1992.07.21d1t01-Fanfare For The Common Man.shn 9cb8e9b0fad167e90bd59aba41967403 *ELP1992.07.21d1t02-Karn Evil No.9.shn e9514d6729de7268e2c522adcf6178ef *ELP1992.07.21d1t03-Tarkus.shn d5728a0e091754a6ee015e2f58019473 *ELP1992.07.21d1t04-Knife Edge.shn 2d489ec64a9f466cc9f8c06cdfa10944 *ELP1992.07.21d1t05-Paper Blood.shn 89d9fc2c4f640760754d78582b7068ed *ELP1992.07.21d1t06-Black Moon.shn 8a6dc52b311a82fb103e38567122bcdd *ELP1992.07.21d1t07-Piano Solo.shn 343f31ff7bdf139edc24d9efad98abe9 *ELP1992.07.21d1t08-Affairs Of The Heart.shn 178003ce21375a4f1d2579180b533244 *ELP1992.07.21d1t09-From The Beginning.shn 5f3f27989c66c4385cb94c2b7f96cbca *ELP1992.07.21d1t10-Romeo & Juliet.shn 845260d7eab500c7ce5b8b4b8645af3e *ELP1992.07.21d1t11-Farewell To Arms.shn 20f3ff5bd8cdef4f9d2d38fd687cc6fc *ELP1992.07.21d2t01-Pirates.shn 96b44ffc5f0e7905479bb643b19a3ee9 *ELP1992.07.21d2t02-Lucky Man.shn 301f218698e44e5a78c09e993574202a *ELP1992.07.21d2t03-Pictures An An Exhibition.shn a5ee866ac275b573295d16ce4e2a8855 *ELP1992.07.21d2t04-Changing States.shn 5c0eeca1d3450af9af0abf9b456465da *ELP1992.07.21d2t05-America.shn 7114e0a8d4af397ac6c5121326b33a83 *ELP1992.07.21d2t06-Rondo.shn